Should Arsene Wenger Take The England Job? Or Stay At Arsenal?

Ever since the departure of Sam Allardyce, speculation has started on who the next permanent manager will be. Gareth Southgate will be taking charge for the next 4 games, which technically leaves the door open for another managerial appointment come the summer.

Arsene Wenger was asked about the vacant managers job, and he said: “If one day I am free, why not?”, which has put the rumour mill into over drive.

As it stands, the bookies favourites are:

1. Gareth Southgate
2. Ralf Rangnick
3. Arsene Wenger
4. Steve Bruce
5. Glen Hoddle
6. Alan Pardew
7. Eddie Howe
8. Jurgen Klinsmann
9. Harry Redknapp
10. Jurgen Klopp

Obviously they will change positions quite a lot over the coming days and weeks one would imagine.

But every time the England managers job becomes available, Arsene Wenger’s name is always in the ring.

It’s a strange one because clearly the FA hold Arsene Wenger in such a high regard (who wouldn’t?) but for me it’s not really a job I ever saw Wenger taking on. He is an extremely intelligent man and must realise it’s a poisoned chalice. As it stands, he is well-respected in England and Europe, so would he jeopardise that to take on a job where it is nigh on impossible to succeed? The demands are ridiculous and unless you can be sure you can win a World Cup or European Championship with England then you’re setting yourself up for a world of misery.

The other reasons I never thought it would work are that Arsene Wenger has been quoted several times to enjoy the day-to-day involvement of club football, and there’s the issue of wages. He gets paid around £8 million a year at Arsenal, but the England job pays around £3 million. Obviously, it’s hardly a paupers salary but it’s quite a bit less than Arsene is used to.

On the other hand, the England job would appeal to Arsene if he saw himself in the twilight of his managerial career. It’s obviously a lot less hours and he could spent time enjoying his semi-retirement – he would be involved in the glamorous world of International football and he would be able to test himself in World Cups and European Championships, something he has never done before.

And we know he loves London and England. If he though his time at Arsenal was up for any reason, the England job allows him to stay at home and also work in the most prestigious job in English football.

If you asked me previous to this year would Arsene take the job I would have said never in a million years. But if you asked me now? After 20 years at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger might never get a chance to manage England again.


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  1. Arsene Wenger should not take the job bcos he has an uncompleted work in Arsenal mainly bcos of the future of the youth players recently promoted to the senior team. No coach can come now that has the same belief on youth like Arsene do.


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