[Vote Here] Who Should Replace Olivier Giroud?

With the unfortunate news about Olivier Giroud, and the fact he had surgery yesterday on his ankle problem, needs must and the fact is we have our main striker out until the new year.

When interviewed, Arsene was cagey about going into the transfer market, mentioning that Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell, Sanogo and Podolski can all play as a striker. While not sounding completely convincing, it shows that if the right opportunity doesn’t present itself before Monday then Arsene is happy enough to promote from within.

So who do you think should be Giroud’s replacement? I’ve listed the options within Arsenal along with all the names we’ve been linked with recently by the media.

Vote below and choose the player you think should be playing in Giroud’s position, and don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below!

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14 thoughts on “[Vote Here] Who Should Replace Olivier Giroud?

  1. Me as an arsenal fan wud like cavani to replace Geroud.please wenger shud do something b4 the windows is closed……other wise we won’t go fur………..

  2. Before Giroud was injured a second quality striker, out and out number 9, not a Sanchez or “soon to return” Theo, an inexperienced boy like Sanogo, am EPL newcomer like Campbell was very necessasry, now it is VITAL, ESSENTIIAL, HAS TO HAPPEN! If we have any hope of success this season. AW is clearly a very bright man, he must know this, watch this space….

  3. Rémy is probably the only option. He is not a lot of money in this day and age. You can get him for about £8m. I think Wenger should stop been stingy and get him. He’s got pace, a threat for keepers and an eye for goals.

  4. Kindly we must have Cavan in front like a toyota when you drive along the road, plz Pro don’t let us down it has come before we close the window buy.


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