Manchester United Defeat Means Little In The End

Tonights disappointing result was hard to take, especially when Manchester United celebrated as if they won the league, but the bottom line is that it isn’t a disaster by any stretch of the imagination.

We had a run of games where we faced Chelsea, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United. This was supposed to be a period that would “prove our title credentials” and if you look at it objectively, we’re still in a great position and real title challengers.

We’ve won 14 of the last 15 away games in the Premier League. That is a hugely impressive record and although it’s disappointing to lose to the team I hate with a passion, we’re still top of the league by two points.

We gave Manchester United too much respect and were unlucky to concede a goal from a set-piece. They parked the bus once they went one goal ahead and even though we should have scored at least one goal, we are more than capable of picking ourselves up and giving a positive response to the defeat.

Manchester United will be “galvanised” after this win and despite wanting the win more and showing a lot of character, they still struggle to do this against the smaller teams in the league. It’s one thing to give 110% against Arsenal in a big game, but they didn’t turn up against West Brom and really struggled against Stoke and Sunderland. Arsenal on the other hand have been extremely consistent since January 2013, so maybe Robin van Persie should concentrate on that before thinking he’s scored the goal that has won Manchester United the title.

We’ve only lost twice this season while Manchester United have lost 3 times and Manchester City 4. We’re still 5 points ahead of United and if anything, this could act as a warning to Arsenal that they need to get back on another impressive winning run.

Everyone will be talking about how it was a great weekend for United but it wasn’t a bad one for us. Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham all failed to win and we’re still at the top of the league by two points.

Annoying? Perhaps but a disaster? Hardly.


10 thoughts on “Manchester United Defeat Means Little In The End

  1. If you don’t believe this wasn’t a significant result than you simply don’t know football..5 points back and Arsenal have Southampton – Chelsea – Man City to play this half.. Points will be lost in these games assured…

  2. Thought all Bitters were ciddy fans,this appears not to be,Arse had their moments,but the Champions should have had a Pen, and at least 2 more Goals! Comin atcha!!

  3. if arsenal buy a top striker in jan we WILL win something this season. podolski, rosicky, mertersacker, theo, the ox, all missing today plus look at the week we have had playing Dortmund and Liverpool and we still dominated the game today all we need is a top striker and we will be tops

  4. I think Arsenal is good enough to win the league , u pple are the clowns here, u can’t even bear the sight of Arsenal on top of the table but the table doesn’t lie we’ve already played some tough matches and yet we r on top so

  5. The table always lies in Nov if you believe it is an indicator of what it will look like in May .Liverpool are at best a 4th place team and Rodgers flatters to deceive – you met a good team today and you failed miserably – finally, pointing to players that are missing when explaining away a bad result is naïve and amateurish ….

  6. Just 1 decision i cant just undastand y wenger keeps ozil on 4 90mins in all when he already luks jaded from the 70mins mark,just lyk yesterday…lets nt over rely on dis guy even dou he is a gr8 player


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