Arsenal Need To Cancel Vardy Transfer

The Vardy transfer saga trundles on and doesn’t look like finding a resolution any time soon – Roy Hodgson has made it clear that while on England duty that no players get involved in transfer deals or contract negotiations – and rightly so in my opinion.

So it’s been accepted that we aren’t going to find out Vardy’s decision until after the Euros have finished.

But that is exactly why Arsenal should count themselves lucky and pull out of the deal while they still can – take the offer away from Vardy before he does decide he wants to play for Arsenal.

Vardy is torn between staying at Leicester and moving to Arsenal for several reasons. The first is because of the contract situation – Arsenal have apparently offered a 3 year deal and £120k a week, while the Foxes have countered that with something around the £90k mark but have offered that on a 4 year deal. So the supposed dilemma is deciding which deal is better.

But surely we should only want players who want to play for Arsenal? If he doesn’t want to come then don’t! There’s plenty of other strikers out there.

Some of Leicester’s players have also “begged” Vardy to stay and that has apparently made things much harder for Vardy.

Let’s be honest, this whole saga is a bit of a joke and at the end of the day if he thinks he can get a better deal elsewhere or is waiting for a better offer then good riddance I say. 

If he doesn’t want to join The Arsenal, then just don’t come – we’ll still move on and move forward.

There have been reservations about whether Vardy can cut it at Arsenal anyway and it would be suicidal if Arsenal were to wait until after the Euros had finished just to see if Vardy wanted to come – in that time we could have been lining up other deals for other potential strikers.

So I beg you Arsenal, cut your losses and move on! 

Vardy Delay Means He Won’t Be Signing For Arsenal

At the weekend we were told that “Vardy would decide his future” on Monday morning, with reports suggesting that 11.30am was the “deadline” for Vardy to choose whether he wanted to join Arsenal or stay at Leicester City.

The financials are that after being on £40k a week at Leicester, Vardy signed an improved deal in February which earned the England striker £80k a week. Arsenal have apparently offered Vardy £120k a week while Leicester have apparently offered an improved deal, which will probably be close to what we’re offering given the generous owners at Leicester City.

After the 11.30am deadline passed, we were told we’d have s verdict later in the day. Now a decision still hasn’t been made and people are wondering what is going on.

The bottom line is Vardy isn’t convinced about joining Arsenal and has probably has assurances for the Leicester City owners that they will strengthen the squad and have a real go at retaining the Premier League title.

Claudio Ranieri has always said he hopes all the players stay one more season before deciding weather to move on and considering the heroics and good faith he’s earnt over the last season, you wouldn’t blame some of the players staying on and entering a new exciting era at Leicester.

People, incorrectly I might add, have assumed that Vardy to Arsenal was a done deal, because we’re a big club. Well if you compare Premier League titles over the last 12 seasons, Leicester beat us don’t they? Maybe Vardy isn’t excited about finishing in the Top Four year after year and would actually like to play for a team with great team spirit and actually fights to win matches.

If I was Jamie Vardy I would think twice about joining Arsenal. Yes, you would play with some top players but do you want to play alongside warriors and fighters like you have at Leicester, and have fun while playing – or be comfortable in a side that quite frankly, are full of timid, pampered little boys who have no leaders or direction on the pitch?

Jamie Vardy is 29 years old and this would be his last big move so is weighing up all his options. Would you join Arsenal?

Vardy is waiting for a better offer and won’t be joining Arsenal.

Arsenal’s New Signing Is Vastly Underwhelming

Arsenal have started early with their transfer business, signing Granit Xhana from German side Borussia Monchengladbach for around £25 million, which could rise to £35 million depending on various add-ons, etc.

Just like the signing of Mohamed Elneny, it is another uninspired acquisition. Like the Egyptian I have no doubt he is probably a decent player but it smacks of hypocrisy from Arsene Wenger. After years and years of not signing players, using the excuse that he would only add players of “top, top quality”, Arsene has signed two players who, let’s be honest, no-one had really heard of before joining Arsenal.

Of course, just because they’re not a well-known name doesn’t mean they’re not good, but by the same token an established name is just that because they have a reputation of performing at the highest level. Elneny and Xhana don’t strike me as the “top, top quality” Arsene keeps on harping on about.

Unlike most Arsenal fans I’m not afraid to admit (like when Elneny arrived) that I’d never heard of Xhana. And why would I? He comes from a mid-level team from Germany, so unless you’re a German football enthusiast then you wouldn’t have heard of him either.

Both Elneny and Xhana weren’t cheap either, costing a combined £40 million (and that’s a conservative figure). We have money in the bank to strengthen the squad but why not buy established talent?

Midfield is probably the one area we are well-stocked and Elneny and Xhana are probably more likely reserves to players like Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and Coquelin – replacing the outgoing Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky. Much more important to strengthening the squad would be signing a couple of central defenders and a striker who can actually score on a regular basis.

Unless Arsenal make some real top signings this summer, we are going to struggle badly next season.

Danny Welbeck Is Officially A Gooner – And I’ve Ordered The Shirt!

Well there we have it, Danny Welbeck is a Gooner.

And I’ve ordered the shirt!

What do you think of his signing?

We’ve paid £16 million for a striker that doesn’t have the best strike rate, but works really hard.

So is it a good signing for Arsenal? Have your say below:

Manchester United Fans Are Just Pathetic, Just Like Falcao

Last night it looked like Manchester City and Arsenal were in for Falcao, but instead the Columbian striker has moved to Manchester United in a one year loan deal.

Surprising is not the word – you would think he would have more aspirations than to be at a club that’s failed to win a single game this season and isn’t in the Champions League, but alas it’s clear that he is a mercenary of the biggest order.

Who else would join AS Monaco (a team in a rubbish league) and then Manchester United. Footballers get paid obscene amounts these days and you would think that ambition and glory would count for something – obviously not to Falcao though.

Unbelievable really. At least at Manchester City you’d be in the hunt for trophies, and at Arsenal it would be a similar story. But Falcao is just interested in making as much money as he can.

There was a part of me that did think we could bring in Falcao as our massive deadline day signing (just like we did with Özil last summer) but it looks like stubborn Arsene has got his way and will use Sanogoals for the foreseeable future.

The Manchester United fans are as pathetic as ever, constantly retweeting a post I clearly made in jest a few days ago:

However, the joke’s on them as Manchester United will still struggle to get in the Top 4 this season. They have Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao. Their signings smack of sheer desperation and how can you possibly accommodate all of those forwards?

The silver lining of course is that they are spending ridiculous amounts of money, getting themselves into even more debt and they still will miss out on Champions League football next season.