An Open Letter To Match Of The Day

Dear Match of the Day,

I have been watching your programme for the best part of 25 years (apart from the 3 year blip when you lost the rights to ITV, glad you got that sorted out in the end) and I think it would be fair to say Match of the Day should be an impartial show (especially as it is funded by the public).

But last night the “punditry” of Alan Shearer reached a point where enough is enough. As well as pointing out the blatantly obvious on a regular basis, his “expert insights” make Robbie Savage and Jamie Redknapp seem like scholars of the beautiful game.

Yesterday, despite Arsenal having the best form in the Premier League since January 2013 and just convincingly beaten a rejuvenated Liverpool side to go 5 points clear, he failed to even acknowledge that Arsenal could win the league.

Now of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion but the obvious refusal to look at the facts that are right their in front of them is baffling. We are a quarter into the Premier League season and while there is a long way to go and teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United could always close the gap, to still dismiss Arsenal as genuine title contenders is ridiculous.

There is a clear bias from his so-called “objective” views and his dismissal of Chelsea’s defeat to Newcastle United as “a bad day at the office” was unsurprising, as you can be sure if Arsenal lost 2-0 at St James’ Park he would be saying Arsenal lack the mental strength and ability to win when they’re not playing well.

Also, he is unprofessional, referring to his mates in the game as “Moyesy”. Even Jamie Redknapp, the weakest link at Sky Sports, is still professional enough to address managers with their actual names.

Match of the Day has been labelled a show that is dated and lacking ideas, and having Alan Shearer as a pundit is certainly one of the reasons why. Gary Lineker even acknowledged Arsenal’s impressive performances of late, labelled us “looking invincible”. Sky Sports have recruited Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville and together they are by far the most insightful, intelligent and often amusing football pundits in the country. They know what they are talking about, have fair and unbiased opinions and don’t churn out the same old dross week in and week out.

You’ve put Mark Lawrenson on the sidelines this season and it’s time to do the same with Shearer.

Yours Sincerely,

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10 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Match Of The Day

  1. I don’t know why you bothered wasting your energy writing this piece.If you don’t know that ‘old jug ears and his mates have a anti arsenal bias by now,then you never will.

  2. I’m glad some one else has noticed about shearers lake of love for Arsenal and he is so boring as a pundit . Motd is good but sky is miles ahead with there own highlights

  3. Hang on whilst I feel aggrieved that we have not got the credit we deserve, shearer Hansen and company are right we have not played a top four team from last season yet. Also we are only ten games in lets see after 19 games where we are if we are still top then or there abouts then we have every right to consider ourselves title contenders all we have done so far is give ourselves a good platform on which to build still didn’t think we were at best form or fluency wise but we have gained a winning habit which is good. Let’s look at previous seasons we have been more than ten points behind winners we are five points clear at moment of nearest rivals but have a great chance 18 points plus from next 9 games should see us looking down on rest of epl after 19 games. I want to see 5 points from the city utd and Chelsea games that are coming I think a point each from utd and city away from home is a good result and three from Chelsea at home a must. Are next game is tough not because utd are anyway a great team but they seem to be hitting form at right time. Personally I think we have a great chance of the title this season but believe we need two or three players to ensure this happens. A striker a winger and a utility player.

    • I don’t think that’s the point- it’s the hypocrisy and bad logic that annoys, Man United are 8th and have played so called ‘top four’ teams (Man city, Chelsea and livHowever and didn’t win ANY, just getting 1 point! Howebut they are considered contenders.

  4. Sky sports are no lover of arsenol as m o t d sky tried to bring Wenger down for some years the media in general hate arsenal maybe they don’t like to see a bril young team on the up and looking to be at top end for number of years

  5. The likes of Alan Hansen, Alan shearer, Harry Redknapp,micheal Owen,Gary Neville,Jamie …bla bla bla,can only talk up because they are beclouded by their dislike for arsenal,they can never be objective because of their soft spot for their teams been our rivals,they can talk while we do the walk……infact, doubts can even motivate the players more.The endless tests started with spurs we over-ran them,then Ucl qualifiers came we destroyed them,next was napoli we breezed them away,those teams suddenly became weak because we won,we lost back to back to dortmond & chelsea,they were happy & lined another test for us liverpool, we crushed them,next a fresh & better test dortmond & man u,now man u is suddenly the acid one.laughable sorry pundits,if arsenal does well,they keep quite,when they loose like others do,they are no more contenders…negative punitry rather than objective one cannot help them.What matters is match day results,the most consistent team wins the title by may,if that is arsenal,they can’t change that…as of the moment we are doin’ great & with quality players, is still a long road though.As for the pundits they can go ahead with their mockin’ we are used to it,when we do well they doubt us when we don’t they are happy,but wenger will continue to prove them wrong as he did last season,they were helpless ,hapless & clueless, already silvatin’ thinkin’ we can’t qualify for the champions league places,wenger did!..On wednesday against dortmond,i wish my team luck!! only a game afterall.

  6. Mate, why don’t you just complain to the bbc and receive a response from some tw4t citing production values, impartiality, objectivity and insight etc etc? Eff Shearer; why get riled by a cretin with a one-note goal celebration who only has one winner’s medal in his trophy cabinet (plus a handful of runners’ up medals), or trust the opinion of an idiot who only ever played at being a manager and has never spent a full season at the coal face in the managerial hot seat? Eff him and the rest of the northern mafia the bbc has recruited to provide insight and analysis on the Premiership; c**ts to a man, one and all they are. It could be worse, though; they could have recruited that blockheaded midget, Owen, to sit on the sofa and blow Hansen and Shearer. Jesus on a bike, if ever there was a voice begging to be recorded, weaponised, and thrown in to war zones to bring about ceasefires, gee-gee addict Owen’s is that voice.

  7. they hate arsenal bcoz The Arsenal is diferent…. Our manager is wantd, our so cald ‘average players’ are whipping ass, our ‘short in depth’ squad is galoping away with the epl yet we stil aren’t contenders? wht shuld we do to b gven the praise we dserve? for christ sake we went an entire season unbeaten, build a 500million pound stadium or shuld we go another season unbeaten and built another 500million pound stadium ha?


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