Does Theo Have A Future At Arsenal?

As Theo’s contract situation doesn’t seem to be any closer to being resolved, it now emerges that one of the factors whether he stays at Arsenal or not, is whether he is selected as a striker in the future.

After turning down a new 5 year deal worth £75,000 per week, his season doesn’t look to get any better after being pushed down the pecking order behind Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud and even Ramsey as our attacking options.

Maybe Arsene Wenger feels he’s spent enough time and effort with Theo and that he just hasn’t produced the goods. Podolski looks like he’s relishing life at Arsenal, Giroud will get there in time and even Gervinho looks like improving on his disappointing first season.

Personally, I like Theo and he’s given us some special moments, like those lightening runs against Liverpool and AC Milan in the Champions League, but not often enough.

His blistering pace in unrivalled and is a deadly weapon on his day, but too often Arsenal face teams that sit deep and in that respect, he’s usually rendered useless.

But at times his finishing is good – he’s scored memorable goals against Chelsea, and in a way I’d like to see him played upfront. But with Podolski and Giroud in the squad, and with his contract situation unresolved, I can’t see it happening.


2 thoughts on “Does Theo Have A Future At Arsenal?

  1. Sorry, but Theo doesn’t have the full skillset to play up front. Pace – yes, but that’s not enough. He doesn’t have the body strength to hold off stronger opponents. He isn’t good enough in the air or with his back to goal. He isn’t a clinical finisher (but he’s not alone in that department). If that’s to be his future it has to be away from Arsenal.

  2. Theo Walcott does have a future at arsenal, but it cant purely be on his terms. . He may well be a future centre forward, but at present he does not have the full sets of skills required. Not all the forwards signed by the club are a better bet than him, but he is not at the front of the qeue. The manager must have the final say as he will be held responsible for any failiure of the team.


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