Who Will Succeed Alex Ferguson At United?

When the news first broke about Alex Ferguson’s retirement, my thoughts immediately went to Mourinho. Who else would be bold enough to take that job after decades of consistent success with one man? Who else wouldn’t be fazed by the massive expectations that came with a club like Manchester United?

But after dismissing David Moyes due to his lack of experience in Europe, I’m not so sure now.

Manchester United will be after a a long term replacement and Moyes represents that. Also, it seems like Ferguson has been grooming Moyes for a while now, and possibly told him to just stick it out with Everton for a few more years and when he comes to retire he’ll get the job. Moyes’ contract runs out in the summer as well so it’s a perfect way to stick with Scottish management.

My biggest question mark was over top level experience, but I suppose if you’re after a long term replacement then Manchester United will have the patience to give him a few years to settle in.

After just checking the bookies David Moyes is the clear favourite at 1/10! Mourinho is in second place at 5/1, Jurgen Klopp 20/1 and then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at 25/1.

Would Manchester United fans like David Moyes at Old Trafford? I can’t decide whether he is a fantastic manager or overrated.

Who do you think will be the next Manchester United manager?


2 thoughts on “Who Will Succeed Alex Ferguson At United?

  1. it is obviously going to be fergie’s side kick Moyes, fergie knew his time was up last autmn so was on the phone to Moyes to tell him to not sign a new deal at Everton, but with fergie staying on as a boadroom supremeo, Moyes will be fergie’s puppet manage…


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