Have Arsenal Missed A Trick With Mario Balotelli?

Today’s big news in the transfer market is that Liverpool have agreed a £16 million fee with AC Milan for Mario Balotelli. The striker was linked with a few clubs, Arsenal included, and now it looks like his return to the Premier League will be in a Liverpool shirt.

Many have already commented saying it’s a panic buy and too much of a risk, but I for one think he is excellent value at £16 million.

Of course, he comes with his own problems but in some ways I think he is misunderstood and the fact of the matter is he is one of the few players out there (and available) who has that world class talent. Despite his moods, tantrums and inability to put on a bib, you cannot deny the lad has supreme talent on the football pitch (when he wants to).

With the right manager, and the right team, Mario Balotelli can be a force to be reckoned with.

So have Arsenal missed a trick with this one?

£16 million is not much in todays transfer market for a player so talented. We need another striker (or two) and for that price would Balotelli be that much of a risk?

It would be ignorant to assume he’s going to lose the plot like he did at Manchester City, and don’t forget he’s still young – and maturing all the time.

For me, we’ve missed out big time on this one and for £16 million it wouldn’t have been that much of a gamble at all.

Mark my words, come next May people will be praising Brendan Rodgers for his cunning in the transfer market.


3 thoughts on “Have Arsenal Missed A Trick With Mario Balotelli?

  1. Asene wenger is old.he doesn’t know what to do again..cuz I see no reason why Giroud ll still be starting eleven..very slow and not world class..balloteli is 10times better than him…


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