So Would You Have Harry Redknapp or Roy Hodgson As England Manager?

As parts of Harry Redknapp’s autobiography start to come out in the Daily Mail, today’s serialisation touches on his opinions on the England managers role, and how the FA are “clueless”.

He said:

“I wouldn’t trust the FA to show me a good manager if their lives depended on

“This isn’t about them giving the England job to me or Roy Hodgson, but English football being run by people who really haven’t got a clue – and they get to pick the England manager.

“Everyone said I was the people’s choice, the only choice. All the senior players seemed to be up for me to get the job.

“I got quite a few text messages at the time from players saying they would love me to manage England: Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry.

“But the FA went for Roy Hodgson to be the England manager – a man who is more their cup of tea.”

But do you agree with that?

Personally, I think Harry Redknapp would have been the better choice for England manager. I know Woy Hodgson has more International experience (coaching Switzerland, Finland and the UAE) and has vast European coaching experience, but for England I just think ‘Arry would have been the perfect choice.

Forget the fact he used to manage the idiots down the road, he would have been the most popular choice.

The fact of the matter is, yes technically, Roy Hodgson is the better manager. He’s managed International teams, European sides and won trophies across Europe. But that’s not what England need.

They need the a manager with a personality, a manager who can relate to the players. The truth is the vast majority of the England team are overpampered, overpaid nancy boys who need a buddy. Harry Redknapp is that man. He will lift moral, and get the best out of the limited brain capacity most of the England players have.

Roy Hodgson is too technical and like when at Liverpool, the players will probably not understand his methods. England need a man who can get the players motivated and perform at their best.

So who do you think is the best man for the job? Redknapp or Hodgson?


1 thought on “So Would You Have Harry Redknapp or Roy Hodgson As England Manager?

  1. I’ve no idea if your being sarcastic or not, because you say Roy is a better manager yet Harry should have got the job!! The only difference between Harry getting the job & Roy getting the job is if England drew 0-0 in the Ukraine Harry would be hailed a tactical genius, but when Roy does it…he’s boring everyone with stirile football!!
    Similarly if you beat the scots 3-2 at home…the media say, typical Harry, going gun hoe, entertaining the fans & beating the old enemy with true English spirit, Roy does it…it’s a disgrace, we should be murdering teams like scotland!!

    The other thing Harry would have done if England manager is have the Crouchie Defoe striker partnership…honestly, does Harry not know there are other strikers out there!!
    I guess the point is, the media would have backed harry where Roy will be led like a lamb to the slaughter!! The reality is England aren’t good enough & the players aren’t tactically aware enough to play different formations…like take Gerard & lampard, surely after almost 10 years of being in the England squad you’d think they’d have figured out a way to play with each other…but neither can, could u imagine Roy trying to play the false No.9 system…it would be a disaster because the players aren’t good enough to play these systems, where are Spain can win Euro’s doing it!!
    I think Roy is getting the bullet after Rio, provided he gets ye there…then I fancy England going for another foreign coach!!


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