Who Will Lose On Wednesday? Arsenal or Manchester United?

Both Arsenal and Manchester United come away from the weekend with their tails in between their legs, looking to quickly forget about Liverpool and Fulham and get a positive result. The question is not which team will win, but which will lose?

Many people believed that the Liverpool game was the start of a massive run of games which would define our season, and we could not have failed more spectacularly. The game was effectively over as contest after 16 minutes and Arsenal never looked like gaining their composure and getting back into the game. As time went on things got worse and worse and we ended up losing 5-1. In all honesty, it could have been a lot more.

Arsenal and Liverpool were polar opposites. Liverpool were the ones with the drive, determination, pace, decisive play and energy to win all three points while Arsenal weren’t at the races. If the match was a race, we would have been the poor lame horse that would have been put down.

Manchester United faired little better. At home they drew to Fulham, a side who are firmly rooted to the bottom of the Premier League. Theoretically speaking they couldn’t have had an easier game but still failed to take home all three points.

So Wednesday will see two heavyweights of the Premier League to head to head. Arsenal are devoid of any confidence after the battering at Anfield while Manchester United are struggling for any sort of consistency under David Moyes. But despite that, they still beat us comfortably at Old Trafford earlier this season.

Manchester United have been poor this season, but they still have the ability to lift their game in the biggest contests. Unlike other sides in the Premier League, Arsenal won’t sit back and make it hard for Manchester United to get through. Players like Juan Mata, Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney will have the chance to exploit the space Arsenal will leave and you would be stupid to think they won’t be any threat because of their current form.

The pressure will be on Arsenal to in both a performance and seal all three points. Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans know better than anyone that Wednesday marks a massive game in our season and Manchester United will know that. They also know that a draw would be seen as a disaster for Arsenal and a triumph for David Moyes.

All the expectation, pressure and expectancy is on Arsenal.

David Moyes will use this to his advantage and will know that if the game is still tied after an hour the Arsenal fans will get tetchy and the atmosphere will turn.

The big question is can Arsenal recover from the disastrous performance and result at Anfield and pick themselves up for Wednesday? I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.


11 thoughts on “Who Will Lose On Wednesday? Arsenal or Manchester United?

  1. United will be the perfect game for Arsenal at the perfect time. They’ll win comfortable and it’ll boost Arsenal players confidence no end cause even though United have been pants and losing to all the half decent teams, they’ve still a big name and couple of decent players. 3-1 Arsenal.

  2. Even tho if Arsenal lost and Liverpool won, with Liverpool being able to get 2 points behind Arsenal, I’d still rather see Arsenal win and Liverpool moving a whooping 12 points clear of United.

  3. Arsenal to win, provided they do not under-estimate their opponents, hold their nerve, take control of the ball and they turn up for battle.

    Wenger must learn how to protect the lead and make wise decisions from the sidelines.

  4. Leaking goals and waiting until the 60th minute to make changes is a foolish way to play the modern game. Find the hole and swiftly plug it.

  5. Arsenal win will depend on what lineup Arsene Wenger comes up with.That game will test Wenger football accumen.he needs strong and fast wing men.i am expecting to see Gnabry , Podolski and Rosicki back for that game.he has to drop Monreal and Arteta.

  6. Wenger’s record against MU is dismal. The trouble is MU undr re fae knows his style and yet he persisted
    in the same ttack style.That was a recipe for a swift counter attack Ronaldo and company. Same with Chelsea with Drobga scoring tons of goals Why is this so?
    This is because,imo,Wenger doesn’t believe in defence.Consequently Arsenal are suffering in the big games. That is why I won’t be surprised they lose to u and end up 4th.Of course this is the worst scenario.
    How did Norwich draw with MC?I know every game is different. But if get your basics right ie a good defence
    maybe things wll b diferen
    According to news reports Arsenal have conceded thehighest number of goals from set pieces. This has been going on for years.You can bet Mu will concentrate on this.Btw,Wenger has more than 30 years coaching experience. This is indeed shocking if this weakness isn’t plugged and plugged soon.


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