What Do You Think Of The Cech Signing Arsenal & Chelsea Fans?

So finally, Petr Cech is an Arsenal player. #WelcomeCech

But what do you Arsenal (and Chelsea fans) think of the move?

From what I understand, Jose Mourinho (and the majority of Chelsea supporters) were against the move, while it was a conversation with Roman Abramovich that paved the way for a move across to the red side of London.

On the surface, it does seem like a very strange one.

Most pundits and fans alike accept that Petr Cech is still a top goalkeeper who has something to offer a top Premier League side, although the number of years he can do it for is debatable – some say he can last another 2 seasons, some say he could play at the top until he’s 40.

Either way, the move makes no sense from a Chelsea perspective. Even if Cech was in decline, his move strengthens Arsenal in a position we have struggled to find a solution to for the last 10 seasons – and again, even if Cech lasts 2 seasons then the wealth of experience and knowledge about the game would give Szczesny invaluable tutoring.

Szczesny is not a bad goalkeeper. But he is young and needs guidance from a world class goalkeeper, and that is what Petr Cech is. Over the next 2/3 seasons, while Cech is Arsenal’s Number One, Szczesny will be improving at a rapid rate under Cech’s wing, at an age where the Pole will look to reach his peak.

So again, the move is fantastic for Arsenal on a number of levels.

There’s also rumours that Cech’s goalkeeping coach will join Arsenal as well, which is another plus for the young and developing Szczesny.

Szczesny came out in support of Petr Cech’s arrival (although I appreciate he can’t really do much else) but you can be sure that Arsene Wenger has sat the young goalkeeper down and said something along the lines of that he needs to knuckle down, work hard and learn from the best. And then when Cech does hang up his gloves in a couple of years he will be ready to be Arsenal’s Number One for the next 10 years.

It’s a win-win scenario for Arsenal which ever way you look at it!

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!


6 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of The Cech Signing Arsenal & Chelsea Fans?

  1. Cech is past his best he was never the same after Hunt used his head as a football thats why he was number 2 at Chelsea. His statistics look good as he has always had a strong defence in front of him, something Arsenal have not had since the Adams & Bould days. I personally think Ospina is a better keeper and Arsenal should of stuck with him, Cech an excellent 2nd keeper for Chelsea but as a No1 at Arsenal I do not think it will bring you the title, wait and see when he starts to bottle them 50-50 duals.

  2. Cech will be the first really world class keeper we have had since Seaman retired.
    We have had sub-standard keepers ever since (with perhaps the exception of Lehman who was so erratic at times) and we could have won many more trophies with a reliable No. 1.
    I still cannot get over Wenger not signing Schwarzer from Fulham when he was really good. Fulham wanted £3m and Wenger would not offer more than £2m !!!???
    He has had so many blind spots when they needed fixing, perhaps he has learnt some lessons the hard way. Anyway we now have a team that could challenge the best; here’s looking forward to an exciting 2015/16 season

  3. Chelsea activity for new players has been very poor I know we did not need many but 3 or 4 would be good our we just a selling club now I do not like it when we buy young players and loan them out what is the point of buying them chelsea need goal keeper defender midfielder and poss two strikers

  4. Im a Chelsea fan, Cech has been a fantastic player for us and a very loyal player. I think he has earnt the rigt to play for whoever he wants even Arsenal. He is still in my opinion one of the top 5 goalkeepers in the world. Courtois has the edge on him but only just it is close. Whenever Cech did play for us he as outstandng, watch his match winning performances against Liverpool n the semi finals of the Capital cup!


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