Positives & Negatives After Chelsea Defeat

After that game the overriding feeling was that Chelsea were there for the taking.

The second half showed that when put under pressure, Chelsea got nervous and we had some good openings after half time.

But why didn’t we perform like that in the first half?

The first half was a shambles, from ourselves and the referee. Coquelin was clearly fouled on route to Chelsea’s first goal and the referee was conned for the penalty decision. Replays showed Ramires left his foot in and there was no contact, get the penalty was given. So both goals were avoidable from our point of view and we can be aggrieved about the referee.

But that doesn’t excuse our poor first half performance. Sagna and Diaby were particularly bad, with Sagna looking uninterested in being on the pitch, and Diaby was well off the pace. Jack Wilshere and Francis Coquelin were left to drive Arsenal forward almost single-handedly and defensively we were all over the place.

I said at half time that Wenger had to give the team a right bollocking at half time and take off Sagna and Diaby. He didn’t do the latter but it seems like he had stern words at the interval because Arsenal got their act together and started playing like a team.

Chelsea, who had the 2-2 draw against Southampton still in their minds were content of protecting the lead and this gave us more possession, and we scored a well made goal through Theo Walcott. After that, we pushed and pushed for the equaliser and gave Chelsea a lot of problems.

But in the end we fell short.

I’m not sure how to feel after that game. Disappointed with the toothless first half or proud of the second half performance?

It was definitely a game of two halves and a draw, on reflection, would have been a fair result. But ultimately, we gave ourselves too much of a mountain to climb after an atrocious opening 45 minutes.

Arsene Wenger was livid at the final whistle and with some justification, but we can take some positives from the second half.


10 thoughts on “Positives & Negatives After Chelsea Defeat

  1. You should feel proud of the second half and aggrieved about the stupid referee decisions throughout the whole game. Ramires was granted godmode and free to tackle anyone he wanted, as was Torres in manhandling any defender or midfielder he wanted. Look who created both goals for them? I’d be livid with the refereeing too. Anybody would, except for chel$ki.

  2. We need to implant a chip into diaby’s brain for him to think 1 sec faster, he takes too long to usually make a decision, and his habit of holding on to the ball cost us. He loves to do that and will tend to lose possession and as a DM, that is suicidal.

    Idiots love to remember how he performed his best game of his life against liverpool, and few actually realised how rare it is for him to achieve that.

    Sagna has recently join the 3rd class group like Ramilson etc. He has to be axed.

  3. Well as as it is, something is still missing between the holding midfielders, defenders & goalkeeper. The earlier the better we fix the missing link. It not the final third per say that us faulty. Check the remaining days of the winter tranfer windo, nothing seems to be coming forth. Wenger & the rest decision making body on transfer matters should make us happy at the right time. Each time I watch our Arsenals playing, its always great panic. We don’t want a situation where Wenger will come out later and say there are no exceptional players in the market. Rather that we would have lost points b4 something is done. Lastly, Sagna is not looking confident any longer.

  4. What I’ve learnt is (or already knew) is that we have had two crucial league games against supposed rival teams in a week and the team are not up to it. Get a new manager who can motivate the team to play from start to finish. This has been going on too long now and is becoming a joke.

  5. Sagna is becoming a bit of a liability … really is time to ship him out and get Jenkinson stepping in.

    As for Chelski, Ramirez should have been off of the pitch for at least two yellow cards, none of which were given – he is fast becoming one of the dirtiest players in the EPL.

    As for the performances, Arsenal were woeful in the first half and stopped playing after the first chelsea goal ? They need to lose that fickle streak that still shows up from time to time in their collective mentality.
    The second half and we were a different beast entirely. We had Chelsea on the rack for virtually the tnrire half and we should not only have drawn, but won the blasted game !!
    Oh, and any Gunner thinking that we still don’t need another top quality striker, solid midfielder and a decent right back is delusional !!!!

  6. I think we were better in the second half for about 15-20 minutes, but at the end of the day we did not create enough chances to get the 2nd goal, and possibly a third. I am not sure why we can’t get things going earlier on the match. Also, I do think Sagna’s best days are coming to an end. Diaby needs to be quicker as does Mertesacker. There is still something wrong with the midfield, and defensively we concede too easily.
    Walcott is improving all the time. I would say we need to address the midfield to control the games better.
    More than anything I think there needs to be more thought given to the tactics.

  7. Positives? When are you going to wake up and smell the bacons? Are you kidding? Is it positive that Arsenal FC are now a shadow of what they were? Is it positive our number 1 goalkeeper is at most a 3rd rate goalkeeper who would never make the bench in any of the top 4 teams I’m the premiership! The only solid player I’m that so-called Atsenal team is a 20yearold who just came back from a year out to injury. You Arsenal bloggers who sugar coat the realities of the present reality are the sole reason Arsenal FC is going down. Your beloved manager Wenger is aiming to destroy everything before handing the club to another manager. So keep on giving the sharpest axe to do a clean job. Positives, uhh… Just rich.

  8. if there is anything to say i will first start by saying our current formation is trash and its costing us so many points, we need to revert back to 442 or we can employ 4132, we need more fire power up front cus playing one target man is seriously not working; i also recommend that coquelin and ramsey get loaned out ; they are not up to quality we need @ present, in 2-3 seasons they can become important first team members but not now; we need some serious steel in DM and yann m’vila is our best option (he’s like a defensive wilshere), also im beginning to doubt verminator as our captain, i seriously recommend jack despite he’s age he has so much influence on the game, the defense need to get their shit together, and giroud has gotta make good of the passes he gets and that means putting the ball in the post. finally wenger needs to BUY BIG!!! before this window closes. we need some fresh signings and fresh air im tired of getting my weekend ruined by such abysmal crappy results. Gooner for life!

  9. Because of diiaby, wenger refused to sign a defensive midfielder. Today it is glaring that any serious team will not rely an injury prune player like diaby as their reliable. It is sad that wenger have lost contact with the present realities of football globally, wenger should understand that teams are more interested in signing players that will bring trophies not players that will be trained and later sold. Arsenal have done enough for the club and is time for him to go.

  10. Must have missed the ‘positives’.

    YET AGAIN this season we fight hard in the 2nd half, having already fallen behind in the 1st and ultimately lose – where is the positive in doing that?

    Arsenal had umpteen players unavailable and didn’t have a decent enough squad to cope with the situation – where is the positive in that?

    Arsene appears to be picking players such as Sagna based on reputation, rather than Jenkinson who was obviously more in tune whilst his french counterpart was injured – where is the positive in that?

    Wenger has lost the plot and the team aren’t galvanized by him any longer – where is the positive in that?

    Until there are major changes at the club, from Wenger upwards, we must accept that Arsenal are also runs and uncomfortable to watch – where is the positive in that?


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