Don’t Panic Yet – 5 Acceptable Reasons Why Arsenal Lost To Manchester City

Yesterday we lost 6-3 to Manchester City, and since then Arsenal fans have been panicking, saying that Arsenal are on a downward spiral. People will say we can’t beat the top sides and that we are going to fade over the next few months.

However, I would err on the side of caution before writing Arsenal off, and below are 5 perfectly reasonable reasons why we lost how we did against Manchester City, and why we shouldn’t quite panic just yet.

1. Manchester City are “Invincible” at home

Manchester City have spend the most money it shows in the quality of the squad. At The Etihad Stadium, they have already beaten Tottenham Hotspur 6-0, Norwich City 7-0, Newcastle United 4-0, Manchester United 4-1 and Everton 3-1. At home, they are ruthless and unstoppable – and have some of the best attacking players in the league. Aguero is world class, Negredo is an excellent player and they have players like Jesus Navas, Samir Nasri, David Silva and Yaya Toure would have assists and goals in their locker as well.

But the season is based on you performance, home and away, over 38 games. Manchester City look phenomenal at home but so far we have both played 16 games and we’re still 3 points clear of them. We have a chance to level the score at The Emirates in March, and while we suffered a heavy defeat, any win (even 1-0) would make things even.

2. Arsenal had less time to rest

We had to travel to Naples and had a tough game against a side that wanted to progress to the knockout stages. Manchester City meanwhile, played a day earlier against a team who had already qualified. We didn’t get a chance to train before travelling to Manchester and City came back from Europe with a home fixture. These things make a difference, and if yesterdays game was at The Emirates, then you can bet it was a different game.

3. Arsenal are “not negative enough”

If Arsene Wenger has a weakness it’s that in every game (Napoli aside), he will try and play for the win.

Any other manager yesterday would have played Arteta and Flamini in the middle and tried to keep the game tight. We’ve already seen Jose Mourinho, against a weaker United side at Old Trafford, park the bus this season. We knew that Manchester City would play attacking football in their own back yard and instead of playing a tight game like we did in Dortmund, we went toe-to-toe with City and tried to score goals.

We scored 3 goals at The Etihad Stadium and the only other side to do the same this season was Bayern Munich. We allowed the game to be wide open with our approach and you can’t deny that the goals we conceded were sloppy. Unfortunately the potential to increase our lead at the top of the league was too tempting for Arsene to pass up and we ended up going into the game with the wrong approach.

4. It was a bad day at the office

There was no doubt that the performance from some of the players was below par but over the 16 games in the Premier League and the 6 games in Europe, overall, we’ve been excellent. We played poorly against Aston Villa, Manchester United and Manchester City and lost. But that only gives us 3 defeats in the league so far and that’s the same amount as Chelsea and Liverpool, and less than Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham. Hotspur. The only team to have fewer defeats is Everton, although we are still 4 points clear of them.

5. We were unlucky and didn’t get any decisions from the referee

If you are going to get any kind of result against Manchester City away, then you need a couple of decisions go your way and it’s safe to say we got absolutely nothing yesterday. Nicklas Bendtner and Olivier Giroud had goals disallowed for offsides that never were, we had a lot of harsh decisions go against us and when it came to taking chances, we just couldn’t go it. Olivier Giroud had a golden chance to score from a fantastic Bacary Sagna cross but he flashed his header wide of the post. Of course, City had chances they didn’t take as well but with a bit more luck, we could have scored more and conceded less.


26 thoughts on “Don’t Panic Yet – 5 Acceptable Reasons Why Arsenal Lost To Manchester City

  1. stupid reasons.Man city played Bayern too.Arsenal problems is there is no leader in the team,the likes of Viera and Dennis Bergamp. the team is thin and rely heavily on underperformed players.
    10 years ago a players such as Giroud won’t be playing for Arsenal,why now.Wilshere is slow and doesn’t pass the ball well,why is he starting on the wing.

  2. we got some harsh decision from d ref, yea agreed but we are on a very poor performance yesterday.players like monreal and vermerline need 2 taste d bench on daily bases until they have d quality 2 be in an arsenal shirt.

  3. Quint dis stupid giroud should be given a rest n we use the danish coz the frenchman doesn’t have team spirit.secondly, we r going down up to number six b4 jan.players they don’t wat to do infront of the goal area.

  4. I still strongly feel that Arsenal possess the quality to be the most consistent team in the league and have every chance of topping the league come May. Reasons are that despite being sloppy defensively where MCity exploited the left side in the absence of Gibbs, we managed to score 3 goals while we suffered a few important wrong decisions by the referee (including 2 goals by Giroud & Bendtner). We were even denied a blatant penalty decision. The referee didn’t miss any of Arsenal’s foul on MCity players but you can see that a number of City’s fouls went unpunished. Am I axaggerating with my comments? Naaaah..!

    My only hope is that we will always play one notch above our opponent of the day so as to negate the bad decisions of the referee because we need to assume that we’ll always be the team that gets nothing from the referee. Media and pundits would conveniently ignore all the wrong decisions we suffered from referees and that’s what we have to come to terms with, being Arsenal fans. I really hope that one day all the bad refereeings, particularly against Arsenal, will be exposed although that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

  5. giroud alwaiz a big waste and kent handle such big wenger was also to blame for late subtitutes he doesnt know how to seal games just like evra told h
    im some time back

    • Hand ball has to be on purpose to be a penalty according to the rules of the game. How any body could say that was purposeful is slightly bias to say the least

  6. It is pity that after every loss, some shallow minded fans go hysterical. Can we ever win all games?. The answer is no. Admittedly, we conceded silly goals and so were many other teams that visited Ethihad. Tothenham had just been bashed 5-0 by Liverpool. It is not unusual to have a bad day especially against bad and stupid officials who must have been swayed the wealth on display at City. Can pecuniary gain be ruled out? How can you explained officials who are so obsessed at waving offside flags against Arsenal at every available opportunity? A penalty denied, two good goals waved offside, a foul on arsenal player who is still on the floor when City scored the fifth goal overlooked and ignored and of course a City player deliberately using his feet to hook Scchezzny’s hand to win an undeserved penalty. Though Arsenal played below strength but the official had already predetermined that Arsenal must lose so they must do what they have been paid for; denied Arsenal from scoring goals and overlook flagrant infringement of City players against Arsenal players.

  7. hahaha u arsenal fans are deluded…now the officials gave city everything haha no wonder no one likes arsenal u are the worst losers ever..u got battered we could and should have scored 10 …half time u had 1 shot wheres negredo should have had us 4-1 up…zabaleta didnt handball it,it came off his foot which isn’t deliberate u for girouds goal all the citys players stopped when the flag went up…u are just bad losers like your manager…haha bunch of clowns

    • I explain the rule of hand ball to you ” clown ” and in simple terms without jargon.

      ” no player can stop or divert the ball with their hand or arm, in doing so will result in the player being penalised with a free kick or penalty against the offending side.”

      Being a ref myself it was a nailed on penalty and a yellow card because the offence stope a goal scoring opportunity, the ball travelled from distance therefor the player would have been judged to have enough time to get his arm away from the flight of the ball deflection or not.

      • You have made your own rules up pal. Hand ball as to be deliberate for a penalty to be given. The Ref must take into account, was there movement towards the ball with hand? Clearly not. And the distance the ball travels before it hits the hand, that was about 3 inches From thigh to arm!!! Never deliberate as any one not only the ref can see. If you’re a ref mate I wouldn’t want you doin my games, did you get that quote from the idiots handbook? Clown

        Here’s the FIFA hand book with the real rules and not your made up ones lol.

  8. referees need to be aided to make accurate and just decision, these decisions are too biased and not fair-kind of premeditated.fair play and decisions-a draw

  9. I was at the game yesterday as a City fan, and heard about all these terrible decisions on the way home on the radio. When I actually saw the decisions in question on MOTD later, I don’t see what the issue is.

    1) Giroud shot for goal 2 seconds after the whistle had been blown, and everyone had stopped. This was not a disallowed goal, it was a player who put the ball in the net well after the whistle had gone

    2) Bendtner was a real borderline decision. Maybe he was onside, just, but its hardly a terrible decision and you have to see why it was given

    3) The ball came off Zabaleta’s thigh and bounced up to hit his armpit. Would be a vey harsh to give that, and you would have felt very aggrieved if it was given at the other end of the pitch

    4) Milner’s was a penalty. No doubt about it. He went down easily certainly, but it was a pen beyond doubt. Even Chesney didn’t argue, and actually looked relieved it was only a yellow card!

    You got beaten out of sight yesterday, but there’s no shame in that. We’re doing it to everyone who comes to the Etihad this year. Just take it on the chin and build on your impressive start to the season. Blaming bad refereeing decisions makes it look like sour grapes. Surely you have to rise above that and just admit you we’re well beaten by a team right at the top of their game?

    • Best post yet from a Manchester City fan. I have heard so much about the first goal, the corner not being valid. Maybe, but really Kos should have been goal side, basic stuff. The second Man City goal, I am not sure if I remember the free kick Arsenal should have had, the third goal was an Arsenal error, the sixth goal was mainly due to Arsenal chasing the game. Bentdner was just marginally onside…by a hair. It was a DEFINITE penalty. Only bias can say it wasnt. He clearly has used his arm to allow the ball from coming off his leg to Walcott who was in a goalscoring position. So all in all 6-5 or 6-6…what a score that would have been. Overall city probably deserved a 6-5 win. That’s pathetic by both teams but great for the neutral. Arsenal will follow Man City example now as the new stadium is completed and money starts pouring in. A new striker in January and really need a 20 million pound CD and 20 million pound defensive midfielder and with the zillions of young players coming through will force Man City then to spend over a billion pounds on players thats what will happen and then they will be unbeatable. What effect will this have on English football…no more English players no world cups for England. That will be the outcome. We should rename Man City “The Oilers”. Kroenke may be American but the rest of the Arsenal board is still English with England still in its heart.

      • I’m sorry but you can’t say ‘if’ this ‘if’ that it would have been 6-5 because surely City fans could say ‘if’ their if we t their way it could have been 10-5.
        Bentner was forward of the last defender the liner is Bang on line.
        Giroud was level so not off side but the whistle went before he played the ball, all play had stopped who knows what would have happen. As it is it was put in the net after the game had stopped.
        The rightly none pen, the ball comes off Zabs leg onto his arm from literary inches, how can that be on purpose? Think of it, if you’re an impartial ref you’d never give that.
        Arsenals keeper goes to clear the ball misses and clips Milner 100% penalty.
        A few days before City played Munich in that game Munich scored a goal via a offside player a close one But never the less offside. The other goal they scored was also a close call but imo level The city fans never went on like you lot. Makes you look a tad sour

  10. From Everton to Chelsea; four tough fixtures indeed. But to lose three and draw one is not good enough if we are true title challengers. AW says ‘you have to beat the champions to become a champion’. Pouring our venom on Chelsea would be remedial to secure one-third of the points. Any thing less, would jettison our current ambition. UP GUNNERS!

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