Why Arsenal Might Be In Big Trouble After Signing Aubameyang

So yesterday marked the official confirmation of one of the worst kept secrets in transfer history, when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrived at Arsenal to join ex-Dortmund midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan at the club.

In terms of outgoings, we sadly saw Olivier Giroud move to Chelsea in a bittersweet move – he was “an Arsenal man” as Arsene put it and it’ll be strange to see him at Chelsea. I’m not convinced he’ll see more playing time their either than he did at Arsenal but we’ll wait and see.

So once the dust has settled the fact is this. We’ve got Alexandre Lacazette who cost in excess of £50 million and brought in similar player in Aubameyang, for slightly more.

So where is Arsene Wenger going to play them?

Added to the fact we have Mesut Özil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, we have an extremely lopsided team. And Arsene won’t change his philosophy and play 2 strikers will he?

If those four players are in the starting lineup then that only leaves 2 midfield spots – one which will go to Granit Xhaka who needs at least a couple of players next to him to carry the defensive burden and he won’t get that as he’ll be next to one of Jack Wilshere or Aaron Ramsey.

Has Arsene Wenger lost the plot?

And added to this, where is our Plan B now?

By getting rid of Olivier Giroud we have no Plan B, no alternative when Plan A doesn’t work. What are we supposed to do now if we can’t break a team down or we’re losing a match?

We can’t bring on our super sub now can we?

Spending money usually excites the fans, and with good reason, but this January window reeks of desperation and I’m not convinced things are going to get better before they get worse…


11 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Might Be In Big Trouble After Signing Aubameyang

  1. What a bullsit article, Xhaka should be dropped from the team, he’s a liability. Ramsey is too attack minded so he should be dropped and sold in the summer. If Arsenal play a 4/3/3 formation for the rest of the season I would play Ospina in goal, Cech makes far too many mistakes and his shot stopping is atrocious. Bellerin right back Mustafi and Kocielny at centre back and Monreal at left back. The 3 in midfield would be Elneny/Wilshere and Maitland Niles. Maitland Niles is strong fast, athletic and he can provide the legs and energy in the midfield woefully missing when Ramsey and Xhaka are playing. Up front I would have Ozil Miki and Aubameyang.

  2. i think from what you said on the 16 of jan 2018 on the issue of arsenal not going to sign auba,micki ,and malcon has already backfire on you because…1;we’ve sign micki…2;we’ve sign auba who is far better than sanchez…3;and then mesut sign a 3/half deal which both you and i and the whole world know that he is better than malcon…4;bcuz you are antigunner…5;you are a freak…6;you be scrap!!!

  3. You need to impose yourself as a defender in the premier league and I don’t think Bellerin and Monreal have that in them. Their work rate is excellent but they are outmuscled quite easily which means the center backs have more work to do. We also need an established defensive midfielder, someone who can consistently provide much needed cover for the back four with solid tackles and interceptions. With the new signings we are world class offensively but we must fix the back line.


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