Why I’m Glad Arsenal Lost To Southampton

Arsenal have been in excellent form recently – but it came to an abrupt end yesterday when we travelled to St Mary’s and lost 4-0.

As usual after an Arsenal defeat, the Twittersphere went mental, with some Arsenal fans ridiculously calling for Arsene to resign.

We’ve done fantastically well of late – with wins over Olympiakos and Manchester City the highlights. Arsenal have been overconfident in my eyes recently so a kick up the back side does us no harm.

Arsenal always put in a response after a defeat so against Bournemouth tomorrow I expect a result. We’re at home which is a big plus and we’ve got Newcastle after that at home and then Sunderland away – so we should in theory be able to get our season kick-started again with a decent run of wins.

Then we have Liverpool and Stoke both away, so that will give us a barometer of how we are this season.

Leicester City lost against Liverpool which was a big favour for us and on Tuesday Leicester host Manchester City so they will knock points off each other.

So a win against Bournemouth will give us a good base to re-ignite our campaign.

No team is perfect and it is impossible to expect Arsenal to put in an excellent performance in every single game. We were poor against Southampton and while they say playing badly and winning matches is a sign of champions, along with our poor performance we were unlucky.

Martina scored a goal which was ridiculous, and while it was great for him I’m pretty sure if he tried that 100 more times it wouldn’t have flew in like it did yesterday. The second goal was questionable with Long’s trip on Koscielny and after that we collapsed. Yes, we were utterly shite but at 0-0 or even losing at 1-0 there’s always a chance of nicking something to get back into the game.

So there we are. After an apparently ‘disastrous’ defeat to Southampton we are still second in the Premier League, only two points off Leicester City who have yet to go to Old Trafford, The Emirates, The Etihad, White Hart Lane, Stamford Bridge and only just went to Anfield yesterday (and lost).

2016 can be a massive year for Arsenal and I believe.


12 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad Arsenal Lost To Southampton

  1. utter tripe by an arsenal fan. “I believe” manta uttered by deluded arsenal fan every year. “We’re gonna be champions this year”, said all Arsenal fans. No big clubs in the top 4 would have the slightest doubt that arsenal won’t be champions. here’s hoping for your yearly top-4 trophy. peace out

    • It ain’t going to be Chelsea, it ain’t going to be Liverpool, it ain’t going to be LVG’s UTD. – it’s really one of 4, City, Arsenal, Sp*ddies or Leicester. I reckon Arsenal have a great chance……….despite what your thoughtful peanut of a brain may think.

  2. As do we, have to go to Old Trafford, Etihad, Anfield, the Bridge. Despite having to disagree with you that I can never say that I am ‘glad’ that my team lost, I presume from you piece that the only reason you are glad is that will give the team the kick up the pants?
    What is disappointing in that case if take that analogy to it’s conclusion, is that we obviously have a squad that doesn’t have the gumption, ambition or motivation and is getting the right motivation from the manager to win a league title without abject performances thrown in.
    Whilst I am happy to accept defeat as part of football and have for the last 40+ years of supporting my team, I find it almost impossible to accept dire showings like the one we saw yesterday and the one against Zagreb (let’s stick to this season only).
    I can’t and won’t be glad for any defeat and I am of the mind that after such a performance against City (as you point out, United too), surely winning yesterday and having the desire to do it, knowing that then a win over Bournemouth leaves you in a temporarily unassailable position at the top of the league should be motivation enough?
    Why should these professionals ‘need’ this proverbial booting?
    Anyway, we move on, I don’t dismiss your opinion but I’m afraid that I can’t share it.

    Happy New Year to you.

  3. It’s funny, and also incredibly sad, how you’re examining Leicester’s away fixtures as if they’re the only obstacle between Arsenal and winning the title. Shows just how shit the Premier League is, and how Arsenal are still capable of fucking themselves over despite having no opposition that’s any good.

    • don’t worry. arsenal have the best squad in the league, oh wait…probably in europe. wenger probably will spend 300k on a non-league player, or 40m plus 1 pound for another suarez

  4. Happy New year peeps. I am very happy with ur comments . I am an Arsenal fan n i was very happy when my team lose to southhampton . We all know wenger did his best to have a result, but the Saints were tough ytday. we just have to focus on our next fixtures. If wenger can replace per metresaker at the back, the we shall surely have a stable defense. I luv Arsenal n i am very sure they would b champions.

  5. I completely agree the Southampton game was a disaster. Almost every player had a very poor game. The referee made some terrible decisions which made the result much worse. With so many injuries and tired legs, it was a perfect storm. Now the players have to step up and prove they wish to fight for the title. COYG


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