Vote Here! Was The Manchester United Game Positive or Negative For Arsenal?

We as most Arsenal fans expected, the Manchester United game was a disappointment.

Once again, Arsenal bottled it at Old Trafford and looked scared against Manchester United. There’s no denying that the home side dominated the game – creating the clearer chances and they were denied a stone wall penalty in my book.

But with seconds remaining in a game Arsenal were lucky to still be in, a darting run from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain found Olivier Giroud at the far post to head home emphatically – from Arsenal’s first attempt on target.

So was it a good game or bad game for Arsenal?

We played extremely poorly yet took away a point – so it depends on your viewpoint.

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For me when I saw the starting line-up I was shocked at the inclusion of Aaron Ramsey. The whole starting eleven looked strange and didn’t sit right with me – and it showed – as we plodded through the entire match second best.

I thought that Xhaka should have started alongside Coquelin and if you’re going to play Özil behind the front three with Alexis in the middle, then Walcott and Iwobi are a much better combination with the Chilean. The only way Ramsey (for Iwobi) would have worked was if Giroud was up top and Alexis replaced Walcott.

So what are your thoughts on the match? Were Arsenal lucky to nick a point or was playing poorly and not losing a sign of potential champions? Vote above and leave your comments below!


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