David Ornstein reports that Unai Emery WILL NOT get sacked

So it looks like this won’t be happening then…

David Ornstein, the ultimate authority on all things Arsenal, has just revealed that the club are 100% behind Unai Emery and that he will not be sacked.

If this was from anyone else, I would be doubting these reports but as we all know, what Ornstein says is the truth.

So where do we go from here?

We’ve just lost to Leicester City, we’re 9 points off 4th place and our season is already on the way to being a complete disaster. Yet, the people making the big money at the club – Edu, Raul Sanllehi, Vinai Venkatesham and Josh Kroenke, are all supporting a manager who is clearly out of his depth.

The news (via The Athletic) is just depressing.

What are they thinking? Do they not watch the same football we see week in week out? Are they ignoring all the hard statistics which show how awful our season is going? As another club owner has said before, what are they smoking over there at The Emirates?

The other sad part of all of this is that the board seem to think that the discontent from the fans is just ‘noise’ and that basically, what the fans think is irrelevant.

Well, if that’s the case then, we should stop going to the games and show the board that we’re serious in making sure the right decision is made at the club.

Because every man and their dog knows Arsenal are in free fall right now.


4 thoughts on “David Ornstein reports that Unai Emery WILL NOT get sacked

  1. Exactly the reason Arsenal will remain a second tier force. Chelsea would have sacked him and r-ecompeted. Our punishment is to suffer Unai Emery. Our chiefs do not have ‘balls’. If you have a boil lance it, unless you want to be ill. Wake up Board, Sanllehi, Venkatesham and Krankies. It ain’t working!!!!!

  2. Am calling on all true lovers of Arsenal fans to let d Arsenal officials n dia coach buy tickets n watch d games. Let nt go 4 matches especially @ d Emirates; honestly these people r makin alot of money 4m us n r aloof of d happenins. D r nt disturbed cos whether Arsenal wins or loose their bank accounts keeps acumulating!


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