Falcao Not Coming To Arsenal – BBC Fall For Fake David Ornstein Twitter Account

As Arsenal fans were excited about the possibility of Radamel Falcao coming to Arsenal, it turns out it’s all a piss take which the BBC fell for.

On the official BBC Football website, it reports that Arsenal are in talks with Falcao for a years loan move but it turns out that the “source” David Ornstein, who is a respected BBC Sport reporter wasn’t from his official Twitter account, but from a fake David Ornstein account

As of right now, the official BBC Football website still has the “Falcao to Arsenal” transfer news, but I’m sure that will be removed once they realise their massive mistake.

With the thousands of ITK Twitter accounts, and people making fake accounts to spread even more shite, you just wonder if anything will be done by Twitter and the crap that’s being spouted to a large audience.

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3 thoughts on “Falcao Not Coming To Arsenal – BBC Fall For Fake David Ornstein Twitter Account

  1. The really sad thing is that Arsenal with Falcao could challenge for titles.Arsenal without him continue to be “also rans”.Wenger continues to make the same mistakes…no dynamic central midfielder,not enough in the way of proper defensive cover,no appropriate strategic game plan for higher ranked sides.

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