Are Manchester United The Luckiest Team In The Premier League?

As the weekends Premier League action comes to an end for another week, Arsenal are top with 22 points and Manchester United under David Moyes, sit several places behind in 8th place on 14 points.

But things could (and maybe should) be even worse for Manchester United. They’re 8 points behind us in the league but against Sunderland and Stoke City, games which they eventually won, they really should have been 2 or 3 goals down.

And if they lost those matches, then they would be an unbelievable 14 points behind Arsenal already with only 9 games of the season played.

Sunderland and Stoke both managed to get one goal leads, only to surrender them late on by conceding two late goals and end up losing the game. With some luck – usually with poor finishing or with shots straight at De Gea – United were only one goal behind and the opposition end up folding in the final moments of the match.

Most people agree that they really should have lost those two games, and even a draw would have been a fairer result. But somehow, United have managed to win those games and keep in touch with the league leaders.

It’s a long tough season and they’re only 8 points from the top with 29 games to play. Winning games like those where they should have lost is a sign that they will be there or thereabouts. They say the top teams win games where they’ve played badly and even though David Moyes and United are struggling at the moment, they can’t get any worse and they will all begin to click at some point.


12 thoughts on “Are Manchester United The Luckiest Team In The Premier League?

  1. How can they not be the luckiest?That is why for his dominance in the epl,the ex rf
    can’t dominate in the cl . He won only two cl trophies and both thru luck.
    I believe he has sensed the domination would be coming to an end soon. For all his protestations that Moyes can retain the crown,it looks along shot. I know there are still 30 games to go ,but with all the teams strengthening,it aint going to be easy to win all the time

  2. @William : Haters as usual. it is very pitiable the way people still feel very bitter about what Manutd has achieved in the last couple of decades. Yes Sir Alex won only 2 cl trophies, people are quick to forget that he also lost 2 finals against Barcelona. He must have done that also with the help of UEFA refs. Wise up Williams and agree for once that Man utd deserved their place in History. Lest i forget, the season has just started. you guys just might eat up your words at the end of season as usual, even without Fergie.

  3. What about MU being unlucky? They hit the crossbar twice against Southampton yet dropped 2 points. Imagine, Arsenal is leading the league yet the focus is on MU instead of the teams close to them. I see the fear.

    • Fear lol no side fears going to old Trampford,because it’s now a level playing field.They’ve bought off the FA & Referees enough,the twats should be relegated due to there cheating.AND THAT’S A FACT

  4. The most pointless article I’ve read all week.

    A. You make your own luck.
    B. We have a history of winning games from behind. We also have a history of winning games where we didn’t play well.

    Still in touching distance with this bad start.

    And.. We’ve had a much harder start. Look at our run in. We’ll be around the top come end of the season. 20 times 😉

  5. Haha Typical goons, Coming out of their eggs as they are on the top now. You talk about how we should have lost to Stokje and Sunderland, if you look from other point , we should have defeated Southampton if we had finished our chances but like a bitter Arsenal fan you wont mention that.

    By the way you should have lost to WBA if Anelka and Co finished but you wont mention that . How Hypocritical of you. Its very surprising that you have been running a blog since 2006 and writing rubbish like this. You seriously believe United won 13 premier league because of refs and FA then seriously you need to grow up. Not one good points made by you.

    Hey by the way where is your anti wenger chants, ohh I believe it will out again on full swing in Aprils again 😀

  6. Much has been written/said about being the luckiest team. Accordin to Nughes,hernandez shd been off for a challenge on Huth.I aint surprised at the ref/refs giving the rd leeway. There are many examples to back up my point.
    The ball crossed the line. Carroll scooped it up . No goal.The bald eagle ref gave them a record number of penalties on the way to winning the epl.In the cl,it’s different and why the ex rf can’t dominate.
    Suffice to say the days when the rd can win another 12 epl crown the next 20 years will be extremely low maybe abother one hundrd years.


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