Arsenal Ready To Spend £200 Million On These FOUR Superstars!

Gossip, speculation, clickbait… that’s pretty much all football related news is during the summer on the Internet.

Silly season is just that, silly, and the rumours that go around are just ridiculous. Websites, blogs and social media are fully of crap which for some reason, the fans lap up.

Everyone on Twitter seems to be ITK (In The Know if you didn’t know) and it seems like people just pull out random names from their arse and people believe the made up story.

We’ve been linked with an amazing 26 players this summer alone, and it’s not even July yet, and that’s why I’ve setup a dedicated page listing every player Arsenal have been linked with over the summer transfer window – because I want to see how ridiculous the final list is when the window shuts firmly shut in September.

There are basically 3 types of “speculation” which I’ve outlined below:

Completely Made Up Rumours:

These are exactly what the title suggests. A player is picked from random and linked to another random club. There’s no rhyme or reason to the link, it’s just completely made up and the more obscure the link is, the more football supporters are intrigued. If anything in the world of football madness the most left-field the rumour is, the more press it seems to get. Although unconfirmed, it is rumoured that the method used to match a football club to a player is similar to that of drawing out lottery numbers.

Example: Arsenal’s bid for Charles Aranguiz

2 Plus 2 Equals 5 Rumours:

These at least have some imagination to them. Basically the premise here is that you identify a clubs “apparent” weakness (or area in which they need strengthening) and then find a player who could fill that void. Arsenal fans know that they need a new goalkeeper and could do with a top striker, so cue links to players in those positions. On the surface, the link makes sense, but it’s just based on “educated” guesses and the vast majority of times there’s not even a spec of truth in the rumour.

Example: Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuain, Jackson Martinez, the list goes on…

Agent Fuelled Rumours:

Then you have the “insider knowledge”. But the insider is a football agent who is trying to either get the biggest price and best move for his client, or a better deal at his current club. We’ve been linked to Karim Benzema for the last 5 years now and he’s never moved. Wayne Rooney for example is a master of this tactic, pretending that he wants to move on but ends up staying and getting a massively improved contract.

Example: Arsenal’s laughable interest ing Raheem Sterling

So there you have it, the 3 main sources of all these transfer rumours. Obviously these made up rumours are big business because even the official Arsenal website has stooped to their level and has its own “Media Watch” section on their site.

It’s amazing how a complete disregard of common sense occurs when it comes to football transfers. Arsenal have a strict wage structure and wouldn’t change that for anyone. Arsene also only signs players who fit into the ethos of the club, and would fit into our style of play. If people just applied a bit of thought to the speculation, we’d probably all be a little better off.

Oops, I almost forgot I promised you four superstars. Er… let’s call them The… you know what I can’t even be arsed making something up.


21 thoughts on “Arsenal Ready To Spend £200 Million On These FOUR Superstars!

  1. And then there’s the daily posts from bloggers about the different types of transfer rumour – all with a clickbait headline

  2. Mel,who is better than chec in the market that is available and is not in the startin’ eleven..apart from neuer,coutoius,de gea, who is better than chec even at his age….u are the type of fan that can never be satisfied…arrant nonsense.

  3. my fellow GUNNERS i want inform u that the transfer about Petre Cech is true. the deal has been finalised and done. Cech is now Arsenal goalkepper. i mean a gunner. congratulation. Wenger must take credit of these. UP GUNNERS.

  4. How can there be any of these wan*ers left out there who say Arsene doesn’t buy !! Do you know anything about Arsenal ?????????? Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck, Paulista, and now Cech … what Fuc*ing planet do you live on ?????????? It is sad that for many of you, you have you heads stuck so far up where the sun don’t shine that you trot out the same drivel from 5 years ago. IDIOTS stop supporting Arsenal, Fuc* off you knob*ers. Just to recap on the Arsenal history many of you seem to have missed out on, We were put into massive debt building the Emirates and to begin with (like all Yank owners) we were leached by the man who wears a badger on his head. Throughout this Arsene managed to keep our team competative, kept us in the champions league (which has helped placate the badger-man) and we have now won back to back FA cups, something no other team has EVER achieved. We are now back on course, the stadium is paid off and Arsene is bringing in the world class talent we have craved. It looks like he isn’t done this window and I’ll love it when he adds some more quality players, and you sad Fuc*s eat your sad cynical words. Look at the stats on Cech, he is the most highly rated premier league stopper in its history. Brad Freidel played till his mid 40’s – so saying Cech is over the hill only serves to say more about you and your lack of football knowledge

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