Arsenal’s Transfer Deadline Day Reviewed

So we come to the end of Transfer Deadline Day and now I’ve had time to calm down, I can go through what has gone on and give my thoughts on the whole day.

Before TDD, Arsenal had signed Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac, two players of real quality. Lacazette made the perfect start to his Arsenal career by scoring 2 minutes into his professional debut, and was unlucky to have a goal disallowed in his second game against Stoke after he lashed a shot into the top corner with his left foot. He started the Liverpool game on the bench and we all know what happened that day, but no fault could be attributed to the French striker.

Kolasinac looks like one hell of a player. He bossed it in the Leicester game and assisted Danny Welbeck for his goal. I missed the Stoke game but by all account he is a solid, determined player who gives it his all and will be a real asset to the club. He, like Lacazette, was strangely left on the bench for the Liverpool game.

So onto today. Transfer Deadline Day was always going to important to Arsenal (and the supporters) after the debacle at Anfield on Sunday. All the goodwill Arsene Wenger managed to retrieve after the FA Cup win, and the whole “catalyst for change” rhetoric over the summer gave Arsenal fans some hope. The atmosphere was toxic at times last season, with a lot of fans calling for Wenger Out. But winning a trophy helps and the signs over the close season looked promising – we signed players early, there were new people brought into the coaching team (although I haven’t actually seen Lehmann on the bench yet?) and we were told that we had around £150 million to spend.

£52.8 of that went on Lacazette, and Kolasinac was free. Added to that, we’ve sold several players such as Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gabriel, Gibbs and Szczesny meant we were actually in a £30 million profit.

We also left Lucas Perez go out on loan, as well as Joel Campbell and Carl Jenkinson. We rejected a £20 million bid for Calum Chambers and then we have the saga with Thomas Lemar and Alexis Sanchez.

What is going on at Arsenal?

Our defensive issues have been highlighted in recent times and we have conceded 8 goals in 3 games, the second worst defensive record in the entire league. Yet, we let Gabriel leave (who is a very good central defender), and Mustafi almost left and is apparently out of favour with Arsene Wenger. With defensive issues surely getting rid of centerbacks is counter productive?

With Gabriel’s departure and Mustafi and Mertesacker out of favour, our only real options in central defence are Rob Holding, Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Monreal – which is not a central defensive partnership that will be anywhere near competing for the Premier League title. Rob Holding is young, Koscielny is injury prone and Monreal is not a central defender but a full back. Calum Chambers is another player out in the cold so what the hell is going on?

So our defensive issues weren’t addressed on Transfer Deadline Day, and if anything Arsene Wenger wanted to sabotage himself and move on defenders!

Arsene Wenger has no idea as our midfield clearly needs strengthening but we sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (who was played as a wing back anyway) and don’t bring in another midfielder.

Then the whole Alexis Sanchez affair.

Look, I like him as a player but it’s clearly not working out. For months and months now he’s been unhappy, chastising his team mates almost on a weekly basis and showing his disappointment and distain for the club on the pitch. He’s a winner surrounded by losers and Arsene Wenger is delusional if he thinks Alexis is going to perform anywhere near his peak this season. Manchester City offered £60 million and anyone with an ounce of common sense would have bitten their arm off. Why turn that down just to let him leave for free in the summer?

I ask you this – has any other “big” club (or even small one for that matter) let a star player leave for nothing before?! Imagine Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, Cavani, Lukaku, Pogba or Suarez leaving for free? Are you insane?! The mind boggles it really does!

£60 million for a player who wants to leave and only has 12 months left on his contract? It sums up Arsenal that they couldn’t even get that right and completely cock it up.

And the Thomas Lemar situation is just as sad as it is pathetic. We could have got him weeks ago for about £70 million but our crack team of shit negotiators decide to wait until the last day and offer £92 million. Unfortunately Lemar turned us down and preferred Liverpool, but you wonder if we were really in for him after leaving it so so late.

The more likely explanation is that we went in late knowing fully well that it wouldn’t happen, and the £92 million was a complete red herring. I mean come on, think about it – Arsenal signing a winger for £92 million? Do you know how absurd that actually sounds!


Overall, a terrible Transfer Deadline Day and no encouragement whatsoever that this season is going to get better. No doubt that we’ll get a couple of wins on the bounce and pretend everything is okay, and then lose another game because of our midfield and defensive weaknesses and we will go through all this shit again.

Arsenal Are An Absolute Shambles! We Are A Joke Of A Club!! FFS!!

What a joke!

Just when you couldn’t think things could be any worse at Arsenal, they completely outdo themselves and completely f*ck up Transfer Deadline Day.

In terms of departures, Kieran Gibbs, Lucas Perez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all left for West Brom, Deportivo and Liverpool.

The supposed excuse for Arsenal not making any more signings was that we needed to trim the wage bill and yet we were only called into action once it seemed Manchester City were going to offer us £60 million for Alexis Sanchez, which would have been too good to turn down.

But it seems that our crack team of sh*t negotiators managed to f*ck up the deal for Lemar – apparently not knowing that he didn’t even want to join us.

Well done Arsenal, really.

Now Arsene Wenger will spin how strong we are as a club because of our “hard stance” on Alexis Sanchez, making him stay at the club.

Yes thats f*cking great isn’t it – we could have got £60 million for Alexis but instead have a player who hates playing for us and doesn’t want to be here! Plus he will leave in 12 months for FREE!!!

What a f*cking farce!

It’s just a unbelievable joke how badly this club is run – not in terms of making money because we do that well – charging the highest ticket prices in world football, selling off players so our transfer dealings result in more than £30 million profit – the football club is scamming their fans and I have just had enough!

A f*cking awful owner who doesn’t care about the club, a manager who is losing his f*cking mind and a chief executive who… actually what the f*ck does he do?!

I’m going for a sleep – wake me up when this sh*t is all over!

How Do You Feel About AOC Going To Liverpool? Vote Here!

After it was reported that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was on his way to Stamford Bridge, the transfer took a dramatic turn as The Ox apparently declined to move to Chelsea despite the two clubs agreeing on a £40 million fee.

The reason being that he thought he would be played as a wing back like he had done at Arsenal, and he has his heart set on playing in central midfield.

When I heard that I thought “fuck, we’re screwed as which other team is stupid enough to buy an average player?!”. Fortunately for us, Liverpool are one such team.

After buying legends such as Andy Carroll, Steward Downing, Bruno Cheyrou, Robbie Keane, Salif Diao and Andriy Voronin, it seems as if the Merseysiders are happy to make Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain their second most expensive signing ever, even though they already have far superior midfielders such as Jordan Henderson, Emre Can and Georginio Wjinaldum – who I’d pick well before letting Oxlade-Chamberlain in central midfield.

But how do you feel about his departure? Is it a case of good riddance? Or will you be crying into your Wheetabix tomorrow morning?

Cast your vote here and leave your thoughts below!

£40 Million For Oxlade-Chamberlain? Have We Won The Lottery?!


After Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain turned down a reported £180,000 per week to stay at Arsenal, it seems that he is finally moving on – moving to Chelsea for £40 million.

£40 million?! For an average player who only has 12 months left on his contract?

Even by today’s crazy, insane, ridiculous and unbelievable transfer fees, this one takes the biscuit.

Refer to my tweet below:

In a season where the atmosphere is toxic amongst the Arsenal fans, at least this is a bit of good news.

Make No Mistake, Alexandre Lacazette Is A Huge Downgrade On Alexis Sanchez

With the signing of Alexandre Lacazette imminent, Arsenal will complete their second signing of the summer, after bringing in Sead Kolasinac from Schalke.

And the reported fee of around £52 million will mean we have smashed our transfer record by some margin, eclipsing the fee paid to Real Madrid for Mesut Özil in the summer of 2013.

But is this guy any good?

Well from what I’ve seen, he scores a lot of penalties. And he’s quite quick – not Thierry Henry or Theo Walcott quick, but not as slow as Olivier Giroud.

He’s scored a lot of goals in Ligue 1 but so had Giroud. I’m a bit conflicted about his signing and if every Arsenal fan was honest with themselves, they know in their hearts that Alexis Sanchez is the far better player – and unfortunately signing Lacazette will mean the departure of Sanchez.

It’s clear that with Alexandre Lacazette is a replacement for Alexis Sanchez. Manchester City are reportedly willing to pay £50 million for the Chilean, co-incidently a similar fee that we’re going to pay for Lacazette.

Alexandre Lacazette’s scoring record is good but in comparison to Alexis Sanchez’s 30 goals and 13 assists for Arsenal last season, they are inferior. Of course, football isn’t all about statistics but for all of Arsenal’s talk of winning the Premier League title then this signing is significantly below our expectations.

I don’t doubt that Alexandre Lacazette is a decent player. But after all the drama with Arsene Wenger’s contract situation, the abuse aimed at the Arsenal manager, then the club talking about pushing on next season and wanting to win the Premier League – it’s clear they need to sign world class players who are ready to help the club reach that next level.

Will Kolasinac and Lacazette do this? I highly doubt it.