Why Theo Walcott Can Drive Arsenal To Title Glory

After the Manchester United defeat, it’s clear that peoples views differ greatly on the significance of the result. Some people say that it shows Arsenal’s inability to beat big teams, whereas others look to our record of 14 victories in 15 away games and think this is nothing more than a blip.

Personally, I believe the result itself is not as important as a lot of people are making out. It certainly doesn’t end our title challenge and the fact is we are still 5 points better off than Manchester United, and 2 points clear at the top of the league.

For me, the performance can be put down to a few things. We lost Per Mertesacker and Rosicky to illness, and it seemed a few of the lads were a bit sluggish. We don’t know what the illness was, but it certainly effected the team. We’ve also had a pretty tough run in recently with games against Chelsea, Liverpool and Dormund and when Manchester United had a similar test (having to play Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City) they only managed to get one point from those games. We won two of them, and only narrowly lost against Manchester United.

Apart from the tired performance yesterday, something we’ve been missing (and been coping well without I might add) is pace up front. Lukas Podolski is quick off the mark and has been injured for a long time but it is Theo Walcott we have missed the most. He gives us such a valuable outlet with his runs and with him I am sure we would have given Manchester United a much tougher game. Even in the games against Liverpool and Dortmund, there were times when Theo’s presence on the pitch was sorely missed.

We have done extremely well to play well and win games without him but there is no doubt that he gives us that something extra when we run out of ideas. We have Olivier Giroud up top and Theo is the perfect player to play alongside him to feed off his flicks and passes. Yesterday, and in other games this season, Giroud has looked isolated and that has influenced the amount of chances we’ve created. Against United, we had Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil behind Giroud which should be a line up good enough to scare most defences in the world, but without that burst of pace we can’t vary our game and give the defenders something else to think about. Playing in front of an oppositions back four is exactly what they want, and playing against pace scares the living daylights out of them.

The sooner Theo Walcott comes back from injury, the sooner we can really kick start our season again and push on.


6 thoughts on “Why Theo Walcott Can Drive Arsenal To Title Glory

  1. Whilst it might not have cost us the title it does continue our awful record against the big 3. Beating liverpool spurs and others teams who usually finish outside the top 4 is all well and good but its your results against your genuine challegers that decides how good u are. So far our results are suggesting that of the 3 teams trying to break into the top 3 we are the best but we have pretty much always known that. As long as we take 9 of those available 18 points we will do better than last season but beating chelsea manu and manc at least once has to be our target taking 4 from liverpool spurs everton southampton westbrom villa (although that is not now possible) and newcastle has to also be our target. Whilst taking 6 from the remaining teams 9 would give us 81 points which could be enough to win the title, its the 3 points dropped to villa that is hurting us most this season so far. This means that we need to pick up more points at chelsea or man city plus do some doubles against the middle boys that we have already beaten or not played.

  2. I believe Theo Walcott will get the opportunity to score plenty of goals for this team once fully fit. When you think Walcott and Podolski contributed 37 goals plus assists between them last season then Arsenal have adapted brilliantly in their absence, so far.

    Also I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on the Man Utd result. Yep it’s disappointing to lose but all things considered (away record, fatigue, illness) we have got our worst game of the campaign, statistically, out of the way and remain 2 points clear at the top.

  3. What a stupid article. To suggest THICKO WALCOTT can drive us to glory is pathetic. Poor control, can’t beat his player, poor delivery – and you think this guy is going to be our saviour.

    • Saviour no, I am not a fan of Theo, he misses so many chances, is lazy and goes missing in games but he does highlight what we miss, someone who can make those fast runs and stretch defenses.
      Dedicated wingers have a place in our squad and we are missing then at the minute.
      Imagine Cuadrado making those runs, that boy can dribble, Theo would have a lot less playing time with him around!

  4. To all walcott haters…compare his stat to dat spud winger in d games he playd b4 he went out….u ll knw wot a player we’ve got.am sure he ll dribble better if her plays from d left as evident by the goal he score againt newcastle @ d emirate last season but wenger wants to maintain d balance of the team wif a good crosser of the ball needed….we’ve definitely missd this player….


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