Arsenal Need To Respect Brighton And Focus On Winning The FA Cup

At 4pm today, we face Brighton in the FA Cup. They currently sit in 19th place in the Championship, only 6 points above the relegation zone. Arsenal however are in 5th place in the Premier League after beating the reigning champions last Sunday.

But the Seagulls are high in confidence after beating 3rd place Ipswich on Wednesday.

Yesterday we saw Chelsea lose 4-2 at home to Bradford, and Manchester City lost 2-0 to Middlesborough.

And that’s the beauty of the FA Cup – it has no respect for team reputation and league position – the team that simply wants it more on the day will end up being victorious.

So that’s why Arsenal have to be very careful this afternoon.

As I’ve already mentioned, Chelsea and Manchester City are now out, Liverpool and Manchester United we forced into an unwanted replay and even Tottenham and Southampton are out after losing to Leicester City and Crystal Palace respectively.

If Arsenal were every going to retain the FA Cup, then they won’t have a better chance than doing it this season.

So what are we going to do this afternoon? Well we don’t have another game until next Sunday when we face Aston Villa at home to their is absolutely no excuse for dropping too many big players and risking the chance to go out. The Falmer Stadium will be buzzing and they will be praying for a big cup upset, so we need to make sure we don’t give them what they want.

It will be a tough game today, but if we’re focused and disciplined as we were at Manchester City, we should come away with the win.

But after what happened yesterday, I’ll be very wary of the threat Brighton can pose today!


3 thoughts on “Arsenal Need To Respect Brighton And Focus On Winning The FA Cup

  1. Exactly,it will be a massive let Down if we fail to win at Brigton,simply because yesterday the FA cup opened up in or favour with Chelsea,Southampton,City and Spurs going out .Threre is an average pool side and our kryptonith Manure left of all the to sides and an erratic West ham side.It is very winnable and we must be the favourites now,if we dot do the obvios thing and crash out it,they have been warned now go and perform.


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