5 Reasons Why Wigan Will Beat Arsenal 2-1 In The FA Cup Semi Final

For Wigan to win today against Arsenal you can get around 20/1, and for me they are killer odds worth taking advantage of. You can even get Wigan to win 1-0 at 19/1 – so the bookies think there’s no chance of that happening but we know that with Arsenal, anything is possible.

I will tell you exactly why Wigan will win 2-1 today and give us the 9th season in a row without silverware.

1. We Bottle It Under Pressure In Spectacular Fashion

Every single big test we’ve had away from home this season we have failed spectacularly. Against Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea we had season-defining games to prove we were genuine title contenders. What happened? We collapsed in sensational fashion.

Against Everton, it was our chance to prove that we were good enough to be in the Top Four. What happened? We got thrashed and were lucky to walk away with a 3-0 defeat.

Today represents another massive test in our season, and whenever we’ve had one we’ve failed.

2. The Players Have Stopped Playing For The Manager

We see training photographs before every “big” game of the players laughing, joking and generally being relaxed. That’s what Arsenal Football Club is now – a big joke.

The players have stopped playing for Arsene Wenger, that much is evident over the last 2 months. You can moan all you like about injuries but this is Arsenal. Our players are good enough to beat anyone on our day, but we haven’t because we haven’t turned up in important games. How on earth can you explain limp performances against Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton? Those are exactly the game footballers get out of bed in the morning to fight in and show the world how good they are. Instead, they stroll around as if they don’t give a shit.

And it’s all because the players don’t care anymore.

3. We Have Olivier Giroud

You all know how I feel about Olivier Giroud. He’s one of the worst Arsenal strikers ever to play for the club. One dimensional, limited and generally ineffective, the Frenchman is not a striker you can win any major honours with. If he put as much effort into missing chances and posing when he doesn’t score into actually getting a shot on target he’d be a decent player.

4. Arsene’s Tactical Knowledge Is Dated And Limited

There’s one thing being outplayed in the first 15 minutes of the football match (City, Liverpool, Chelsea & Everton) but it shows tactical ineptitude not to actually address those glaring problems. Any decent manager that was seeing his team get overrun, outplayed and generally playing poorly would step up and make some changes to at least stem the flow.

But Arsene? He’d rather “let his team play” and “express themselves”. The problem is, if Wigan go 1-0 up what will Arsene do? He’ll wait until Wigan go 2-0 before making any changes.

5. Wigan Are A Very Good Team

The bottom line is Wigan turn up for the big games, and today have nothing to lose. As it stands in the last 2 seasons they have won the FA Cup and reached the semi-final – the best record anyone has over the last 2 years. And today, they are relishing the underdog status.

They have the belief, the knowhow and the ability to pull off a game plan. They’ve beaten Manchester City twice in the FA Cup and know how to beat the big teams – and our record at the JJB Stadium wasn’t the best when they were in the Premier League.

So do yourself a favour, put a few quid on Wigan to win 2-1 and at least make a bit of money.


25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Wigan Will Beat Arsenal 2-1 In The FA Cup Semi Final

  1. Why have you got to be so negative. At least write something negative after we lose the game. *sigh*.

    Get behind the team!!!

  2. Is this some kind of reverse psychololgy? We all might have all had a moan about this team and felt let down by the players and poor management but as supporters we must at least think positively about winning this game. Slagging the team off before a fixture is going a bit far isn’t it? Lastly Olivier Giroud isn’t the best striker in the world, we all know that, but he certainly isn’t the worst we have ever had and considering he has scored more goals than Van Persie, Adebayor, Dzeko, Lambert, Benteke, Negredo, Wellbeck, Eto’o etc etc the criticism of him is way over the top. You have the right to the spread your negativity after the game if we lose but at least get behind the team and the players before. Arsenal 4 life?.. more like Arsenal, but only if we are winning constantly..

    • He’s not Tottenham in disguise. Many of us have lost faith in Wenger and his no-tactics attitude. If you feel uncomfortable with what he is saying why do you need to ask that moronic question. At least show an iota of intelligence and engage him on what he is saying or better still prove what he is saying is total bollocks.

  3. Wenger + stan are the problem of that team, let two of them goes out and see whether there will be positive change or not. Finally, I am seeing d gunners loosing tonight’s game, coz wigan are high flying.

  4. The truth is always bitter! This article is so onpoint. And the guy saying giroud has more goals than the aforementioned strikers (maybe thinking he is better) is deluded. I love arsenal, but this article is a FACT!

    • I didn’t say Giroud was better.. I said he had scored more goals than many well regarded strikers, that is a fact.. Does that mean they are all shit?

  5. well i just dont know what to say we all know the team isnt playing vry well now but @least as a fan you gt to supprt dis guy i remain imagine lpool without suarez and gerard and sktel guess dey wnt be on top 1 now or city withot yaya kompany and aguero i guess few months ago you dare not put up dis article of yourz lts just be positive diz guys need u now dan ever COYG

  6. Many pundits have excluded the gunners from winning any silverware this season. So this is not a fact its reasons from a pundits perspective. God’s plans are way different. At least someone far away will pray for our team and divine intervention will do a miracle then a hater will say that it was luck. okay let’s be lucky through miracles.

  7. arsenal are going to be killed 3-1 by wigan with giroud the sole loser, wenger the specialist in failure

  8. I bet after Arsenal equalized, the author of this article was praying Wigan would score so that he could do an immediate follow up article. You are no Arsenal supporter. A supporter gets behind the team no matter what. A supporter gets behind the players who wear the jersey no matter what. Arsenal are a team low on confidence and in dire need of their fans to lift them when needed most. That’s what it means to SUPPORT. But fans like these only want to support through the good times. They are the one fascinated by transfers and spend most of their time spending Arsenal’s so called war chest. They were the first ones to turn on Ozil after his form dipped and they will be the first ones to turn on the new manager once things don’t go their way. They are the worst kind of people in the world. You can’t argue with them because they get nasty and you can’t disagree with their points because they are always right. The author of this article is no Arsenal supporter I would want any association with.


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