Arsenal Could Have Beat Manchester United But Were Too Scared

Going into this game, Arsenal were high on confidence after beating Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund, but today, despite Manchester United not firing on all cylinders not having Alex Ferguson in the dugout, comfortably beat us today because we were far too scared.

The amount of respect we showed Manchester United was pathetic and if we played anywhere near our capabilities we would have won. Sagna crossed two unbelievably good balls but we were far too soft to take advantage. The first Gibbs and Giroud couldn’t connect and for the second, Bendtner, who is a useless lump, couldn’t tap in from 2 yards.

The disappointing thing was not just the limp performance, but the massive confidence boost this has given Manchester United. They have beaten the league leaders and this result could turn their season around. Whichever way to spin in, United will be loving this result.

We weren’t at our best but can feel unlucky to lose. Szczesny had nothing to do and apart from the header, United didn’t look too much of a threat. We played better in the second half but they parked the bus, which you expect from a team that weren’t what they used to be.

That first goal was vital and our response was poor. Özil was put through by a great ball by Ramsey but instead of heading in a certain goal, he simply decided not to connect. Cazorla struggled to get into the game, Ramsey found it hard to impose himself and Giroud was so isolated. Even when United lost Vidic at half time, we struggled to make any clear cut chances.

We had a lot of half chances but why on earth didn’t we shoot? There were so many times where the Arsenal players should have just put their foot through the ball but didn’t, trying to play that one pass too many. Özil had a great chance which he blazed into the side netting and Sagna’s killer crosses weren’t taken advantage of.

It’s disappointing to see David De Gea have a relatively easy game.

We gave Manchester United far too much respect and should have learnt lessons from Stoke and West Brom who attacked Manchester United and scored a couple of goals in those games. Manchester United would have been scared of ending up 11 points behind Arsenal but it was the visiting team that looked scared. Against Napoli, Liverpool and Dortmund we were resilient, determined and focused. Today we were off the pace and United took advantage.

Manchester United were how you would expect – they were aggressive, quick and played to their capabilities. There were a lot of long balls as they can’t play through midfield and once they scored, I feared the worst. Once they scored they had something to hold onto and defended in numbers.

We found it hard to break them down and it is a massive opportunity lost. Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham all lost points and now, Manchester United are only 5 points behind us.

The bottom line was Manchester United were more desperate for the points and the game mattered more to them. Now they are right back in the mix and even though we’re still top of the league at the end of the weekend, it’s a shame that we couldn’t at least get a draw.


15 thoughts on “Arsenal Could Have Beat Manchester United But Were Too Scared

  1. Why did the BFG miss this game that vanpussy wouldnt got his head with him playing bendtner proved he is not our player did the same when we played barca

  2. The final score flatters Arsenal.

    United should have had two more, not to mention the stupid challenge by Girould on Rooney in the penalty box.

    For all the neat possession, Arsenal hardy created a clear cut chance. Other teams in the EPL are lucky United did not show attitude like this from the start of the season!

  3. Haha! Hans, you are hilarious!

    Szczesny had fuck all to do and apart from the corner, you didn’t threaten us.

    If we had some balls and converted those crosses, we would have taken all 3 points.

  4. you ave to be really truthful to urself, despite all the possession from Arsenal, there was no real treat at the GOALI, rather MANU were fast and always looking treatful. Bcos of the pace in our attack, arsenal were forced to being defensively concious less we get them on the counter. THIS REALLY SHOWS THAT ARSENAL IS STILL SCARED OF UNITED

  5. i thought we played crap 1st half we were 2 scared 2nd half we were a lot better but rvps celebrations after the goal and at the end of the match turned my stomach

  6. Mentally fragile that is why we will never be champions.United were poor last year this year they are atrocious and we still cant get one over them,pathetic.This was the reality check we didnt want,we need a goal getter in january.

  7. Very simple, after today so called BIG match with our bitter rival, here’s the facts that I would like to share with all gooners….

    (a) We are absolutely useless in front of the net. No good finisher, Giroud not really world class, Bendtner proves once again he’s a complete useless striker, so this only down to one answer for this evening defeat- yes, we are seriously in need of a world class striker.

    (b) Positive note for today’s game with Manu- believe it or not, for the first time Manu is parking a bus in front of the goal post. We took possession from the entire match, i can’t believe Manu was so desperate for a win and constantly keeping the ball with the only objective is winning…sad, this is not the Manu that we knew..look Arsenal keeps attacking again and again for the whole 93
    minutes, complete magnificent right…

    (c) A big lesson to stubborn Wenger- if any players wants to go, make sure you send him abroad rather than put him next door coz he might come back to haunt you!!! Don’t blame fellow gooners but personally to me today’s goal scored at old Trafford was valued at £, I think Moyes and team should have walk over to Wenger and a least says thanks to him though.


  8. I agree with this report 100% As an Arsenal fan I was disgusted by the way we gave away the chances, Ozil and Giroud if I was the manager I would give them a huge massive bollocking tomorrow morning. They completely SHITED themselves of a goal,and I agree Danish Gooner and Idealist. Bu showing Man u this much respect an credit we have given them a welcome mat to say Come on join the party to win the league again. Arsenal need a world class Striker Giroud is not cutting it at all, and Bendtner for fuck sakes I’m 5’7 14stone and I could do a fucking better job and I’ am absolutely shit.

  9. We should’ve won today, and I don’t understand why we didn’t – if nerves were the reason for the first half as AW has suggested, why? – Dortmund are a better team, and their crowd and ground are more intimidating. Yes Giroud fluffed a lot up, but the he did against Dortmund as well, he appears to be more useful as an attacking midfielder than a striker, as he does a lot of useful things in that area, but often gets flustered in front of goal. Maybe it was down to two men – Mertesacker would’ve surely stopped the traitor had he been playing and Aaron Ramsey simply wasn’t what he was on Wednesday, but then Sagna was twice what he was. I don’t understand why AW defends the traitor – yet again he showed his lack of class – we carried him for seven years, no one else would’ve done, the fans will never welcome him back no matter what AW says.


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