Should the Premier League have cancelled football matches in the wake of The Queen’s passing?

There has definitely been a difference of opinion in the wake of The Queen’s passing this week, regarding sporting events around the country.

All English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish football has been postponed this weekend as a mark of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the announcement, the response has been mixed shall we say!

A lot of people have said football shouldn’t have been cancelled, such as Piers Morgan:

And others, put their point across a bit more bluntly…

A lot of people have commented that the reason that the Premier League decided to cancel all fixtures this weekend was because they couldn’t trust football supporters to honour The Queen and would be disrespectful during any minutes silence or minutes applause.

The Premier League is a global brand, broadcast in over 180 countries around the world, and the Premier League didn’t want the risk of their brand being damaged by any kind of disrespect to the Royal Family which in itself is a global institution.

But what are your thoughts? Was cancelling the fixtures this weekend the right call? After all, they made the same decision in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland?

Or should the Premier League have followed suit of golf, cricket, rugby, tennis and motor racing and continued on, but shown displays of respect to their global audience?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section! ?