That Was The Worst Arsenal Performance In 10 Years!

What do you say about that?

I have never been so angry and frustrated at an Arsenal performance in the last 10 years!

In the games when we got absolutely slaughtered against Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool last season, it was just comical. Today however it was just ridiculous. The performance level was unbelievably awful and coming away from a draw (and being minutes away from winning) was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Liverpool could have been 4-0 up at half time.

Arsenal were extremely wasteful, lethargic and looked completely lost. I cannot remember when we’ve played so bad. Against Newcastle it looked like we turned a corner but today it was painful to watch. We kept losing the ball and had no flow, passion or composure.

We panicked in possession and couldn’t string two passes together. If you looked at the statistics, Liverpool bend us over and sodomised us repeatedly over 90 minutes. If Liverpool could actually score goals, they could have had 7 or 8.

We drew 2-2 and it was down to a huge amount of luck. Liverpool completely dominated from the first minute and watching the game you knew that once Liverpool scored then it would be a complete white-wash. Arsenal lost the ball on a consistent basis and it was amazing that we lasted 45 minutes without conceding. Olivier Giroud lost possession with a lazy pass and The Iced Gem scored with a low shot into the bottom corner.

After that, it looked like we were in for a long afternoon but somehow, the Gods were looking down on us and we managed to score one of the least deserved equalisers in Premier League history.

Just before the break, Alexis Sanchez was tripped by Steven Gerrard. The Chilean clipped the ball into the box for Mertesacker to win, which was then headed back into the danger area by Mathieu Flamini. Mathieu Debuchy – the only Arsenal player to have a decent game – rose well and managed to score in the final seconds of the first half. Replays showed that the ball took a deflection off Martin Skrtel which wrong-footed Brad Jones.

A huge slice of luck for an Arsenal team who hadn’t been in the game at all.

The second half started and Liverpool attacked but couldn’t get through. After withstanding heavy Liverpool pressure finally Arsenal managed to string more than two passes together – and unbelievably Olivier Giroud scored. Kieran Gibbs drove forward and found Giroud, who over played a pass to Santi Cazorla. The little Spaniard somehow managed to retrieve the poor pass into the path of Giroud, who rifled the ball into the back of the Liverpool net between Brad Jones’s legs.

Three shots on target and two goals. Arsenal leading 2-1 gave a whole new meaning to smash and grab.

After that, we defended okay but repeatedly let Liverpool attack and attack and it was inevitable that they would eventually get through. A combination of luck and poor Liverpool finishing meant that we lasted until the 97th minute without conceding. But in the 98th minute, we gazed and watched while we let Skrtel rise high and smash in a header from a corner.

Why would you leave a player like that with a free header?

Today only Mathieu Debuchy, Santi Cazorla and Kieran Gibbs can hold their heads up high. The rest of the players were a complete disgrace. Chambers was all over the place, Oxlade-Chamberlain wouldn’t pass the fucking ball and Matheiu Flamini was running around like a headless chicken and almost costing us dearly – his poor positional sense let Coutinho pull the strings from deep over and over again.

Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez both tried but looked completely lost – probably because they were expected to accommodate Olivier Giroud and played in unfamiliar positions. Olivier Giroud didn’t play well at all and looked like the shadow of the player he can be – he took his goal well but apart from that did nothing.

I have never seen Arsenal give away the ball as much as they did at Anfield today, it was unreal and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Our defending was as bad as it has ever been and Arsene Wenger can count his lucky stars that Liverpool were toothless in attack – if we had been playing Manchester City, Chelsea or even Manchester United today the score would have been in double figures – and that is no exaggeration.

When you consider we were minutes away from winning the game if we did manage to take all three points it would have been the most underserving victory in Arsene Wenger’s reign. Christmas had come early for Arsenal when they found themselves 2-1 up but even we managed to completely fuck that up in the end.

The game ended 2-2 and I don’t know if I should be happy that we managed to get a point from a game we should have convincingly lost, or frustrated because we played probably the worst Liverpool side in living memory and couldn’t put in a half respectable performance. If Arsenal played to their maximum we could have taken Liverpool to the sword but in the end we completely bottled it and this performance probably warranted a 5-1 scoreline than last seasons debacle.


3 thoughts on “That Was The Worst Arsenal Performance In 10 Years!

  1. We lost the game when Wenger decided to take out Giroud & Sanchez & replace them with ‘top top qualidee’ substitutions, I was fuming after the Sanchez change coz I knew Liverpool would score. Wenger is a tactically cluesless manager, we could’ve nicked a wining goal of he had put put Walcott but he decided to do a Mourinho only difference is our defense is utter shambles

  2. I tink Wenger, has Completely lost.. If Wenger can’t Beat diz depleated Liverpool Team, then he certainly won’t beat any of d Top Teams dis Season!! Disgraceful Performance.. Sometimes, Arsene and Arsenal Makes me angry!!

  3. “That Was The Worst Arsenal Performance In 10 Years!”
    Nonsense – that dross wasn’t even the worst Arsenal have played this season!

    Rodgers wanted to win, Wenger wanted to avoid defeat. Points dropped yet again because the tired old man doesn’t have any ambition other than CL qualification.


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