José Mourinho: The Return of The Special One? Er… No Thanks!

With Real Madrid crashing out of the Champions League to the hands of Dortmund last week, it’s clear that the “Special One” intends to return to the Premier League next season, most likely with Chelsea.

And with that, the British media are going crazy. People are beside themselves with excitement, unable to wait for God himself to return to our league and grace us all with his mere presence.

But I would argue, he isn’t really The Special One, and we’re better off if he stayed away from the Premier League.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and break down the Special One’s reign as Chelsea manager shall we?

His Purchases In The Transfer Market

With a bottomless pit of money, obviously you will use it and Mourinho was no exception. Arsenal fans will tell you about Arsene’s ability to buy young talent and mould them into world class players. We have Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Nicolas Anelka, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas, Bobby Pires, Kolo Toure, Manu Eboue – the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong, Wenger has had his fair share of donkeys in his time. Remember Francis Jeffers? Remember Richard Wright?

Well whatever Arsene’s poor buys have added up to, they surely don’t even come close to the value of Mourinho’s crap purchases.

We have Mateja Kezman (£5.4m), Tiago (£10m), Paulo Ferreira (£13.3m), Michael Ballack (Free), Andriy Shevchenko (£30m) and Asier del Horno (£8m) to name but a few over the years.

Great stuff.

And some of Mourinho’s best players, Lampard, Terry and Joe Cole were already there, and if you think back you will remember that Petr Cech and Arjen Robben were actually Claudio Ranieri signings.

Tapping Up Ashley Cole

Then there is Mourinho’s disregard for even the simplest rules. Because he had a so-called ‘left-back crisis’ he saw fit to meet Cashley Cole behind Arsenal’s back, despite the fact he was under contract to Arsenal Football Club. Yes, Cole is hardly blameless either but for a ‘top manager’ to even do this is completely ridiculous. Would SAF or AW do this?

This would be a damaging matter that would start from late January until late September of 2005, covering most of the season where Arsenal would finish second to Chelsea in the Premier League. Arguably one of Arsenal’s best talents and Arsenal fans would leave for Chelsea just one season later after Arsene Wenger allowed him to leave, and after playing him in one of the biggest games in World Football – the Champions League Final.

Mourinho himself was fined £200,000 for his part in the saga, which was reduced to £75,000 on appeal. Not a bad price for poaching one of the best left backs in English football.

The Anders Frisk Affair

During the 2004/2005 Champions League campaign and during a game against Barcelona and the Camp Nou, Jose Mourinho publicly accused referee Anders Frisk of ‘inviting Frank Rijkaard to his dressing room at half time’ which is against UEFA regulations.

Anders Frisk would receive death threats after Mourinho’s public tongue-lashing and after severe criticism from Chelsea fans, Chelsea players and Chelsea management. Only weeks later, Frisk would cut short his 18 year career as a referee because of death threats towards him and his family.

Mourinho on the other hand would receive a two match touchline ban.

And Volker Roth, the UEFA referee’s chief would later call Jose Mourinho “an enemy of football.”

Quite an accolade, Jose.

A year later again in the Champions League, Barcelona fans would greet Mourinho with abuse and spitting when he arrived in Catalan, and he would experience even more on the way to the team hotel.

Other Feuds & Controversies

One incident Arsenal fans will remember are Mourinho’s comments where he called Arsene Wenger a ‘voyeur’ who was obsessed with Chelsea. Jose would also reveal having a 120 dossier which was full on comments Arsene has made about Chelsea. Mourinho would realise how stupid he was making those comments and would later apologise to Arsene in the form of a greeting card.

In December 2006, Mourinho was in the headlines again – this time labelling Everton’s Andy Johnson a ‘cheat and untrustworthy’. This would prompt Everton to threaten with legal action, and force Mourinho to apologise yet again for his outlandish statements.

He then of course called Double Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo ‘ill-educated, disrespectful and immature‘, for which Mourinho apologised yet again…

And there was the goal Luis Garcia scored in the Champions League against Chelsea, where had another public tantrum about the goal being allowed in the first place. A top motion expert argued said it was actually over the line, and Rafa Benitez pointed out that Baros should of had a penalty for the initial incident anyway if the goal hadn’t of stood. Something which obviously slipped the mind of Jose Mourinho.

The ‘Special One’s’ Love For Chelsea

Before even joining Chelsea, Jose Mourinho would publicly declare how he would much rather join Liverpool, citing several reservations about joining Chelsea.

And if Jose loves Chelsea so much, surely he would just get on with his job?

Instead he managed to get involved in all kinds of backroom politics, seemingly looking for an excuse for an arguement. Well it looks like he got what he wanted, which was a £20 million plus pay off from the club he ‘loves’ so much.


The problem is the word ‘great’ is banded around far too much, especially with the excessive media coverage we get in this modern age. 24 hour sports news channels, endless football websites – these need to fill time and space and what better way to go well over the top about Jose Mourinho.

We have every man and his dogs opinion on how ‘amazing’ Jose was, and it’s amazing people forget someones faults and failings when they are gone.

Yes, he was probably Chelsea’s ‘greatest ever’ manager but that’s not exactly hard with their “history” is it?

But the media love him because he always has a story. They say Arsene is the king of spin but Mourinho sets his own agenda and the press love it. It’s easy having Mourinho around to create the stories and set the tone, with more and more demand for fresh, new stories.

So Jose Mourinho back in the Premier League? Thanks, but no thanks.


14 thoughts on “José Mourinho: The Return of The Special One? Er… No Thanks!

  1. Dnt get so scared of Mourinho coming back to chelsea we will not be fight against arsenal becuase next season we will be fighting for top three not 4th or 5th position so mourinho to Chelsea will not have much of an influence to your position in EPL ….lol

  2. You Sir are a complete waste of space! How on earth do you believe you have the right of opinion on Mourinho?

    The benifits of his return will be fantastic for everyone in England.

    Firstly half of those signings mentioned were not Mourinhos muppet. Roman himself signed Ballack and Shevcenko. Off which as a chelsea fan Ballack was actually a great player for us, and is missed, Paulo has also been a great professional not a wimper out of him and when he plays puts in a great display!.

    Secondly Cole, was ambitious. Ambition and Arsenal arnt compatible. Ok I disagree how the deal came about but Cole was for leaving anyway after he was offered only a 1/3 of what he’s worth in gold. Better Cash in now rather than later. No harm done. Chelsea are a success and Arsenal remain the same.

    Thirdly Liverpools ghost goal was never a goal and pretty much everytime chelsea have been knocked out of Champs league it is down to a referee’s poor misjudgement. Barcelona being a prime example on numerous occasions. but lets face it UEFA and referees love barca.

    This leads me on to that muppet of a ref. The man needed to retire anyway was a terible performance. Chelsea have been cheated out of so much from barcelona alone its crazy. 5 cert penalties in one match I recall a few years back. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

    A proper footy fan without the pussy stuff.

  3. Awwwwww sorry, bitter and jealous gooner fans. So scared the arrival of Jose means their most prestigious trophy [a.k.a top 4 finish] will be gone. But don’t worry we’ll challenging for the title next season. You can fight with spuds for the 4th position!!!! May i just add what a terrible and damn-right laughable article this is?? Why am i surprised it’s from a gooner afterall

  4. As a gooner, its only natural that you leave out Didier Drogba, your worst nightmare in a Chelsea jersey. I wonder who signed him …o_O

  5. Guy, why don’t you just mention the reason he is regarded as one of if not the greatest manager in recent times and lets debate it. which is … the number of trophies he has won since Porto. How many trophies has your Professor won in the last 7 -10 years. what a petty article from a petty fan of a petty, penny- pinching club whose only ambition is a top 4 position.

  6. I’m sorry, but even as an areanal fan this article has made me feel slightly embarrassed and peeved to have wasted 5mins of my bank holiday weekend reading it.

  7. Spot on – the special one is only coming ‘home’ because he FAILED with Real Madrid – 1 la liga title and no CL in 3 years at the biggest club in the world.

    Chelski are a scum club with scum fans and I’m really not sure but maybe we need Usmanov so we can buy our way passed them like they have bought their way passed us since 2003, its time the little blue whores were put back in their rightful place (mid table).

  8. @ the moron who goes by the name ”Denzil” ooohhhhhh that hurts so much. You my dear sir epitomises everything that is wrong with most of your lousy,lazy and illiterate fans: Jealousy,bitterness and downright stupidity. You think Mourinho’s tenure has been a failure?? well let me break down the facts for your thick head since you’re obviously too dumb to comprehend. Before Mourinho’s arrival, 18 previous managers had only managed 5 UCL semis in 21 years. Mourinho has 3 in 3 .That same Mourinho managed to wrestle the La Liga title from a Barca side who until now were arguably the best team ever in the history of football. Mourinho is a proven winner. He’s won medals in every country he’s been in. That should tell your thick head it’s no fluke. So there you go, I hope you’ve received some enlightenment.

  9. I think most of the other comments have already summed this up for me. English football needs Mourinho. He is a character and is one of, if not the best manager currently in football. For chelsea to get Mourinho would be a huge boost with the publicity and results that it would bring.


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