It’s Only February And Arsenal Have Already Blown The Title Race

So Arsenal drop points in the “title race” yet again.

I put title race in quotations because it’s no longer a title race for us.

Since the new year we’ve completely stalled. We started 2016 with a stuttering victory at home against Newcastle which ended 1-0 – and it was a game we could have lost without Petr Cech’s heroics.

Our results in the Premier League in 2016 are as follows:

Newcastle (H) 1-0
Liverpool (A) 3-3
Stoke City (A) 0-0
Chelsea (H) 0-1
Southampton (H) 0-0

From a possible 15 points, we’ve managed to pick up 8. We’ve dropped 7 points.

And from our last 4 Premier League games, we’ve won 3 points from a possible 12.

Our form is atrocious and apart from the Liverpool game (in patches), our performances have been well below par.

Arsene Wenger has failed to get his players mentally prepared for a vital part of the season, and at this rate 4th place in the Premier League is going to be a struggle.


4 thoughts on “It’s Only February And Arsenal Have Already Blown The Title Race

  1. No doubt the form is atrocious.Imho,Wenger/Arsenal have become too predictable.Theior one touch football can be negated by massed numbers in the box.And so it proved true.
    Before January,the gunners had not had a blip.I know the epl is won in May.
    Suffice to say if Wenger aint up to the job ie challengeing and winning the epl,he shd make way. There are many eligible guys like Peeligrini ,etc.
    Get one with epl exposure.As for Guardiola he will find the epl is the toughest to win in Europe. I know class is permanent but there is no guarantee. Look at Klopp.Maybe he could get going nest season.

  2. For all you know the gunners could be battling for 4th.Of course the title aint out of reach yet.If Arsenal cant win it,I hope Ranieri can wrap it up.
    This will show how a team with a fraction of the gunners/MU/MC/Chelsea budget can mix it with the big boys. This shows planning.And it will be agood thing for soccer generally.
    This reminds me of the time when Greece won the euro against all odds.As for the Saints game,the gunners always have problems when denied the time and space. Allied to top class goalie the gunners can be neutralized.
    Imho,part of the problem is too many touches are made before shooting.This will give defences time to regroup and the massed defences will prove abig hurdle.
    And if the ball breaks loose/intercepted/mispassed the counter attack against a hdl will prove deadly.Fortunately we didn’t have the bg. Otherwise it could have been another loss.
    Nextstop,Bournemouth.If the gunners cant beat them,this will sum up all about Wenger.


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