Goodbye Robin van Persie

It has just been announced that Robin van Persie will not be extending his deal with the club, which runs out next summer.

His statement on his official website (at time of writing) had unsurprisingly crashed, due to the nature of the announcement.

He said about his decision:

“This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.

“I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.

“Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

With the arrival of International strikers Lukas Podolski, who is the closest you could get to replacing Van Persie, and Olivier Giroud, it is obvious Wenger and Arsenal were preparing for the worst.

Van Persie was spectacular for Arsenal last season, and was a match winner on a regular basis.

So what’s your reaction to yet another captain leaving the club?

Where do you think he’ll end up?

Or do you think there’s still a chance he will stay?


35 thoughts on “Goodbye Robin van Persie

  1. Traitor! I hope he rots on the City bench with Nasri.
    I expected more from RVP considering all his injuries in the past few years with AFC. He should be ashamed of himself. Get rid asap and let Arsenal move on.

  2. The bitter side of me wants him to get injured so no one buys him, forcing him to see out his final contract and end up at a mediocre team after a year of not playing.

    But the sensible side of me says sell him quickly and move on.

  3. Arsenal and Wenger stood by him through his injuries and this is how he repays that trust? Strange, where is morality and loyalty here. Anyway he gave us a nice season and we’ll miss him so much but surely arsenal are more than one man. We’ve lost other great players before but here we are always in the top four and that is no mean achievements. As long as the master of defence splitting passes Alex song is there, with the coming in of podolski and giroud, arsenal are ready to give some specutacular football as always. Where ever RVP goes I do not see him having the sharpness and great football he has had with the Gunners.

  4. By announcing his intention or flight, he has cut his selling price !

    I just hear Ray Palour on the Radio that Arsenal should sell him right away at £25m. Why would anyone pay that now? He should have waited for Gadidis to return from his holidays and discussed his decision secretly and Arsenal could have then commanded a higher market value. He has scuppered our valuation in the open market.

  5. What a big blow again. Arsenal why. Are we saying that we are a smaller club and cannot hold our best players every year.

    RVP remember when you was in difficult time, Arsenal bear it with you why cant u bear it with Arsenal.

  6. Absolutely expected.

    I think I’m the only arsenal supporter that will not be too upset. Whilst he was prolific last year, he has always missed more than he converted. He scored some nice goals but always flattered to deceive in my opinion. Has scored one free kick (and one deflected one) in about 5 years. Most of his corners have been awful.

    I would be optimistic that Podolski and Giroud will bring a better balance to the team.

    I fully exoect a similar announcement by theo within a few weeks.

    Arsenal will still get top four, possibly better next year.

    Good luck Robin, but you may regret your decision (obviously not financially), when you are second, third or even fourth fiddle after Tevez, Aguero, Ballotelli etc

  7. I don’t think Wenger or Van Persie should be blamed. It’s not their fault that they work for Stan Kroenke who seems to be the only billionaire football club owner to have no interest in winning trophies. Footballers have short careers and I’m sure if Arsenal (Kroenke) had shown the ambition to succeed and actually invest in world class players then I’m sure that Van Persie would have stayed. Kroeke has got to go, I’m starting to think that he is a secret Spuds fan…………Utter W*nker

  8. One season wonder! He will struggle next season. He could of been an Arsenal legend but there is no chance of that happening now!

  9. I am so disappointed with RVP, I understand what he is saying, but in all fairness to AFC we have for too many seasons put up with his injuries (some of which from playing for Holland) and suspensions all of which compounded our inability to win a trophy. Like so many others of late, we put up with the crap, they have one excellent season and then they are off. RVP I really thought you were a better man, sadly I’m wrong. And if you goto to City, you’ll join all of those other rats that also didn’t perform for most of their time at Arsenal. It’s them RVP who you should be blaming, but what does that matter, you’re joing them! So this isn’t about money, well tell city you’ll go for what you were on at AFC. Arsenal board, take note, for the past 4 years we’ve been telling you, don’t let these contracts get to this point! Wake up!!

  10. Unfortunately Robin has made a bad decision. For Arsenal, i doesn’t mean a lot, there are already replacements in place and the transfer market is not vibrant because clubs are broke. We save a packet in wages he would have earned, and we could sign a defensive player and a striker without too much fuss. Whoever buys him must contract for four years at high wages. What if he blows a fuse in month 1? After all, last year was an anomaly in his career. Frankly, I think it’s better he goes, now we don’t have any more so-called superstars. He won’t make Man City much better, and we won’t get much worse. Goodbye Robin.

  11. Please sell the ungrateful guy and re-invest it on good players, soldier go soldier come Barack remain . Is better we sell him now than loosing him at the end of the season.

  12. As I said we won’t be able get 25m for him as he destroyed all by this announcement.

    I’m wondering if Juventus knew it was coming and thus why they offered 8m ?

  13. Talentless waste of time. He had one good season and seven poor ones and he suddenly thinks that is Messi. He misses some very easy chances.. Nothing special about him. Over rated, lucky one season wonder.
    I am glad to see this gutless striker leave. Not fit to wear the Arsenal red and white shirt.

  14. Rayzak hit the nail on the head. Robin, like Fabregas before him when he declared his intention to go only to Barcelona, has backed the club in a corner in terms of negotiating the best sell-on price. I can only guess that Robin is really very angry because I’m sure he is intelligent enough to undersatand the repercussions of this announcement at this time.

  15. The view of Arsenal isn’t RVP’s view?

    The last 5 or 6 years playing with cheap mediocre African imports and backed up by a mediocre goalkeeper appears to have took its toll.
    Fabregas and Nasri were world class and Wenger couldn’t convince them to stay – the same reason – playing with cheap mediocre African imports and backed up by a mediocre goalkeeper.
    Invest with quality and what you have will stay. Don’t and they won’t.

    Through stubborness re: finance Wenger missed out on Mata and Cahill… both of whom lifted the Champions League trophy.. and the former the European Championship..

    Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi was the cheap Afro version of Eden Hazard – the kid Wenger should have signed.
    Song was a recalled Charlton loanee who came into the side because Flamini had gone and Wenger wouldn’t pay for Melo

    Say what you want, but mediocrity is what it is.

  16. I am just speechless. Our third world class players we’ve lost in 2 seasons. On the one hand I see what Robin wants but to be fair does he want us to buy Messi and Xavi? The boss has shown ambition by adding 2 quality players already to our squad. What more does Van Persie want? Thanks for your loyalty Robin but Arsenal will be standing after your career is gone.

  17. i am so disappointed with robin. from hero to zero. please dont tell us its not about the money, its got to be, expected more from him.

  18. Really surprised at all you Arse fans slagging off Van Persie when he has clearly stated that he has spoken to the manager and the owner and their ideas do not match. Suggests to me they are sticking with the ‘beautiful games’ plan (Steal other teams kids, win nowt, charge the fans a fortune, then sell your best players at a huge profit that goes straight to the owner)

    I think its Kroenke you should be aiming your anger at not Van Persie, its their fault they let his contract run down and its their fault they dont have the ambition to match his. If he comes to City (which I dont think he will, surplus to requirements) he would be earning twice and much and playing for the champions, who wouldnt want to do that?

  19. South Yorkshire Gunner Says:
    July 4th, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    You are either totally insane or a raving racist.
    Alex Song is a top quality player like most of the black players at Arsenal.

  20. Good point about his market value, we will be lucky to get anywhere near £25 million now. Can see him going for about £18 million, but the only club stupid enough to pay that is Manchester City.

    Robin is like so many Arsenal players of the past where the team was centred around him. I doubt he would have the same success at Juventus or City, anywhere he went in fact.

    The club may do better without him, with Podolski and Giroud (hopefully) having something to prove. We won’t be relying on start player and could even perform better as a team.

    There is always a risk that Podolski and Giroud end up like Chamakh, Gervinho or Park which is the only concern.

    Another thing most Arsenal fans haven’t mentioned is that we have Nicklas Bendtner returning from a loan spell…

  21. Sack the board..sack the board..sack the board…………….. Sack the board..sack the board.. Sack the boooooaaaaaarrrrdddd.

    Why are they so hell bent on ruining our football club, Kroenke is a F.U.C.K.I.N.G disgrace. He clearly has no intention of harping wenger to win trophies, get in Usmanov and let Wenger keep his best players and spend some money on new ones

    Kroenke out……………………..

    There is an email address on the Arsenal website to direct complaints, well everyone should go and complain about this and show the club how we really feel

  22. rboot..

    Alex Song is Alex Song pal…
    If you think he’s top quality then you’re fkcng insane..

    Ask the Man City fan who’s just been on here if he thinks they’d want him – they wouldn’t even take him on a free. Neither would Man Utd

    I suppose you liked Eboue and thought he was class or the lightweight step over merchant who calls himself the “Brazilian name”

    As for being a racist – Nothing up with Sagna.

    Shit is shit pal whether its coloured or not. Look in the mirror.

  23. Fuck RvP, one decent, injury free season and he thinks he can dictate the policy at Arsenal? What an arrogant wanker.

    It’s time we stopped giving pansies like RvP the captaincy only to see them fuck off for more money a year or so after. With that in mind I really hope Wenger gives the armband to Denilson…

  24. I agree completely with slugboy. RVP conversion rate is low considering the numerous chances created by the wingers and mid fielders and 90% of his goals were in the box meaning he was assisted. Adebayor could not shine the way he did with Arsenal for the fact that teams do not created the number of chances created by Arsenal. I read what Giround said that he is happy to come to a team that creates chances because it gives him the opportunity to score more goals. Talking about opportunities!!

  25. South Yorkshire gunner.

    I wish I could be intelligent like you. Why don’t you support Rotherham or Doncaster United?

  26. Remember fellow Gooners, when he signs that £250k a week deal at City he is doing it to win trophies, not make more money…

  27. Let’s face it.. Look at the joke of a goalie & some other players little wonder he wants out.. Be lucky to get €10m for him now this has been released. Along with signing of replacements .. Can they get 37 goals to replace.


    My post on the subject:


    “He should remember, its only half about what you do. The other half is how you leave. And while the extra few million might buy another yacht or holiday home, in the long run no one remembers the mercenaries who sign on for a couple of years at an already winning team.”

  29. If wenger and the managements buy good and quality player that will help RVP to win trophies, then he will stay. If the cannot then we should allow him to go for a serious club that really need trophy.
    It is never his fault to leave. If you follow matches and football well, you will notice that we have a lot of chaffs in the squad. Send them away and bring experienced players.
    People like Diaby,Djourou, Benthner, chamakh, denilson.alminiul,squilacy, ashervin jerkinson and many more, have to be sold and bring good players.
    Look at M’villa , we are loosing him again as we loose Eden Hazard. How can we compete with Man u man city and chelsea with this squad. We can only end up third as usual. The won the premier league trophy with 18 point margin. Now they are still in the market looking for good players to buy. That is being serious with club.
    Take it or leave but its true.

  30. Sell him NOW NOW, this week.

    Get $25 million, buy two more players.

    We are tired of nursing these players to world class then they leave. Sell him by next Tuesday.

  31. The big question is who would buy him? Manchester City have Sergio Aguero – but the two outcasts Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli are now well back into the frame and two of the most potent strikers. Van Persie wouldn’t get a game and he needs a lot more service than the 3 mentioned strikers. Plus they can’t splash stupid cash around with the Financial Fair Play stuff going on.

    How about the other big clubs? Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea? They wouldn’t buy him. There isn’t a big club out there with the need for a striker like Van Persie, who except for last seasons performances, hasn’t got a track record. He’s a risk with his injury record.

    I think Van Persie believes his stock is higher than it is and he may be forced to stay at Arsenal.

    Or the alternative is, he knows that his stock isn’t high and has officially come out with the news so we’ll have to sell for a discounted price.

  32. Not a loyal bone in his body!
    Does he know what loyalty means???
    Selfish selfish selfish!!!
    Can’t believe his desion.
    Hope he ends his career watching from the sidelines on the bench!
    He can be the water boy for Man City!
    Ashamed he wore a no.10 arsenal shirt.
    He played 1 decent full season for arsenal after all them years!
    Absolute disgrace good riddance!
    Try and get as much money as possible while we still can for the traitor!!!


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