Enough is enough!! It’s time for Unai Emery to leave Arsenal!

It’s time to part ways, Unai…

Arsenal once again put in a gutless performance against a mid table team.

Enough is enough!

Under Arsene Wenger, we had defensive problems, but at least we had some sort of coherent attacking plan.

Under Unai Emery, we have defensive problems, but don’t have any kind of game plan in terms of attacking or creating chances.

It is now time to admit that Ivan Gazidis’s choice as Arsenal manager has failed, and time to move on.

There are a plethora of good managers available. Jose Mourinho, Massimilano Allegri, Laurent Blanc, Luciano Spalletti… the list goes on.

We have no game plan, no identity, no idea on the pitch…. this is just ridiculous now.

We’ve spent big money on bringing players in, and it’s the same old story. Actually, it’s not the same old story – this is actually worse.

Unai Emery is literally making things up as he goes along. He persists in Granit Xhaka, which will end up being his downfall, he has failed to address our defensive issues (and although our defence has always been suspect, it’s actually got worse) and I’m sure he has his own ideas but whatever they are, they are clearly not getting through to the players.

I don’t know what else to say… I’m so angry, frustrated and quick frankly, pissed off.

It will be a miracle if Arsenal finish in the Top 4 this season, and the Arsenal hierarchy need to have a real, hard think about the future because if they continue with Emery as Arsenal manager, then we will fail to get Champions League football next season, and risk losing our best players in the summer.


97 thoughts on “Enough is enough!! It’s time for Unai Emery to leave Arsenal!

      • i think UE is an as hole and a goof so stupid to the extent that even a Ugandan farmer can coach arsenal fc and gets a cool win let him go fuck his mother enough is enough

    • It was clear Emery is clueless long before and the sad part is that he can not see his error even now. One or two wrong players on the pitch means disaster. One of his biggest weakness is his inability to read his opponents. Pepe could not shot the ball straight nor has no accuracy. Leno should not be the 1st choice goal keeper, His timing is off and he take unnecessary risk in the box. I’ll take Martinez any day. Willock and Saka are promising talents, but they are not ready yet. Xshaka is trying his best, but not enough. Ganduzi, Torriera and Ceballos should be regular starter in the middle and Lacaz and Abu should start all the time together. Arsenal should let go Emery and bring Benitez.

      • Personally, I’d like to give UE till end of the season to get his act together but his player selection is beginning to frustrate me now. He seems to get it wrong every time! He’s not playing his best players… It’s time to drop Leno and give Martinez a shot at being #1. Holding & Chambers to start together at the back with Tierney & Bellerin. Xhaka should be dropped, period! Guendozzi & Torreira with Cebellos/Ozil (who should be given a shot to make the #10 role his). Auba… Laca… Pepe upfront.

  1. Özil HAS to play. Our most creative player once again not even in the squad. For all his faults he is really the only one that can unlock stubborn defences and make that difference. The sooner Emery realises that the better for him and the team.

  2. We had defense problem but all our defenders are oky and fit to play but he leaves them on bench. We have best players but he likes his own players who don’t even help him gain morale. Useless coach.

  3. Unless Emery recognizes the potentials of respective players he will go nowhere! Leave a defensive midfielder on the bench, and a creative one at home! No back or forward strategy! He has a serious attitude problem. Get out of my club!!!

  4. Why is Xhaka always in midfield? Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos, Willock, Nelson et all are all better players.

    Emery is blind to Xhaka’s faults!

  5. Unai’s ego with Ozil will cost him his job. Absolutely no creativity going forward in this game.
    Unai is a big fat fraud.
    On a rainny cold monday, u cant rely absolutely on an 17 year rookie in the name of saka to deliver for you the goodies away from home more so in an intimidating environment. Playing the kid for 90 mins is treacherous. He has a bright future ahead but EPL at this point in time is not his level, not just yet.
    However big his beef with Ozil is, surely he is the one loosing out, not Ozil.

    UANI OUT!!!!!

  6. I guess its Ozil’s fault Arsenal lost the game. He did not seat at the right corner of the chair. The coach is brainless and backwards in his thinking. Little surprise his team plays that way. Emery please just go.

  7. Arsenal has been unbeaten for 8-matches and lost today and y’all are saying Emery should leave the club.
    You guys should be patient with him, the players performance this season is far below bar.
    Though he has his own errors, keeping Ozil out is not the best decision and Zhaka should not be in the first team..

    • Oh you are right in some way but the reason is that his mistakes keep on adding every day and the team can’t take it. If he continues to make such mistakes next year arsenal will not play any ero games

      • No style of play is what we are complaining about. Our game is to easy enough to read, creativity is at it’s lowest, best players left at home and on the bench, ignorance and arrogance..,..We can’t fucking take it any more. During the game you could see his frustration when Leno decided to play long rather than start from the back. If something ain’t working it’s not working. A spade be called a spade

    • We can’t be patient with this ugly football that arsenal are playing now, no creativity at all, very poor game, a game you can’t even follow. A doubt if Emery knows anything in football, he is a gumbler

    • A manager with more than 20 yrs is dropped for not making it to champions league. How can one be patient with this guy. I never remember of any dressing room issues and not playing someone for pure ego… He has to go….

  8. I was excited when Emery was appointed, due to his half decent record of success, but it’s obvious he really hasn’t got a clue tactically or style wise. The persistence in playing from back is destroying Arsenal and putting the defence under rediculous pressure every game. He doesn’t seem to have any kind of game plan and refuses to play his best team now they are fit. Arsenal have become a mid table team at best now and are awful to watch. Sorry Uni, but please leave now for the sake of Arsenal.

  9. Back in the days when Wenger was our head coach
    Arsenal play nice game, create many chances and always threat to all the teams but now A useless man have taken on and the loss all their winning sprite, no nice play, no wins and no no no no……….!! It continues that way its time ? now Emery Must go!!! For the best of the team

  10. This guy is is wasting Arsenal.Why not play Ozil? Saka’s time will come but at the moment not yet.I wonder why this man is treating the best a set Arsenal is having. Ozil must play.Pepe is not the best option .Unai must know his 1 st eleven. He is wasting Arsenal.

  11. Tonight we had fit and ready to play Bellerin Tierney Holding Torierra Cebellos Ozil and Lacazette. Now what do you do if your someone with at least half a brain. Well you’d start with Leno Bellerin Sokratis Holding Tierney Torriera Guendouzi Cebellos Saka Auba Pepe and as subs Martinez Kola Luiz Willock Ozil Martinelli Lacazette.

    But If your Unai Emery, you leave 2 of that team at home and bench 4 others. Then play Xhaka again, who cost us yet another goal with his inability to simply open his eyes to see hes keeping everyone onside. I mean he struggles to add anything cause well…. hes too slow on and off the ball and brain dead. The Emery plays Willock out of position as a 10 when Cebellos is on the bench. Willock is not a play maker especially against a well organised determined home team hes too similar to Guendouzi to be in the same 11.

    No wins in our last 4 away games, 2 wins in our last 7, this not good enough. We’ve drawn with a piss poor Utd, Spurs and Watford been stuffed by Liverpool an now beaten by Sheffield Utd. Who no disrespect they deserved to win only because we let them.

    This is the worst Arsenal squad for creativity I have seen for 23 years. With this in mind, Emery leaves Ozil out of the squad and Cebellos on the bench. We do need a change Emery is a great mid table manager hes not a top manager which is what we need. Hiddink Ancelotti Nieglesman Howe Vieira or Arteta anything but this gurking moron

  12. Spot on analyses. To the Ozil belivers, fotball has changes. We need athlethes with a hard work mentalitet, AND skills. Ozil would have been scared and hide behind his big left defender, again…

  13. Emery just go, you are visionless, haven’t seen such ugly football played by arsenal. We need creativity in midfield, so we want Ozil in the pitch not these grumblers

  14. We are losing 1-0 and Leno and his defenders are more preoccupied with goal kicks than attacking the opposition. The football is pedestrian and predictable and I’m embarrassed by the team’s display tonight!

  15. You get found out in the Premier League and Emery is just not up to it.

    Remember last season when we collapsed in the last 8 games and missed out on 4th place by a single point? That was criminal!

  16. Unai is a massive fraud and has to go if we are to “smell” top four. His team selection has consistently shown he he does not have the capacity to manage our club

  17. Please if we know what is right for our team let us just team up for this man to leave our club, i’m really missing our able coach whom i always cherished and loved (ARSENE WENGER). Please let EMERY leave us, let him leave us tomorrow. FUCK!!!

  18. Haaaaa u guyz r talking as if u just gave straiht win for arsenal in ur “BETS”……unai out bse of first loss out of 8games played…thats being unserious…..
    HE Should change how to start those players in the midfield… but not to leave……

    • Ja fo sho “WE ARE ALWAYS GUNNERS” but with no AMMO this time around…., let this porn star leave the Great Arsenal. He probably has the best squad in the EPL but can’t f***…..even Eddie Jones can come and do far much better after the Rugby World Cup….

  19. I blame Emery for Arsenal defeat today. Just imagine picking Willock ahead of Ceballos. Line-up nonsense, formation shit… Am sick and tired of this two old men pairing, Luiz and Sokratis.

  20. For sure emery is the most stupid coach i hve ever seen I wish i was a boss i wud jst chase da mediocker today

  21. Anyway this is football…we r neither liverpool nor the invicibles to win all games…….UNAI WILL LEAVE SOON…AND THE NEXT MANAGER WILL ALSO LEAVE AFTER PLAYING 8MATCHES AND LOOSING TWO OF THEM……Hmmmmmm…gunners lets get serious…

  22. unai emery needz to try his luck somewhere, we are tired of coach who has no ambition of winning trophies at the club, alwayz gamble thing on da touch line. we need new challenge!!!!!’ unai must go..,,!!!

  23. Emery is not a coach and he is not only a specialist in failure but an idiot who doesn’t learn and can never learn. Please arsenal remember the money you have wasted this season and as I am seeing things, this man is not going to deliver rather another season of failure and for sure we are going to miss out on our top players soon if nothing is done by sacking that idiot called emery…. Lastly qualities coach are available therefore go for them before it turns late because gambling with this idiot is a pure set back or if you cannot please bring back our ARSENE

  24. Emery is not fit for Arsenal.. He’s too dull for my liking.. He can’t read football on the pitch.. He lacks team selection so I consider him a bad coach.. He doesn’t take advise.. He should be sacked immediately.

  25. i have never seen arsenal playing such ugly game …no game plans,no tactics,n played to the opponent games ..lastly no coach..why pay emery extra money.get rid of coward emery

  26. This Coach Is boring arsenal fans due to his team selection. we nolonger need those small boys such as willock, nelson, saka because they don,t have any game reading in their mind. even sead and luiz they sh’d be dropped out. Tierny, Ozil, Cebalos,holding And Laca Sh’d Be Regular Starters. So Emery Sh’d Alway Take Advices Of The Fans If He Don’t Want To Be Sacked.

  27. Guys thanks all for your comments, but to tell you the truth ,if arsenal fail to unlock other teams defences we are at risk of losing the top 4 . What causes this it’s only one man not playing because of the history of abusing each other in Spain . If the manager does not stop this ,he is already in trouble even if it was me yesterday arsenal would have wonjust to put ozil ,auba, laca and Neil’s up front as I do not trust Pepe

  28. You can’t win games with kids. Emery should solve his issues with Ozil. No creativity, no zeal, no confidence……Wenger even better.

  29. How can you play chambers at right back and leave belerin on the bench. Hiw can you start wilock and leave ceballos/ Ozil. How can you sub pepe instead of saka. This man has no clue on what he is doing. He needs to go, he has to go, he must go. UE must go.

  30. This is EPL…Willock ,Saka still have along way to go….The center halves are defending like high school boys…..what ashameeeeeeeeeee

  31. Thiz z ridiculus! The team lucks creativity, ceballous can do dat if he hates ozil. Silly emery. Out emery! Yo lack confidence and z really gambling at emirates

  32. i cant believe UE is this much stupid,u ugly u don’t know football,u don’t have game plan,u don’t know who to start…….we have the best players but we are losing and watching the ugliest match please leave before we fucked up some more

  33. It is not enough to write here. Let’s all start the chant. If the board can listen to us in Wenger’s case, they will easily in Unai.
    Unai Emery is a championship manager considered for Arsenal job.
    For God’s sake, these guys should spare us heartache and show this man the way out.
    Let’s start the chant – “Emery Out”

  34. “Emery Out” is the way to go.
    Enough of this madness.
    How can I spend money to go and watch my team succumb to a just promoted team.
    There was no game plan, no hunger, no creativity.
    Don’t get me wrong, there can be bad days but, what has been happening in Arsenal is unbelievable – a manager with an ego problem who has always failed to manage big players in his team.
    Guys, let’s start this project of getting this Unai or whatever they call him out.
    He knows next to nothing.
    Enough is enough.
    Let the chant begin – Emery out!!

  35. Am saying this for several times that this man Emery is not a good coach sick Arsen Wenger is better than this empty barrel called coach did you think PSG is crazy before they allow him to go? This man will finish this great club if you don’t sack him immediately.. No single pattern, No direction for the club under this empty barrel coach, SACKED HIM NOW.

  36. As soon as I saw the team sheet I just knew what could/would happen ! Why didn’t Emery play Tierney ? He was excellent when he was given the chance . He can tackle and is fast going forward and beats defenders getting in good crosses. Kolasinac tries but is not in the same class. The same goes for Chambers – Is Bellerin not fit enough to play ? He , again , is much better . Sadly I’ve come to the conclusion that Xhaka is not quick enough to react to situations and still gives away needless free kicks in dangerous places. Lacazette should have started with Aubameyang ! Torreira with Guendouzi rather than Xhaka at the moment . Also Saka instead of Pepe ( who will be good but needs time to adapt – should be on the bench for the moment ).

  37. Let us be honest first. Our football club is dying of natural causes under the new ownership of Stan Kroenke. We have a board that is not interested on the wellbeing of our beloved club.

    Other teams are challenging for the premier league every season and we are only focusing on qualifying for the top 4. Really?

    Arsenal players are not ruthless, aggressive and hungry for success, unlike other clubs. These players enjoy getting paid for doing nothing. To be honest, we have been taken for a ride by Arsenal Board.

    Unai Emery is not Arsenal material to coach the Club. I prefer to have our former players than him. The guy has no idea, tell me why start Joe Willock instead of Ceballos? When is he going to start Thienery, Bellerin and Holding? Chambers can do a better job than Xhaka in holding midfield.

    Think about this?


  38. Emer is not a coach. our style of playing has totally disappeared under his leadership, a team that used to entertained opener within their box is now playing an attracted football. play Ozil and you feel the different.

  39. FFS I am sick and tired of this dick head called Emery. The sooner he leaves the better for arsenal. I was so pissed watching us play against Sheffield. We r playing against a well organized team & very stubborn team, Emery thinks Ozil is worse to d extent of playing Willock ahead of him? How on earth would you start Willock and put Ceballos on the bench? Willock is neva a natural 10, he’s more like Guendouzi. Tierney, Holding, Bellerin, Laca and Torreira are all on d bench and Ozil is not even good enuough to no longer make our bench ??? This is criminal. The sooner Emery realizes Ozil is badly needed in our midfield d better for his Job. Kolasinac, Luiz/Sokratis, Xhaka, all needs to be dropped with immediate alacrity. Saka, Willock, Nelson & d rest young lads are all promising players & their time would surely come,but they need to start from d bench in intense Epl games like this & we play our strongest players. U can start d young lads in cup games so they gain momentum u dnt throw them in away games as physical and difficult as this. N.Pepe is still adapting & he’s begging to make his stamp, was our better player in d match bar d glaring chance he missed, no doubt he would come good for us, just a matter of time.
    Emery has no pattern of play, no identity, no ideas, boring to watch no creativity at the least. His lineups are criminals and can’t even make proper substitutions. We’ve been struggling and it was glaring against Sheffield Utd.
    Conclusively Unai needs to leave our club asap if we want to make the top four at the end of the season. We’re tired of being mediocre club.

  40. really i am tidy and sick of this coach. we have young players(saka,willock and other) talented. but it doesn’t they need to play every time and they are not ready. instead of aiming to win a epl or to be top 4 ,you aimed to promote young players in first team while we are losing. yesterday you use 3 defensive midfielder instead of using one of them: ceballos, ozil or smith coz you prefer young player. we have toreira for xwaka, tierney for kolasinac and holding.

  41. NOO please …….I think Emry has to put his personal issues aside and give mesut ozil game time because there is no way you you can expect a team like Arsenal to play with out an established play maker. 78% ball possesion but zero goal.how on this planet can you convince any one unless is your mother that saka or even willock should play ahead of the EX Germany international.Emery’s failing to handle big name players (Neymar and Cavani) handed him a sack at parish and the same thing might happen to him at the English capital if he does not change.

  42. Still, there is no progress for arsenal under the new boss Uni Emery. The club lost its identity of pressing football. Emery is stubborn and his ability to read the game is very poor. Arsene Wenger can achieve better than Emery with the current squad. Arsenal became boring and an average club now. The club needs immediate sacking of Emery. Replacing him by the legends of the club like Freddie Lundberg and Patrik Veria is a better solution. Please let us get rid of stubborn Emery. His treatment for the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexander Lacazzete shows how rigid he is. Let the club sack him and see other alternatives.

  43. This coach is just a tinker-man no game plan at all…..just sack him and hire some one else.if he faild to perform with the likes of neymar,dimaria,cavani,mbampe et ell ,how do you expect him to perform with those of saka,wilock and those other young players.they are not bad players as per say but they cant handle the pressure.

  44. i swear freddie will do a better job… Emery is fucked af….. sometimes i wonder when people say emery shldn’t be sacked bcos of a stupid 8 game unbeaten run which were unimpressive apart frm uel, n carabao… i will continue to say this EMERY IS NOT THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB HE SHOULD BE SACKED… Freddie or le prof will do a better job…. EMERY YOU MF GET OUT OF MY CLUB, looks like i will prefer watchimg the young boys play on thursdays evening than the shit show emery puts up on weekend…. who believes freddie coached uel team will masacre emery epl team… i’m not saying freddie shld b given d job tho but it jst to show how arsenal has declined during emery’s era…. I repeat EMERY OUT

  45. With Emery in charge we rot, let Freddie hold fort on a caretaker basis until end of season for our hearts’ sake. Ozil, Bellerin, Tierney, Holding, Lacazzette and Chambers should be the spine of Arsenal yet have been relegated to peripheral figures by the stubborn Unai, only if he had any clue on the way forward he is just but a passenger. I am no coach but can do better than this dickhead

  46. Emery doesn’t know his squad. He leaves best players on the bench, others at home. He must explain to us his grudge with Ozil. We feel he must play at times so that we also judge his performance. So many of us don’t think he is that horrible the way you are putting it. Explain to us your differences.

  47. Emery has shown that he is not a cable coach or he cannot handle the club that was what he did last season against crystal palace that cost us the 4th place he has started again. He should go we need a better coach who will know how to carry and work with each players ability and deficiencies. Emery is too stereotype and stubborn. Watching videos of opponent all day long without knowing what to do is useless anybody can do that he lacks tactical knowhow

  48. We need no explanations.. Even when we win we look like Shit.. Get AW to caretaker until a proper coach is available..
    We look like crap. We DO NOT look anything like ARSENAL.

  49. Sorry guys, I didn’t bring enough tissues to go round….

    Those calling for Emery’s head, why not take a look at how the board dealt with Wenger. I personally think it’s highly unlikely the board will do anything whilst the season is in full swing.

    I agree with those who suggest team selection leaves a lot to desire, but I’m also fully aware that the season is long and we are still in all competitions so I’ll give him a break hoping that he’s thinking about keeping players fresh for later in the term.

    I’m also not forgetting that we lost Ramsey and does anyone here remeber how Kos upped and left at the end of the window.

    Maybe that sounds like I’m defending Unai…. I’m not, but I at the same time see no value in critisizing so early in the season.

    If you want your opinion to hold any value, then join the AST or similiar and have your say, but all we are doing with public outcries is feeding a mantra of negativity around the club and if you think that’s unlikely to have no effect on the players, why don’t you try supporting your families in the same way you support your club and see how long they stick around…

    Of course, these are just my meaningless opinions and you are all free to disagree.

  50. Fans we are fade up with the coach I don’t know what the bosses of club are thinking of that’s why he left psg he brought the same problems to arsenal our beloved club we are sorry we are sorry leave our club and ozil alone

  51. People are concerned we might not make top 4. We won’t even make top 6 if Emery is in charge for much longer.
    His team selections are shocking. He is not able to motivate the players. Wenger didnt have a plan B. Emery doesn’t even have a plan A.
    Lacazette liked a instagram post demanding Emery sacked.
    He’s lost the dressingroom.
    Sack him!!!


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