Can Arsenal Progress In The Champions League Tonight?

All the statistics are against Arsenal, and I’m sure you’ve seen them all today in the newspapers and online. Basically, no team has managed to overhaul a 2 goal deficit after being away in the second leg of the tie.

Monaco have basically conceded only a handful of goals, have the best defensive record in this seasons Champions League and Ligue 1, and are virtually invincible at home.

So the bottom line is Arsenal need a miracle.

The fact of the matter is the minimum Arsenal need to progress is to score 3 goals and concede none. We can concede one goal and score 3, which would take us to extra time.

And that’s what we need to hope for.

Our domestic form is excellent, and one of the best in the Premier League, but after the spectacular collapse against Monaco in the first leg we are left in a very poor position.

Can we score 3 goals?

According to, we’ve scored 3 or more goals on 9 occasions this season, although I’m not sure which teams they were against. Winning 3-0 at Monaco is not impossible, almost impossible but not impossible.

We have to just go for it. We have to keep it tight for the first 30 minutes and see if we can nick a goal. The first goal is massive for the tie and as long as we have enough time to score a couple of more then we have a real game on our hands.

We can afford to be slightly more adventurous as a Monaco goal still means 3 goals will keep us in the tie.

What do I think?

I think we can do it. It will be so difficult to win 3-0 but if any team can do it it’s Arsenal. We are setup to attack and if Giroud, Sanchez, Cazorla and Özil are all on song then we are capable of scoring against any team. The injury to The Ox is a big blow because of his inventiveness and pace, but we still have a top quality side to field in Monaco tonight.

If Arsene Wenger prepares the team in the right way and we’re correctly motivated and play with the aggression we’re capable of, then anything can happen. There might be a case in playing Tomas Rosicky if he’s fit, because he is a big player in the big games, capable of setting the tempo for the rest of the team. Even if he only played the first half or first hour, it would stand us in good stead in a must win game.

We just have to believe! #COYG


2 thoughts on “Can Arsenal Progress In The Champions League Tonight?

  1. Wenger is a master in games like this, he knows how to take revange so we are upto it. Monaco is going down tonight.


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