The Reason Why Arsenal Lost To Borussia Dortmund

Arsenal have been excellent this season and before last nights game, our only defeat was against Aston Villa on the opening day of the season. Unfortunately for us, Dortmund got the rub of the green and did just enough to beat Arsenal by two goals to one.

Before the game and with the run we’ve been on, for me a defeat against Dortmund wouldn’t have been the end of the world. And even the day after, it still isn’t. We’ve been really excellent this season and two defeats in 14 games is nothing to be ashamed of. We’re still top of the Premier League, top of our Champions League group and in a better position this season so far than any Arsenal fan could have imagined this summer.

Arsenal have been playing some really exhilarating football this season, and the goal by Jack Wilshere against Norwich at the weekend summed up our season – great football, huge confidence and a mental toughness in the squad we haven’t seen in a lot time. But last night, we looked a little jaded.

We beat Napoli with high intensity football a few weeks ago but we couldn’t reach those height last night. We looked a little tired at times and it’s worth remembering this is the team (minus Gotze) that reached the Champions League final last season. If anything, we showed a little naivety in the closing stages and got hit with a sucker punch when we probably should have seen out a draw.

But by the same token if Arsenal didn’t go for the win then would it have been the same Arsenal? We’ve scored late winners before and one thing we all love about Arsenal is they never give up and always fight until the last second.

The problem I thought we had was the absence of Mathieu Flamini. Without him we lose some bite in midfield, and he has been one of our most important players this season. We’ve been playing some sintilating football this season, scored a lot of special goals but every team needs that enforcer in midfield to organise the team and we missed his endeavour and defensive prowess. His energy also sets the tempo for Arsenal to launch their attacks.

Mikel Arteta is a very good player but I’m not sure he is best in the defensive midfield position. Flamini has more pace and releases the ball quicker to the creative midfielders such as Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky.

We have a lot of options in the attacking midfield areas – Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla and Oxlade-Chamberlain, but in defensive midfield we really only have Flamini – Arteta is better in a more advanced position. I’m not sure how long Flamini is out for, but he is a player we desperately need back.


14 thoughts on “The Reason Why Arsenal Lost To Borussia Dortmund

  1. Flamini is actually the missing link. Now Wenger will realise the team is a bit thin. We need a bench that has all the qualities of the present squad, if not better than. If we had and Ramsey was in his attacking role we would have gotten one or two goals more. All the players wanted that last minute goal, that’s why Dortmund caught us unaware by that counter. Hope is not lost yet. We shall live up to expectation as we did last season against Bayern Munich.

  2. The reason tll that Arsenal lost to Borussia Dortmund
    is the playing schedule is too tough.
    The players of the team does not have time to recover from
    the last game they played against Norwich.
    Good examples that Bacary Sagnas effort at Borussia Dortmund
    2-1 goals, which is why Arsenal need a wider squad.
    So that you can let players rest, or to let the player start
    game by sitting on the bench.
    This is just my opinion

  3. Arteta was not the problem, the team play was too slow all over the pitch. Ramsey also got caught and should have done better and where was Sagna for the second.

    We missed Arteta in the past and now he is not a good DM? Come on people, let’s stop being prisoners of the moment. The TEAM did not play well and gave two simple goals away.

    The team has quality and depth, maybe a little more squad rotation is needed if some were jaded.

  4. why dont we play vermaelen as defensive midfielder and flamini keep the work rate between them three cause vermaelen has pace can head the ball and intercepts

  5. just famini is d missn piece, though arteta is a great n fantastic player but is effort is nt enough 4 yestaday defeat as well as sagnal. Arsenal need a new recruitment in favour of team backup

  6. When you play the best teams in the epl and cl,the slightest mistake can be fatal.This was the case when Ramsey was hustled out of possession.
    With the score at 1-1 and some 20 min left,Wenger shd have adoped a packed defence mentality.Instead he opted to attack leaving gaps which were ruthlessly exposed.
    This is not the first time .Against Mu in the cl some years back,the gunners went gung ho on the attack.Soon Mu with Ronaldo and Rooney were scoring for fun were 3-1 up.You can add Drogba to the list.
    I am afraid the buck stops with Wenger. Until he varies his game plan ie anti soccer and attacking soccer,the gunners could be easily countered and beaten.

  7. and thats also an option so that he plays regurlarly for us cause he has little game time for worldcup year this time around he and flamini will click cause bothe of them are talkers both of them are team players so who agrees flamini and vermaelen as central defensive midfielders love to hear ur opininion on this

  8. just famini is d missn piece, though arteta is a great n fantastic player but is effort is nt enough 4 yestaday defeat as well as sagnal. Arsenal need a new recruitment in favour of team backup

  9. We lacked width and pace. Dortmund play an incredibly high line, squeezing the space for Arsenal’s talented midfield. Giroud is not known for speed, but he even got in behind the line a couple of times – that’s how high of a line they play! Imagine if Walcott or Chamblain were available. Would have helped stretch.

  10. I totally agree with you. we need Flamini back ASAP.
    He is the strongest link between the defence and attack. The real unsung hero.

  11. Agree 100% flamini lets our creative players do what they do best and play offensive attacking classic arsene wenger football without that control every midfielder is playing defense and gets them off track to what they want and love to play attack minded football and also monreal should be given a chance gibbs has been fantastic but the past couple games his defending has cost some goals (norwich & bvb) we need a striker and DM in January

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