Transfer Deadline Day: Any More Additions?

Arsenal have already wrapped up the signing of Chu Young Park, and look to complete the signings of German defender Per Mertesacker and Brazilian Andre Santos from Fenerbahce.

But will there by any more additions to Arsenal today?

The rumour mill has been going into overdrive today (unsurprisingly) and we’ve been linked with players such as Keisuke Honda, Eden Hazard, Yossi Benayoun and even Everton’s Mikel Arteta.

While they all seem a bit pie in the sky, the running theme with today’s rumours (with two defenders already snapped up) is that Arsenal are after a creative midfielder.

Will I be surprised if Arsenal’s spending stopped at the three signings we made yesterday? No, but adding any kind of strength to the midfield would be fantastic and give Arsenal a far better chance of making a go of this season.

So who would you like to see Arsene buy today?


6 thoughts on “Transfer Deadline Day: Any More Additions?

  1. Clint Dempsey would be a fantastic addition – he is strong, experienced, versatile, and very adept at making runs into the box to score a few goals. His record at Fulham last year was very good (13 goals)n and he already has 3 this year. With Fulham having signed Ruiz, I think we have a good chance of getting Dempsey. M’Vila would be great but I have doubts as to whether or not we’ll be willing to pay 25-30 million for him. After all, Song and Frimpong are no slouches, are they?

  2. @Chris

    Dempsey would be a great addition, but can’t see it happening myself. His price would be a stumbling block, and as we’ve seen it seems like most of the Premier League players are overpriced, by Arsenal’s standards anyway.

    Would be fantastic to see him in an Arsenal shirt though, he is fearless, determined and would be someone who could actually carry a threat for Arsenal in the air.

  3. m’vila for 22mil, hazard for 25. then we are surely sorted. if we had 40m to start with. the sales of clichy (7) fab(31) and nasri (22) , eboue (4) and traore (2) would give us another 66, so with 106 and only 1 on jenkinson, 10 on gerv, 12 on AOC, 10 on mert, 10on park, 7 on santos, we would have 56m left. so then we could sign hazard and m’vila and still have 9m left

  4. I would like Parker to be brought in, but as a squad player. Give us some depth to the squad, though i’ve wanted lansbury to do well and stay at the club rumours suggest hes on his way out a swap to west ham would be a good swap.

    plus if we sign parker it means spurs can’t 🙂

  5. i am keen to know what is going to happend today before closing of transfer window. i blevieve there will come some good player in our squad, and i hope Wenger does not hasitate this time to use that money which he should used for long time ago to build a strong squad. at the moment we need all help we kan get because of big mistake they have had made in many season. but as Arsenal fans we have to show the clubs board and Wenger that it is not finish now, they must know that we are not Arsenal fans who pay for ticket and other things only. we demand they take us serious and do the things right. Arsenal need the fresh blood for this weak squad and this is the only way we can forget with time our 8-2 failur.


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