Arsenal Are A F*cking Shambles On And Off The Pitch!

Arsenal (1) – (3) Aston Villa
Giroud 6′
The Emirates Stadium, London
Barclays Premier League

It’s the morning after the night before and I am still absolutely furious.

What can you say about that? Before kick off this was an game that on paper we should have won comfortably – we were at home, against Aston Villa who struggled last season and even though we had a few injuries we had the quality in the line-up to really pick up the 3 points.

But what followed once the first whistle was blown quickly turned into a shambles.

I’m trying not to overreact but the emotions are still raw. So I’ll try and be as honest as I can about the match.

First of all, the referee was poor. Not that was an excuse for the poor performance and defeat, but it did make a difference. The first penalty decision was correct – Szczesny was far too reckless and got nowhere near the ball when Agbonlahor was sent tumbling and there is absolutely no argument with that decision. The second penalty decision however was incorrect. Alan Shearer may have the luxury of multiple action replays and slow motion but in real time, it was never a penalty. Technically it was a penalty but there’s no way in real time that the referee could have been 110% Koscielny didn’t connect with the ball first. Even the linesman didn’t give it. I try to base decisions on what the referee saw (and not action replays show) and I can’t see how he could have given that decision.

Then the Koscielny sending off. It was a reckless swipe but he didn’t connect with Weimann and for me it wasn’t even a booking even if there was a touch. The referee was far too eager to dish out the second yellow and he made a lot of mistakes in the match.

But would it have mattered? We can only speculate. The fact was Arsenal were sloppy, lethargic and didn’t deserve to win the game. Aston Villa may have parked the bus but they were decisive, direct and deserved all 3 points.

And that is indisputable.

And if we weren’t injury ravaged enough before the game, we managed to pick up even more injuries yesterday as well. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Bacary Sagna and Kieran Gibbs all picked up injuries and it is unclear how Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere will be for next week. There are also concerns about Aaron Ramsey after he picked up a kick on his ankle.

And with Laurent Koscielny about to be suspended, we really are working with a threadbare squad.

If that wasn’t frustrating enough, Arsene Wenger said after the game after being asked why no money had been spent:

“I can return your question. Could we have won the game with the players that were on the pitch today? That’s for me the real question. And I say yes. After that, if we do not spend the money, it’s because we do not find the players.

“I’m not the only one to work on that. We are a team who work on that. We are ready to buy the players if we find that the players are good enough for us. That’s all we can tell you.”

Well clearly the players on the pitch couldn’t win the game could they Arsene?

You could ask the same question after we lost to Blackburn Rovers in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup last season at home? And how about when we lost to Bradford City in the Capital One Cup as well?

This is turning into one pathetic joke.

We don’t have any new additions to the squad, we’re making the same old stupid defensive mistakes (what happened to the solid form we had in the last 10 games of last season), the fans are increasingly frustrated and the players we do have aren’t performing at the level they should be.

After a decent pre-season, why did we look so lethargic against Aston Villa?

If anyone can explain why we are in this almighty mess, please enlighten me.

The post-match interview with Jack Wilshere was devastating to watch. Clearly upset, he urged the fans to back the team and see how they do over the next few months. But he, more than anyone, knows the disappointment all the Arsenal fans feel. He mentioned fans paying to see the team and it’s obvious that Arsene Wenger has let the club down. When you see Jack Wilshere desperate for quality players to come to Arsenal to make them real competitors then you feel for the kid, you really do. He deserves to be playing in a top quality team that can seriously compete for honours.

The only positive we can take from this, is that Arsene Wenger might get his finger out and actually make a fucking signing.

If Aston Villa can rip us apart in our own back yard, then what are Fenerbahce capable of?

It’s too scary to even think about.


29 thoughts on “Arsenal Are A F*cking Shambles On And Off The Pitch!

  1. With the end of the transfer window so close, I actually don’t trust AW to spend the money wisely, I can see him panic buying and we’ll end up with the likes of Santos, Chamakh and Arshavin =/

  2. You’re wrong about the last part. It wouldn’t be positive to let Wenger make a signing. Do you trust the manager to sign the necessary players? Any player he signs will be turned into a shell of their former selves.

  3. All we need is klopp, sometimes i do wonder “if wenger do sign for PSG will he or will he not spend big money on big players?” believe me what ever we buy or rather who ever we buy, we weill only finish as high as 3rd, with wenger arsenal will never win a trophy again

  4. I’m so deeply disappointed too. I thought pre match that we would beat Villa and the underlying problems would be swept back under the carpet…if only! AW stated that he will only buy if he can improve the squad, well how many of the players that featured yesterday would get into the Manchester teams, Chelsea? One maybe two at best. As to how much players cost he, as an economist , should know better than most that markets set prices…..I’m sad to think that we will probably have to slip from the top four and have a torrid trophy less season for there to be change……….

  5. Wenger/gazidas out some balls and walk away.we need benitez or laudrup in know so they can buy the right players to make us great agian
    Bring usmanov on as well the yank is a money grabbing tosser

  6. The reason why Arsenal is a shambles and why they did well the end of the season was because of a player called Mikel Arteta. Ramsey, Wilshere + any other attacking midfielder does not = winning team. The team’s defence needs someone to stay in front of the back 4. Too many times yesterday… the entire midfield AND forward line were in the final 3rd. And the defence can’t play too high with the Per being snail of the team!!

    And as soon as Gibbs got that head injury, I knew we would lose, why… because the balance at the back would deteriorate even more! Sorry but Jenkinson does NOT look solid at the back or going forward.

  7. You all make me sick
    I bet you lot are the same ones
    Who doubted our 4th place finish
    Last season…there are 2 weeks for
    The window to shut…I BELIEVE
    How can you call Arshavin a panic
    Buy??….the whole world wanted him..
    1 game…37 to go…and you wanna hang the
    Man.??….leave us then…go support
    Man city….ARSENE 4 LIFE !!!!!!!
    Islington Gooner.

    • Mem Zepper – ” Arsene for life “, eh ? You’re right, you ARE sick. Have a lie down. The men in white coats will be here to collect you in the morning.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

      • Would Liverpool
        Not exchange carling cup
        Win for champions league spot?
        Would any one who wins the
        F A CUP swop for CL..?
        Where are your trophies then??
        We were the sick man of Europe
        Before Arsene…he has done too
        Much for US!!!….to dish him this
        Treatment…I’m gratefull..,we can’t win
        The league cos we are fighting with teams
        With UNLIMITED BUDGET!!!
        We have a great stadium
        And a great manager
        I know he’s VALUE…is it my
        Fault that you SHEEP DON’T!?!!

    • We only got 4th because of the surrender monkeys down the seven sisters. To fix something means he HAS broken it, your words, does he do nothing wrong in your eyes? Do you think everything is rosy, take off your glasses, it’s no longer a minority that think there is something drastically wrong with the way the club has been run in the last 2 years.. Van Persie to Man U, lack of spending or reinvestment, what’s your angle on this then genius.?.

      • Wengers comment on not being able to find players had got to be the greatest fuck up of a comment I have EVER heard.. It’s his job to identify good players! His MAIN job, its his industry FFS. He sure as hell will not find players where he is looking, being so far up his own arse.

    • Zepper…yeah…talk of wenger fixin’ it as he has done for 8 trophyless seasons & his re-cycled borin’ excuses….i’m dissapointed that some fans celebrate top 4,a brand like Arsenal is a shame…..

  8. Brilliant article and from my point and i’m sure from many Gooners it’s time for this arrogant dictator to walk away from our club the sooner the better as he’s undoing all the good work he’s done before.

    This guy is a Jonah bringing us nothing but bad luck and we’ll never win another thing with him at the helm and I still can’t understand why some are still sticking up for him after all his lying and conning …..The fan who came up with the “In arsene we rust” was quite right and summed him up a few years back…

    Lets get our club back to how it used to be and that’s by bringing in a top quality manager who will sign a few top of the crop players and the only way to do that is to wave bye bye arsene as he walks out the door because of his past achievements albeit along with George Grahams defence.
    Not the push oh no! that wouldn’t be right! so please walk arsene for the future of our once great club (now a laughing stock) is at stake please! please!.

    • How it used to be???
      What ??
      Five nil nils in a row
      Under George graham???
      Signing shite players
      Like chris kiwomya..?
      Never knew what
      European cup ment??

        • Absolutely true. There is NO excuse. But you can bet Mem Zepper and his A.K.B. mates will perform mental gymnastics in an attempt to find one !

          ” In Arsene we rust.”

  9. Other than the result, the best thing about yesterday was that it was another game in which Wilshire was utter crap. He is easily the most overrated player in the league – he’s slow, rarely scores, a sloppy passer, can’t cross, can’t head and positionally dreadful. He even made Ramsey look reasonable yesterday, some achievement.

  10. C’mon, Dw…wilshere hasn’t recovered fully,he is far from his best because of his injuries…fully fit wilshere with lots of games is undoubtely a piece of talent….

  11. These kinds of arguments are so unnecessary! People, lets face facts. For one, Arsene introduced an expectation level – one that HE isn’t living up to. Yes its great our club works differently to others, but why does this club have to get beaten up like we’re the school kids out of the league? Two, Arsene and that rubbish Gazidis both said there’s tons of money to FINALLY compete with other teams to buy players. Yet its teams like SUNDERLAND and co who have bought good cheap players that WILL strengthen the team! I just feel hard-done by Arsene and co not buying players like Capoue who just so happened to have joined Spurs! And also for 8 million pounds? Don’t get much cheaper than that! And he’s the kind of player Arsenal needs! So what are the excuses? WHAT?! Because the excuses I’ve heard from Arsene and the board, much like the supporters who feel hurt now watching the team, are TIRED of hearing the same nonsense from Arsene Wenger!

  12. When you sit back and analyse what’s going on at the Emirates. If Wenger were to leave. Who on earth are them KPI guys going to bring in? All of them are business men with no footballing history. We might see Lord Stuart Clifford III who managed Goldman Sachs taking over from Wenger.

  13. United won the league last year and have biddied for banies and fellaini and have already added to there squad with zaha look the way I see it Asrenal were once great now there crap crap is actually the word i would use and that is that


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