Vote Here! Has Mesut Özil Been A Success Or Failure At Arsenal?

Mesut Özil is a player who divides opinion like no other – some say he’s lazy, ineffective and a luxury player, others say he’s a genius and that the role he plays is underrated and that only true connoisseurs of the beautiful game can appreciate what he brings to the game.

Supporters of Özil will also point to the statistics, especially the assists and passing accuracy.

But does that matter to the fans?

Statistically, players like Steven Gerrard aren’t the best but attributes like desire, fight and determination cannot be quantified using facts and figures. Football supporters base their opinions on what they see on the pitch, and does watching Mesut Özil excite the fans?

If you want my opinion then I am on the fence.

I appreciate that in a quick and powerful team like Real Madrid that has warriors like Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema to run onto Özil’s subtle through-balls then he looks like a class player – but playing alongside Olivier Giroud who is more of a target man and with the injury to Theo Walcott – the one man with genuine pace – then he looks ineffective.

You cannot dispute that the most expensive signing in Arsenal’s history has not set the world alight with his performances. He was excellent for a spell when he first arrived, and gave everyone around the club a massive boost, but since then he’s gone off the boil.

Is it because he lacks the desire and fight to impose himself on games? Is it because he’s being played out of position? Or is it because he just doesn’t have the players around him to take advantage of his best attributes? Perhaps Özil’s game is limited to a certain style of play.

So that’s why I’ve setup a poll to see whether Arsenal fans believe that he has been a success or failure so far since his arrival just over 12 months ago.

You can vote below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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13 thoughts on “Vote Here! Has Mesut Özil Been A Success Or Failure At Arsenal?

  1. I would say ozil lack desire nd drive in his game…he want things easy which is not so in the epl can someone tell me why wenger keep buyin soft players in a strong men league

  2. ozil has done much to make arsenal towards different level of fa cup ,champion league so u cant rule out that has been a failure look on trophies that arsensl has taken last season and currently the community sheild the spear headed but people praise santi c,and ramsey why should you think that ozil is useless u are mistaken

  3. I ve always enjoyed he touches since his arrival. He is a fine player, shay I can say though is that he is not that type of player that can single handedly lift the entire team. His best will be seen with more quality players around him. Nevertheless , to me he is a delight to watch

  4. Not a difficult question to answer – if Arsenal were to sell him now, would they get more or less that they paid for him?

    He was flattered by his company at Real (and also for Germany). Bottom line is that he is not that good – Arsene Wenger is too embarrassed by the price he paid in a last minute panic last year, so won’t even have him subbed , let a line dropped, when clearly he is the worst attacking midfielder in Arsenal team.


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