Francis Coquelin Is A Hero, Not A Villain

The interview on Arsenal player with Francis Coquelin is painful to watch. The player is clearly devastated about his red card and it’s clear that Arsene Wenger probably bollocked him for diving in like he did for the second yellow card. There’s also hints (although Arsene hasn’t directly said it) that Wenger places some blame on the young Frenchman for Arsenal not winning the match.

For me though, Coquelin is not a villain or to blame for the result. He is one of the very few players that have given 110% when he’s been on the pitch. He is one of a handful of players who can come out with his head held high from recent weeks.

There have been too many players under-performing and Coquelin isn’t one of them. And he came out in his interview and said he genuinely thought he could win the ball. Clearly he was miles away from it but he’s never shown to be a reckless player and in fairness the way Arsenal play means he’s probably more exposed than other defensive midfielders.

Francis Coquelin is a real leader and in this current Arsenal squad, should be considered as a future captain because there are few other leaders in the dressing room.


5 thoughts on “Francis Coquelin Is A Hero, Not A Villain

  1. Really?? In no way is Coquelin good enough for Arsenal, always looks a sending off waiting to happen & in reality would have good no where near the bench in any of Wengers title winning teams. This kind of sums up what we are prepared to accept now…….

  2. Absolutely spot on AFC4life Coquelin has been one of the very few shining lights the past few weeks. Just goes to show how much we have missed him since he’s been out with his injury.

    Not quite sure what games you have been watching Lee but when i first saw coquelin play for the pre season friendly against barnet (ok I know it’s barnet) I knew this was some player the way he flew into tackles. Since the invincibles we haven’t had any nasties in our team I mean someone who would eat oppositions children for breakfast type of nasty. I’m sick of people judging players like him and saying they’re not good enough for Arsenal. I for one would much rather someone who is on the edge in my team than someone who’s just gonna get rolled over and not fight for the shirt.

    Another thing I have to mention I’m getting a bit sick of Thierry shooting his mouth off everything results are not going our way I know he’s paid to be controversial etc but I don’t forget how he would be mysteriously injured for games going up north to places like Bolton for example only to miraculously recover for home games. People seem to keep saying he was a leader but what kind of message does that say when he’s not fit for most of the games in a season. Not to mention all those chances he missed to put barca to bed in the champions league final in 2006. He wants to berate strikers all the time but when it mattered most where the fuck was he in 2006 in Paris when we needed him? I know some people might be surprised by that comment and say that we were down to 10 men in that game and rightly so but in all honesty when you look back at those chances and considering he was supposed to be the deadly striker at the time what happened? Not to mention the way he departed for Barcelona thereafter sorry but lost a lot of respect for him. Don’t get me wrong I respect him for what he gave us and my god he gave us some amazing moments but ffs some perspective is needed here. Everyone wants to point the finger at wenger and I’m not suggesting for one minute he’s not to blame because some of his decisions are baffling to say the least but he hasn’t become a bad manager and his players have let him down badly including some of the invincible squad. ( that goes for vieira too) sorry a bit of a rant but I’m just sick of the Arsenal bashing all the time and it’s about time we got behind the team properly.

    Arsenal for life not just for Christmas!!!!!!!!

    • No, I get Coquelin’s desire to win but that isn’t enough I’m afraid. No point in winning the ball back if you can’t do anything with it. Will admit that Coquelin & Cazorla have dovetailed nicely & make an effective partnership but in my eyes he will never be good enough. Flamini isn’t any better but still worked well with Fabregas in 2008 so I’m well aware that it’s about how the team plays but if you had the choice you know you would take just about about any other midfielder from the Wenger era ahead of him.

  3. We can’t blame coquelin one hundred percent, kayne knew he was coming for him, as he already got a yellow , kayne prepared his leg in a a position that coquelin tangle into his leg,it was a malicious move from H.K
    So I would fifty/fifty.
    He is the minister of finance for arsenal board. He tries to save every penny
    and yet he is paying Walcott 150.000 a week to walk around,it is a pity, he didn’t let him go ,instead he gave him a fat salary, then has a deaf ear to buy player,Wenger has done a great job in the past,but now time has come for him to go and we need new blood .


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