Negative Newcastle Get What They Deserve!

Arsenal (2) – (1) Newcastle United
Van Persie (15′), Vermaelen (90’+4)
The Emirates Stadium, London

Arsenal have done it again.

We have set a new Premier League record – winning 4 games in a row after trailing in all 4 games. First against Sunderland, then Tottenham and then against Liverpool.

Tonight, Newcastle took the lead against the run of play when the talented Ben Arfa cut inside and lashed in a shot at the near post. Kieran Gibbs was poor on that occasion and Ben Arfa took full advantage.

From then on, Arsenal dominated.

There was only one team that was interested in taking all 3 points and it wasn’t the visiting team in the black and white shirts. For the entire second half, Tim Krul was intent on taking as much time as possible over every single goal kick and freekick to waste as much time as he could.

We have had teams try to frustrate Arsenal at The Emirates but the negativity from Newcastle in the second half was frustrating. Szczesny was hardly tested apart from the goal from Ben Arfa.

Arsenal struggled at times during the second half to break down a resilient Newcastle team but we were also guilty of missing some really guilt-edged chances. Gervinho, missed an absolute sitter and the in-form Tomas Rosicky got his bearings wrong and lashed an effort wide when he should have done better.

Mental strength is something that Arsene used to talk about and at the moment, this Arsenal team have that in abundance. To react like that have to going a goal (or two) down and still come out with the win is outstanding and all the players deserve all the praise they get. Against Sunderland, Liverpool and now Newcastle, Arsenal have unbelievably scored injury time winners.

Remarkable, outstanding, you can use any superlative you like.

And the end result after a fantastic run like that is we have managed to claw back a 10 point deficit on Tottenham Hotspur to a single point. That is amazing and a team tipped to not even be in the Top Four is in with a real shout to be in the Top Three.

19 points from losing positions this season tells you about the character and fight this Arsenal team has. We’ve been found wanting at times but at the moment this Arsenal team are fighting for the fans, fighting for the manager and more importantly fighting for themselves.

The winning goal tonight was special. With the last attack of the game, Arsenal managed to win the ball after Newcastle were trying to waste time in the corner, and once that happened 8 Arsenal players bust a gut to get into the penalty area and when Theo Walcott was played in he needed to make sure that he produce a decent cross. His delivery was good and Newcastle’s inability to clear meant the ball fell to Vermaelen, and there was only going to be one result. The outstanding Belgian ran his heart out in the last minute and thoroughly deserved his winning goal.

The momentum is with Arsenal and we need to keep fighting and making sure we keep winning games. You can accuse Arsenal of many things this season but being boring is not one of them.

Some people will say that the spat between Van Persie and Tim Krul is something you don’t want to see but I like to see passion, desire and fight in our players. It shows they care and want to win for the club. You might think it’s not how a captain should act but I say screw that, Van Persie is the man and it shows you don’t f*ck with us!

On a side note, I don’t think our recent good form and the absence of Per Mertesacker is a coincidence. Vermaelen and Koscielny have been outstanding together recently and that has to be our first choice defensive partnership. Sagna is solid and energetic as ever, Gibbs is improving all the time and our midfield now has real options with Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Arteta, Song and Ramsey all in good form.

Our only problematic areas are in attack – losing Van Persie is something we can’t even thing about and Theo Walcott’s form is too inconsistent. And both Gervinho and Chamakh are just so off form it’s unreal. Hopefully Podolski does come in the summer and adds some bite and firepower to our wide positions because we are over-reliant on Van Persie for goals.

But that’s another discussion for another day. Let’s just enjoy another important victory and look forward to our next game – a tough away fixture at Everton.


16 thoughts on “Negative Newcastle Get What They Deserve!

  1. What a load of tosh

    They played a good game

    I remember a song

    Boring Boring Arsenal

    So take an objective view

    You were the better team but they
    Played you well

    Still don’t think you are good enough

    Come on you Pools (hartlepool that is

  2. I wouldn’t say Newcastle were negative.
    What I would say arsenal are a cracking side
    I would love the toon to play football like that.
    But it still doesn’t win you the champions league
    Especially with players like Van Persie
    don’t deserve to win anything.

  3. Why all the comments from the bitters? Cracking game, never say die attitide from The Arsenal. Thoroughly deserved win and growing from game to game. Shame about the injuries earlier in the season otherwise they may have made a 3 horse race for the title a v. Interesting prospect

  4. Newcastle were pretty decent I’d say, good result to beat them.

    However, I disagree we show mental strength. Mental strength is when you win the big games. This and recent Wenger teams collapse when the real pressure is on. They can handle it when they’re just chasing a top 4 finish. It’s what the squad and whole club are geared for. Look at the end of the last few seasons – collapse once top 4 is achieved, or finish strongly when it’s the only thing to go for.

  5. U lot make us laugh when arsenal were off form every1 was laughing n slagging us off now were getting r players back from injury n starting to play r game which we do the best in the prem were worrying people. What u all got to remember we los the main part of r midfield n had so many injurys n look where we are now. So fuck u lot we wont sit down were hear to be heard. N as for a 1 man team whos supplying the goals? N fair play to van persie showing his passion in a arsenal shirt dont worry he will b doing the same next year n the year after in a arsenal shirt up the gooners.

  6. Jekyll
    Who are you to decide the definitive term of mental strength. It is a subjective term bandied about like others such as world class.

    For me I would agree that to limit a team to no chances or reset their thinking to playing for a draw is a darn good.

    To come back and win from losing positions in games shows mental strength. whether the team is a all mentally strong is another matter.

    Did you actually want the team to win? You sound bitter. Maybe we can still finish fifth and then you will be truly fulfilled.

  7. WE won the game the hard way if the Mncs do it its neversy die but if we do pipo hold their nose like theres a dead rat , get used to it suckers we aint done yet its the GREAT ARSENAL REVIVAL

  8. Carl, nicely put mate!I completely agree with you! James, hush up you little twat! If you’re truly a Gooner and can’t even defend our lads…then we don’t need your wack ass support! Go over to the losing side of North London… git!

    On a more positive note: The lads have the mental strength to make the final CL spot and pretty soon normality will be restored in North London……all that’s remaining is for us to claim third and put Tottenham in their place once again. Chelsea get fourth, Spuds slip to fifth and good ol’ ‘Arry leaves Shite Fart Lane in just the right mess!

    Next season with Podolski and other new signings we go for the juggernaut and end the trophy drought! #Arsenal! Gunner4Life!!


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