For Once Arsenal Get A Decent Champions League Draw!

Well I didn’t expect that.

With teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid all possibilities, I thought we were nailed on for getting one of the big boys (or should that be “massive” boys?).

The two other teams which weren’t superpowers were Monaco and FC Porto. Don’t get me wrong, they are still excellent sides who are very dangerous (you wouldn’t have made it out of the group if you weren’t) but they aren’t as daunting as playing a side such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

And to make matters even more awesome Chelsea, a side notorious for getting easy draws in the Champions League (an honour they share with Manchester United) drew Paris St-Germain. Of the second placed teams they could have been put up against, they were probably the most difficult side to face. Manchester City drew Barcelona, which will be a massive test as they face Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi over two legs.

But back to Arsenal, and every Arsenal fan has to be pleased with that draw. When it comes to the Champions League, I’ve always said it doesn’t matter who you face in the knockout stages because if you want to win it then you’re going to have to play the best teams anyway. But since we’ve been knocked out of the last 16 for the last few seasons, it would be nice to have a first round knockout game where we didn’t think we could progress – with Monaco, we have a real chance of getting into the last 8 if we play at our maximum performance levels.

I always believe that if we play our best football we are a real threat to any side in European football.

So there we are. Do you think it was a good draw for Arsenal?

Do you think we can reach the last 8? Or will Monaco prove more difficult that we think and knock us out?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


5 thoughts on “For Once Arsenal Get A Decent Champions League Draw!

  1. Assuming we beat Monaco in the knockout stage, we should pray that we get Basil in the Q/finals.. Then we beat Basil and progress to S/finals and hopefully we get Shakhtar Donetsk..Once we overcome Shakhtar, we hope to meet Schalke in the Finals..Then Champions! Hahaaha.. I am just pulling your legs! :p

  2. Hopefully, before the next round, Wenger strengthens our squad. Didn’t like that he was saying that he wouldn’t get new players if all our injured players return. Really? !


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