Giroud Shows That He Is Not Good Enough

Arsenal (0) – (0) Chelsea
The Emirates Stadium, London
Barclays Premier League

It was a frustrating night for Arsenal fans, as Arsenal struggled to break down a stubborn Chelsea side.

We knew Chelsea would be compact, solid and try and hit us on the break. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the answers and in the end, we were lucky probably not to lose.

Frank Lampard rattled the bar in the first half, and Chelsea carved out a decent chance before the break but Willian’s shot was tame.

It took 85 minutes for Arsenal to register a shot on target, and when it came Olivier Giroud couldn’t convert the chance. He also had another golden opportunity to score about 5 minutes before that, but sliced the ball well wide.

In games like this, when it’s tight you need your strikers to take these chances. He had two decent scoring chances and missed both. The top teams have that one player (Suarez, Aguero, Van Persie, Lukaku, etc.) who can score when your team needs it.

At a time when teams are giving us tougher games, Olivier Giroud has shown he isn’t good enough. Against Everton, he had chances to win the game and the same happened tonight – but unfortunately the same happened again and he didn’t take them.

He adds a lot to the team but his finishing isn’t good enough. If we had Suarez or Aguero up front, they would have buried those chances. They were difficult chances but ones you would expect the top players to score. Even Podolski would have made a better effort of the left-footed volley.

As it stands, we couldn’t break down a stubborn Chelsea team who had the better attacking possession and chances. You know how Jose Mourinho is going to setup his team which is not to lose, and they did exactly that. Arsenal needed to step it up a gear but it never came, and I don’t understand why Podolski didn’t come on for Giroud for the last 20 minutes or so. It would have given us that little extra boost we were lacking in the final minutes.

Mike Dean lived up to his reputation of being a complete cunt and made some shocking decisions. He gave Mikel a yellow card for almost breaking Mikel Arteta’s leg, he failed to give a penalty when Walcott was clearly fouled in the box, and overall had no control over the game.

He obviously has a massive bias against Arsenal and he didn’t disappoint tonight. We all know that we’ve only won one game with Mike Dean officiating in the last few seasons, and tonight was another game where we were never going to get the breaks.

Overall, a frustrating night made worse by poor refereeing and the fact we failed to perform how we can do. Too many players were below par and that played into Chelsea’s hands. Tomas Rosicky was our best player, and our back four were good, but apart from that we were poor and didn’t deserve the three points.


55 thoughts on “Giroud Shows That He Is Not Good Enough

  1. Utter pish , the big man was unlucky tonight and on another day he would have had 2 . Even TH14 missed now and again and went through bad patches so get off his back and get behind the team you negative prick .

    • you compared Ollie and TH14…? hahaha
      you are retarded.. one is a legend.. the other is possibly in the 5 worst striker Arsene ever signed…

      • I agree mate no comparison between the two. This game was another poor display by the team and the end result shows that. The lack of opportunities created along with the chances missed by big Oli didn’t do us any favours. The team showed a lack of pace and creative skills today, simply not good enough to take the points form Chelsea and move back on top. We have seen in the past that games like this cost us and confidence drops aswel as games won. Wenger buy a top class striker or two so we can ensure goals are scored and games won, so we will be there at the end and take honors.

    • Guarantee Henry’s shots on target accuracy ever went below 50%. Wenger should force Giroud to train with Henry while he is there because he is clearly not. Walcott was crap he isn’t much without his pace, visible in the game and he rarely used it. Never did i see him try get round the Chelsea defence

    • The article is correct, Giroud is simply not good enough.
      He has NEVER scored a single solitary goal against a top 4 team since he joined Arsenal and I believe only 1 goal outside of London.
      Can’t finish, doesn’t travel well = NOT GOOD ENOUGH
      Bored of his missed chances and his constant face pulling, if he put as much effort into shooting as he did into his missed goal gestures he would have a lot more in the net.
      Bored of the talk of hold up play, hold up is something a good striker does in addition to scoring not in place of it!
      Comparing him to Henri? Idiot.

  2. I f…….g cant understad why giroud was on the pitch for entire 9 minutes and then we keep saying bendtner cant perform, should he do it sitting on the bench?why is arsen biased podoski would have buried that first chance giroud had.this shows morinyo is tacktically better than wenger.iam sure gernaby can perfom better than that nanananana idiot

    • In tactics Wenger plays chequers, Mourihno plays Mahong like a pro.
      Wengers tactics are always practically non existent and he always fails to adapt when a game is going badly.
      I don’t know why he bought Podolski (who I love as a player) because he never plays him.
      He could have made a difference last night given the chance, Giroud was never going to.

  3. The only problem arsenal had in the match against chelsea was the bias of wenger because wenger supose to subtitute giroud for podoski but because giroud is a french man he wouldn’t want to remove him.

  4. doesnt hold the ball.. no pace.. no tricks(other then his stupid one touch flicks to give the ball away).. cant score from outside the box.. right foot for standing only.. left foot, nothing special…

    and he is our lone striker…

    hahahaha i am going mental

  5. We can not continue this way we need a world class striker, I don’t know Mr Wenger will gambling on Giroud but he is far from top class when was last time he scored a goal he is wasteful and game like this you have not too many opportunities and if you don’t take your chances then you are out of competition. I am not a negative person but statistic doesn’t lie not even one shot out of bax.

  6. HELLLLOOOOO. WTF Walcott was worse than woeful… once, yes once he went down the wing he shud never play for Arsenal again….even more unbelievable is why he was left on…top 4 …not a chance..worst non performance ever!!!!!!!! SHOCKING

  7. the only letter in girouds name he deserves is i to spell shit.bendtner is a better striker than him can’t believe we cus out vela ,bendtner,edu,eduardo,judas#1rvp,chamck etc they are better wenger needs a striker with pace and composure with finishing what is giroud really worth

  8. Chelsea played better than arsenal they had better chances than was our good chance to silence morinyo but wenger blew it.we will be in trouble @ stanfordbridge quality wise we cannot beat the big teams the owens have said that all the time thats the truth our final 3rd of the pich doesnt have what it takes to bit the big teams our pockets are still tight.we can forget the pl silver

  9. I don’t see arsenal winning the league our point man is a woman, can’t even reason wit his head while on the ball, a striker that had never scored against a big team, giroud. Should wither play from the bench and allow poldoski or walcot a good game time, if wenger wants to get the best from poldoski and walcot giroud need to sit on the bench he is nt the striker arsenal need. Arsene buy a good finisher and keep giroud as back up get in a good left wenger, a DM and right back. Who can also play CB

  10. I have total agreement now that Giroud can not be our lone striker if we want to win any cup this season. A better striker would have converted 1 of the 2 chances. Up gunners!

  11. Arsenal fan who support Giroud are average, they don’t have a wining mentality. If u ask them whch striker arsenal need in January they tell you the likes of Ba, Zeko, Lrolient and Morata who are not good enough on their current squad. Arsenal is a big club than the likes of Chelsea and cit why should arsenal sign a player who is not good enough for chelsea or city and expect to win a troph?

  12. No team wins the title without top class striker…wenger is a joker,if he dosen’t go for a striker ,well,micheal Owen & co will say ‘we told you guys’,another trophyless season loomin’..wenger should learn how to boost the moral of his players,they are always timid & too slow to get into their rhythm.

  13. Giroud has certainly performed better than last season but its not good enough for a title challenging team that he stays up there as first choice chances should be given to the likes of poldi and best striker in the “the big done” (ohh am a huge fan of his) or rather purchase world class honestly when was the last time he scored a goal? I cnt rmbr myself and yes he brings a different dimension to the team but we need quick and clinical and he is nt that nt even close am sorry but comparing him to king T is total bull

  14. reading all those comments about giroud reminds me a very prominent PERSON,JESUS CHRIST on palm sunday he was greeted with palm trees the following week he was crucified,and that is what is happening to giroud right now,at the begining of the season you treated giroud like a messiah from heaven,now all you are doing is yelling for his blood

  15. Before we start nailing players to a cross let`s just say that Arsenal ,as a team, lack imagination, they are steriotyped and need impromptu variation generated on the field of play not a formula to be strictly adhered to. Unfortuately it seems we don`t have the player or players with the freedom and skill to do this. Myself I was hoping that Ozil would prove the catalyst for change but he`s not a leader and obviuosly only shines when he`s surrounded by world class `think alikes`, but on his own I doubt we`ll get value for money. In a recent comment I compared Giroud with Suarez as `a copper on point duty`.
    He is ,more aften than not, half a yard out of position and half a second too slow. Like Mertesacker he relies on his long legs and stretches for everything. As a defender Merts long legs can be to his advantage but they don`t work for a striker. The answer is obvious to all but I can`t see it happening in January. So, (not that you`re interested) do I see the next six months.? For me City or Liverpool will take the title and the most improved team would have to be Everton.

    • Man Ciy, Liverpool and Chelsea are going to get better over us with us only relying on sole striker Giroud. We need to get some competition especially in the frontline without being stagnant. It is important that we make massive changes now as other big club strikers are getting better with sublime skill, higher goal conversion rate and pace (Suarez, Aquera).

  16. What is done is done and i biliv we can do little to trigger arsene to change his mind on starting Giroud but all i pray is he continues to play like this and maybe wenger will change his mind next stop westham COYG

  17. Giroud is knackered. He’s a decent striker but not world class – and for us to get the best from him he needs a rest. Arsene Wenger is responsible for the state of the squad and it is his fault we don’t have backup strikers.

    The worst thing is that Podolski was back and on the bench, and he didn’t use him. Giroud should have been hauled off after 60/70 minutes and Podolski should have been given a chance.

  18. Bang on target, Giroud is mediocre. He is a far cry from Henri, RVP, etc. We cannot win anything w/him leading the line. More worrisome is the loss of form of Cazorla. Last year he gave us 14 goals ( maybe 12? ),and without him firing, we have no chance. Rosicsky, always promises so much but does not produce the goals that could make him the great player we never got!
    Today, the ground was not conducive to our slick passing, but this is winter, and we have to deliver under tough conditions, no excuses.
    So, how did we perform through the critical period? 2 Pts. from a possible 12 ( including Napoli in CL);not a Championship form, 3rd at best. What do you think, Gunners?

  19. Well, both the article and everyone’s comments say it all! The last few games including tonight clearly show it! Arsenal do not have enough quality up front to win against the big teams!!!
    Giroud is an average striker who does bring an effective dimension to the team but, his finishing is simply not good enough!!
    He should have hit the target with his first chance!
    He missed a very decent chance on a free header at City last week!
    In tight games with few chances against good teams such as Everton, Chelsea, and Man Utd, he has struggled!
    The greater concern at this point is who is genuinely available to solve this problem to solve this problem??
    Sure everyone will write inandsay this guy or that guy would work but, who is really available???

  20. I said this Arsenal can not win Chelsea under Wenger because Mourino is a dedicated manager and ful of confident so one can see the different, Wenger has proven once again he annot troophy in 21st century, but can come with reasonable explanation that easily kill of arsenal FCC.

    Hi guides unless Wenger retire from Arsenal no trophy or Ousmanovbich take over Arsenal because he mean business. Wenger is sympathizing other managers and he himself on the red line, well Arsenal board needs to direct the club towards positive direction otherwise, fans will loose patient. If Arsenal with liquidity cannot afford good players, then see when Arsenal is going bankruptcy. Million of people around watched Arsenal and Board does not value these people but just forward excuses year after year.

    Just let it go.
    Bye bye we are tired of excuses.

  21. Giroud … giroud ..giroud what poor poooorrrrr performance man…i cant believed arsen not making any changes giroud should change by podoski at 30 min ago but i surprise

  22. arsen make surprise to all last night………giroud was pooor poor performer even not finish well when he got chance he should be replace by podoski at list 30min ago and aron ramsy was weak he should be replace by santi cazorla in earlier second half. comonnnnnn arsen just by good striker if you looking for silver wear otherwise some past 8 years history will come again,,,,,,,,

  23. giroud is not premier league standard player he should play with championship or league one……..arsen stop fevering giroud he not ganna give you any benefit i know both of you from same country but it’s not ganna work man………arsen, if you think still giroud is the man you never ganna get any silver wear i can guarantee you need to change your mine and look for others like fan and club history don’t do stupid things ……..

  24. Hi guy Giroud is not disgrace it is Wenger who is a disgrace to Arsenal FC for eight years story telling only scouting French low class players and given them all it takes in terms patient at deretment of Arsenal just for them to proof what they can’t.

    Everyone do respect Giroud but he cannot do what he can’t, so let him go and waste the 12 million pounds Sterling for just nothing. Giroud has frustrated all Arsenal players just being wasteful and lack of skill in the front of goal. Everton seven chances and wasted all, Napoli four chances wasted all, Citi he could see the ball even. Ball control zero percent, dribbling 1percent he never ever drible one defender.
    Wenger can not convince the fans and anyone that he made a right decision on club fund. So yo see when he Wenger start to say the right player and the right time. Where is truth here no timing, no value for money so what. May we are fools but this is going help Arsenal in the long term, this reason Kolo and rest saw no seriousness in Wenger and decided to move on to achieve silver wear before their carrier end. Nasir was showing what a world class during the match in citi, he was laughing while caricaturing Arsenal defends. He was so determine to score against Arsenal , like Van.

    Van has respect for Arsenal players but he has to celebrate his goal he does not care who is Wenger because he must have regretted for waste of time.

    Ozil and others are frustrated due to lack of finisher, how on earth you bench Podolski for ninety (90) minutes for someone who does not perform before one eyes. Arsenal needs serious decision makers and lovers of the game, not gamblers. I mean top management change for better.

    All fans are in on voice and Arsenal board & Wenger against voice.
    Thanks to those concerns.

    • You do know that Podolski just returned from injury. Yesterday’s playing conditions were very risky for him and could have caused a relapse.

  25. What kind of fans are you bastards? One game and you cowards throw in the towel. Chelsea came and parked the bus.. All you treacherous ants can focus on is our striker who was man marked. Jokers, absolute jokers. Please go support Spurs

  26. ¿gunnin gunnerz!..i fink we shld stp makin mockery f giroud…2 me,dis guy is jst perfect in assistin a complete striker…i fink arsèn shld knw dis..#arsenalbyheart#..#kip d bullets rollin

  27. Sell outs !! How dare you call yourselves Gooners ? Nailing your own sons and blind to all the negative Mourinho Tactics ? Arsenal don’t deserve you !!!!

  28. Oh my god!!! How many times must we witness Giroud grimacing and thrusting his hands in the air at the indignity of not being able to score – his ruefully disappointed mug after each missed opportunity is now his trademark. He’s a decent fellow I’m sure and Gooners keep leaping to his defence, but the fact is he is painfully slow and utterly incapable of scoring proper goals. All the soccer professors out there – you can suck it too. Watching him “hold up the ball” while every opponent has time to jog back and defend in force does not earn him merit and waxing lyrical about his link-up play is unwarranted as well. He’s not a bloody midfielder. And the “little flicks” are almost the only move he has anymore. The clumsy buffoon can’t run onto the ball at pace, create his own chances, dribble, score, pretty much al the things expected of a PL striker —- he can’t do. I’m just angry. Even a young Gun like Gnabry is preferable to this giraffe-footed, bouffant-headed hard luck case. AAAAARGGGHH!!

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