Lucky City Given An Absolute Gift

Before the game, I couldn’t see Arsenal losing this one. Against Arsenal, Roberto Mancini reverts to type and plays completely negative. In the last home game against them last season, they had no interest in winning that match and even in the away game earlier this season, we were the better side.

Mancini is clearly scared of Arsenal and sets up his side to catch us on the break. Against us, he is typically Italian.

We had the potential to see a great game this afternoon but on 8 minutes, that all changed.

With Dzeko about to latch onto the loose ball, Koscielny pulled him down. The decision to give a penalty and send off the defender isn’t as black a white as everyone makes out.

Was it a foul? Definitely, there’s no doubt whatsoever. It was stupid from Koscielny because Dzeko probably wouldn’t have converted it. And was it a penalty? Yes, it was a stone wall penalty.

But the red card? I’m sorry, I can’t agree with that.

Surely a yellow card and a penalty is punishment enough? I couldn’t help thinking that if that was at Old Trafford, the penalty probably wouldn’t have been given, never mind a red card. Would a referee have the balls to send off a Manchester United defender? It would have been a penalty and yellow card at most.

Dzeko showed his prowess by missing the penalty and scoring a scorcher from 2 yards but with 10 men the game was over. Arsenal really should have tried to batten down the hatches until half time and then tried to regroup after half time. After all, the pressure was on Manchester City to win so we could have slowed the game down.

But once City scored it was over. If there’s anything City know what to do it’s defend and I had to laugh when I think it was Jamie “Literally” Redknapp that was baffled and couldn’t explain why with all their attacking talent, Manchester City had a very poor goalscoring record against Arsenal at The Emirates. It’s because Mancini plays negatively against Arsenal, even Stevie Wonder can see that Jamie.

The bottom line is the referee gifted the game to City with the big decision. Even with the Manchester City freekick that Milner scored from, the referee let City take it quickly while when Arsenal had free kicks, he said wait for the whistle and signalled that we had to wait until City set up their wall.

Without Arteta and a completely fit Giroud we were going to struggle but with 10 men it’s a massive ask.

And we’re mentally not strong enough. In the past, in the Bergkamp, Vieira and Henry era, going down to 10 men didn’t matter. We won countless games with 10 men in those days but this current Arsenal squad are extremely fragile. You just knew with 10 men it would affect us far more than the other big teams in the league.

Anyway, up and onwards to Stamford Bridge next weekend, should be an easy 3 points.


15 thoughts on “Lucky City Given An Absolute Gift

  1. Gifting the game to city you muppet. It is OK to support your team but don’t be stupid. Stonewall penalty and Red Card

  2. It doesn’t matter what we think if its a red card or not, I suspect the referee simply followed the laws of the game, and possibly saw that a clear goalscoring opportunity was denied. If that’s the case, the referee did a great job handing out a red card, and I commend him for it.
    I suspect the real issue here is if the rule itself is appropriate or not.
    As for Arsenal performance, I didn’t like what I saw, it was almost like seeing Arsenal can adjust the scales of justice instead of playing football. That fact of the matter is, Arsenal took zero points from the game. It’s really annoying that this arsenal team has so much more to offer and there isn’t anyone at the club who knows how to get all this talent to be used productively! (if they did, they would already be doing it!)

  3. If you have evidence that refereees favour man utd or others stand up and tell the FA or FIFA if you don’t have evidence/ blowing your mouth off cos your team is crap don’t put it as if it’s a fact.

  4. Oh well,
    So many maybes, game was on at 2:45am, the worst time for sure. My daughter first woke up at 4am hungry, so not happy, either am I… It is now 5:41 she is bout to fall asleep but can I now?
    Not a good start to the week.
    Ahhh when will we be good again?

  5. Penalty fine (even though this type of defending happens in almost every single premier league match up and down the country) but the red card on top of that, was totally unnecessary. It completely ruined the game. If you can’t see that then you’re the muppet.

    Not sure why Mike Dean was in charge of such a big game, he’s one of the worst refs in the prem and very anti-Arsenal. His stats speak for themselves. Maybe Man Shitty bought him for this game?

  6. G-manarinho…………………………………………..just look at videos of games involving Utd and decisions the fa give(or commonly DONt) against them eg. when ‘lord’ fergie berates the ref. it dont take a rocket scientist to see somethings up. Remember when e loat the unbeaten run? go to youtube and look at the highlights of that game.It show sall the decisions and ALL didnt go our way when we were brutally kicked ff the park.Yet the first card in that game went to Cole. An you say theres no evidence-erm didnt an ex-ref just come out an say that refs are scared to give against utd esp at O.T cos they know that if they do they wont get big games anymore. Sounds damning to me,but oh wait,u MUST be that rocket scientist then

  7. Only a complete muppet doesn’t think referees give United decisions at Old Trafford – do you even follow football?

    Mike Dean loves the lime light, and he couldn’t wait to dish out the red card. Just like he couldn’t wait to dish one out for Kompany, which was another yellow card at most.

    If he gave 2 yellows in those situations, no-one would have batted an eyelid.

  8. So Matt, it is a clear goalscoring opportunity so that is a sending off and a penalty. The ref should not send him of because it “ruined the game”???
    That’s taking stupidity to a new level.
    Ref followed the rules, end of!
    You guys have a great team and a great manager but please take the blinkers off once in a while

  9. I am in very bad mood right now . I will not judge the referee but i believe, that was harsh to give both penalty and red at same time, but this Arsenal team have to bear blame as well. Loran is not his first time that make stupid things I would rather City score goal than we lose a player , I am confident we could win the game or at least get 1 point but that kind of stupidity cost us a game, We can say many thing about referee but the bottom line is , against referee like this we have to be careful , we always have referees against us this is not a new news but we have to not to do such a creazy things and we did and we paid the price.
    PS: please do not blame Wenger for what players do wrong not this time.

  10. Game lost because of Koscielny – he is terrible – card or no card he cost us a penelty and very often costs us games. After the sending off the outcome was close to inevitible. Why he has so much support from fans i have never understood. Redknapp summed it up during match wrap up we dont have enough class players – to many B-rated players in the team overall. Koscielny is just the worst of the bunch. Pains me to see us missing out on top 4 this year and lets be honest wengers not doing a thing about it! Could have signed quality players in summer – could sign quality players now – and he doesnt.

  11. Clear goal scoring chance mate.There is no debate against the letter of the law.
    If you can’t see it then you shouldn’t be allowed to have your own blog.
    We gooners gotta stop this ‘referee’ bullshit,it’s embarrassing.
    We lost to a team that is 14 points above us.
    Given the quality in the squads and current form,I’d say even the most ardent Wengerite can’t be surprised by this scoreline with or with out going down to 10 men.
    It’s on us not Mike ‘the cunt’ Dean.

  12. It is one of the clearest red cards i have ever seen,if Kozzer wanted to shag him why didnt he buy him dinner and a show.

  13. We would have lost anyway,they were never at the races,this was in the same category as the Manure defeat they just passed around us and made us look like headless chickens.

  14. Just want to point out,anyone saying the ref made a good decision is chatting any other top ten premiere side defending a corner and,you’ll see the exact same foul multiple times,on more than one occasion at each corner.watching the man utd Liverpool game,vidic,was doing it all game ,the difference,do you think a refs going to send off a man utd player ten mins into the game,fergie was bullying the match officials all match and got away with it.I don,t want to be bitter but the last player to score a penalty at old Trafford was rule fox that was 1994,are you honestly telling me the last time a utd player managed to commit a foul on oposing team player or hand ball in the box was 21years ago,you fucking glory hunters!


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