Alexis Sanchez Deserves To Be Player Of The Year, Not Eden Hazard

I don’t understand how everyone seems to think that Eden Hazard has had a better season than Alexis Sanchez?

Hazard has been tipped to easily win the Player of the Year awards this season and to me that is preposterous! Alexis Sanchez has been far better and done a lot more to deserve the accolade.

On a straight statistical shootout, Alexis Sanchez wins hands down. Both players have (co-incidently) played 45 games for their clubs this season, and while Sanchez has scored 22 goals, Hazard has only scored 18.

Then we come to assists. In all competitions, Alexis Sanchez and Eden Hazard are both tied on 12 assists apiece.

And finally, we come to other match statistics:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 13.25.23

[Courtesy of the Squawka Comparison Matrix]

You can see that Alexis Sanchez has a better shooting accuracy, wins more tackles and makes more interceptions.

So as well has been more effective in an attacking sense than Eden Hazard, he also works much harder for the team defensively (and we all knew that as we see him close down and track back for pretty much the whole match – in every game).

So individually Sanchez is better, and he is more of a team player.

Then we have other factors. Eden Hazard has been at Chelsea for 3 years now, so is much more comfortable in a side which he has grown and developed. Alexis Sanchez however only joined Arsenal in the summer and despite moving to a brand new country and having to familiarise himself with new teammates (who don’t even speak the same language as him) he has putting in phenomenal performances throughout the season.

Another factor is how the player makes the fans feel. How many times has Sanchez excited the fans? He tracks down players, shows moments of brilliance with his skill and can score goals from 30 yards. He scores all kinds of goals, including headers, and has been played in several different positions throughout the season.

Eden Hazard has a whole team based around his game and while he has been skilful, he scores similar types of goals.

Hopefully people voting will take a look closer at the facts when deciding who is their Player of the Year, but I fear that they will take the “easy option” and just vote for the Chelsea man.


17 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez Deserves To Be Player Of The Year, Not Eden Hazard

  1. And the same site, squawka, gives a total performance score to Hazard at 1586. Sanchez gets 967. But carry on with your selective stats..

  2. All these comparisons and contrasts are absolutely true. Sanchez should be the Premier League Player of the Season and year. In addition, he should be one of the top contenders of Football Player of the year worldwide. Thank you.

  3. You said you don’t understand how everyone
    seems to think that Eden Hazard has
    had a better season than Alexis
    Sanchez? but that is the truth, because everyone can not tell liars at thesame time, please you either take it or leave it.Eden Hezard is better than Alexis Sanchez okay

  4. Its obvious u don’t watch chelsea games. & simply bcoz u are a motherfucking Arsenal fan.Hazard iz de best he was only behind Luis suarez last year.

  5. Don’t compare sanchez with hazard, u diz fuckin gurnaz- compare Hazard with ronaldo,messi,robben, coz dey are faaaar diffrence. Juz 2 remind u his behind suarez last season.

  6. Hazard goals help chealsea top on the table + 10 point above the 2nd team + with out Costa , remy and drogba; mach miss time he carry his team but axis 2nd behind hazard.

  7. Alexis is fantastic player he adapt the league in his first year app.. but the main point is hazard each goals and assist is help chealsea to be reach 10 point above arsenal (more cup favorite) + he help his team to won league cup. I am100% sure he will won pfa player of the year award alexis 2nd kene 3rd:

  8. Alexis is far better than Hazard with all respect . U swearing guy call arsenal specialist of failure you will eat your word soon or later . Hazard has been in premium for 3 season Sanchez only 1 what he did for the club is unbelievable . Take it or leave he’s the best player for us . U can suck mourinho n Hazard’s ass but the fact remain is that alexis is a great player who played well in different positions scored amazing goals n more assist . Chelsea’s fans are just so disrespectful like their coach mourinho .

  9. alexis sanchez is d only new signing that come newly in d league and proved fantastic than any one of them,sanchez is more more more better than hazard either u like it or not alexis will be pfa player of d year in Allah’s grace amen,i love alexis sanchez.

  10. if hazard iz better than sanchez wat iz d prove. for me d only thing hazard is good at doin iz dribbling cos hiz gat matic & fabregas around him, no coqline,
    ozil, giroud, ramsey, kosieny, debuchy,
    walcott. yet sanchez hlpd iz team mate to top level,scores more goal dan hazard witout penalty. even wit 3penalties he stil has goals. . suarez bin liverpool’s striker scored witout penalty, hlp his team to d top wch we all saw. so what do u av to say


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