Arsenal Will Be Lucky To Finish 4th After Stoke City Disaster

Last week, I asked if Arsenal had what it takes to beat Stoke and keep their title dreams alive. In a month where we play Stoke, Everton, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham, I pointed out that the only must win games from those were Stoke, Everton and Tottenham. Stoke and Tottenham represent league games we need maximum points from to keep in touch with the top of the table, and we need to beat Everton to stay in the FA Cup.

Bayern Munich is a massive ask, and in the games against Chelsea and Manchester City it would not be a disaster if we drew those matches.

And I emphasised that it was vital that Arsenal started this run of games with a win against Stoke, otherwise it would start a “downward spiral of results” and if we couldn’t beat Stoke, then we’d be in a position where we’d need to beat Chelsea and City, which would be huge asks.

But yesterday, Arsenal were limp and in one disastrous afternoon took themselves out of the title race. Most of you reading this will comment that I’m not a real Arsenal fan, I’m overly negative and just scare mongering. But you have to look at Arsenal and face the facts.

We’ve won 2 out of the last 6 league games. That is not title winning form and we failed to beat the worst Manchester United team in 20 years, were humiliated at Anfield and threw away the lead at Southampton.

The fact is we’ve seen it all before. I have to say that Arsenal have been phenomenal this season and done so much more than I expected – I don’t think any Arsenal fan would have thought we could seriously fight for the Premier League title. But the turning point in our season was not buying a striker in January. We had to rely on Sanogo in the Champions League, and Giroud hasn’t got any real competition. Liverpool have Sturridge and Suarez, City have Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo and Jovetic, and even Manchester United have Rooney and Van Persie.

Even the most optimistic Arsenal fan cat expect is to win the Premier League now. There comes a point in the season where you need to win a game to stay in the race, and for us that was yesterday.

And worse of us still, with Liverpool jumping ahead of us to 2nd place, and with Manchester City with games in hand, it will be tough for Arsenal to turn things around and finish in 4th place come the end of the season.


11 thoughts on “Arsenal Will Be Lucky To Finish 4th After Stoke City Disaster

  1. I agree. The Gunners have blown it. Again.
    I’ve had enough of so many barren years. I don’t think I could support Tottenham instead, but I’m genuinely thinking of switching to Chelsea – I want my children to associate themselves with winners, not continual losers. I’ve asked one of my sons if Chelsea would appeal to him more than Arsenal and he could hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of going to Stamford Bridge regularly. My other son would prefer Tottenham, but I’ll work on him and try to convince him Chelsea is the better bet.
    Whatever, they are 100% sure they want no more of Arsenal.

  2. Sad to say but that’s the reality. You cannot be a champion when you loose games like Stoke’s and the Saints. Worse still you cannot loose any match by 5 nil margin in a season and end up as a champion. It’s over gunners.

  3. He’s bang on!! What negativity?? I don’t understand why people still don’t want to face the facts. Arsenal or Wenger aren’t spending money to better the team. Money which they have, I might add. Absolute it was the turning point in our season when the January transfer window closed and we didn’t pick anyone up. The same way our excellent start can be contributed to the buying of ozil. What kind of ambition does that show to everybody, most importantly your team. When your so close to winning the title and your manager still doesn’t want to spend money to boost a squad which was thin to begin with, even before injuries to some of our top players. Why can’t a club as big as arsenal go buy a plyer when they are so close to winning some trophies? Pay a little bit more this once to insure we have the right squad. We all know we’ve sold many of our top player for top dollar, pay more this once to secure the tittle. Unbelievable!!!

  4. He is damn right…..arsenal lack the guts to fight,just look at chelsea ,man city,liverpool,they give their all in games…is a shame that we afc is one dimensional team,just passin’ the ball into the net…against tight defence they become cluess & teams sit back & hit them with counter…no proper wingers with pace,no clinical striker………afc should wake up.

  5. I have tried to be as much positive as i can, never knocked the team down, even when they performed well under par. But last weekends performance was just not acceptable, not just unacceptable it was pathetic and gutless, my beloved gunners are better then this, i know they are.
    Unfortunatly EPL has turned into a spinning money machin the rich take all the spoils and the rest watch and admire, in an environment like this we need to keep up with the rest and buy adequate enough players to win us trophies, it’s been such a long time since we enjoyed anysuccess.
    I’m sorry to say this but our manager has been there for to long, he must be replaced with a younger and energetic manager who understands the demands of modern football, and acts accordingly.
    I’m sick and tired of excuses about how it could’ve, should’ve and woukd’ve been if it had’ve been like that.

  6. Leaving Flamini out of a battle like Stoke away didn’t make sense. Arteta’s legs have gone. Cazorla, Rosicky and Podolski with not enough pace to break and support the big Tucan who has no pace to stretch teams anyway.Ox was playing well a week or so back. Why leave him out again? I really want o be positive abdbget behind the lads but it is so infuriating watching everything all Arsenal fans know and fear come to reality. The lack of squad strengthening feelsnlike a massive wind up

  7. Do you know what I can’t stand the most? People who keep bangung on about up coming fixtures for Arsenal and saying things like “It will be a test” or “A defining set of fixtures”. This cinstant obssession to compartmentalise Arsenal fixtures, is pathetic

  8. I would say 10 position in the league, Spuds will take the 4
    Liver to win the title, 2 Chelski, 3 Citay + 3 silver pots

  9. While everyone is focused on our own fixtures, they’re forgetting about everyone else’s. We’re the only top 4 side that Liverpool have faced and we’re drawn on points. If we can beat City at the Emirates and get a draw out of Chelsea, we just need Liverpool to pull off two draws there and we’re back on top. Then our only tough fixtures left are Spurs and Everton away from home. We’ve only won once at the Britannia once since Stoke gained promotion, yet we beat Spurs practically every year. If we beat Everton in the FA cup next weekend and get an Charlton or Hull, we’ll be in the final of the FA cup, we’ll drop out of the Champion’s league and we’ll probably finish second in the league if the results come off as I said above. We won’t win the league. No way in hell will we not drop a single point. But the FA cup is still available to us.


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