The Biggest 2 Weeks Of The Season Start At Old Trafford…

The Start Of A Killer 2 Weeks…

Arsenal have a huge 2 weeks ahead of them, with vital games against Manchester United, Portsmouth, West Brom, Villareal and Spurs. Then 3 days after that is the 2nd leg of the Champions League Semi-Final.

With so many games in such a short amount of time, you would expect Wenger to rotate the squad around – so you’ll probably see Sol making a few starts, and see Henry being rested a few times.

But let’s start with Manchester United this afternoon. Wenger will start with Adebayor, but will he rest Henry? Van Persie is waiting in the wings so it’s possible. Adebayor should prove to be interesting for Arsenal, since he brings that something different to the team – United might not be able to cope with him. I remember when Kanu came to Arsenal and no-one gave him a chance against the formidable Jaap Stam. Then he sold him with a beautiful feint and opened up the defence for Anelka to score. Brilliant skill…

The other players apart from the captain who have played a lot of games recently are Fabregas, Toure, Senderos, Flamini, Gilberto and Eboue. Toure and Eboue will start because they have energy to burn, and Gilberto is now a calming influence on the young kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaby came in for Fabregas though, especially after his impressive display against Aston Villa last week.

On the wings, Wenger has a few options including Freddie, Hleb, Reyes or Pires – and even Theo could make an appearence today. He’s been on the bench for almost every first team game since he joined so Arsene must think he is ready to give something to seniors. Don’t be surprised if he contributes something to the United or Pompy game.

United themselves are on a great run in the Premiership, since being knocked out of the Champions League by Benfica and they have won their last 9 league games, are only 7 points behind Chelski and visit Stamford Bridge for a 6-pointer at the end of the month.

They are going to give absolutely everything (as if they needed any more reason to beat us), and if Arsenal are to win they will have to give 110% and stand up to United’s physical approach. United are dangerous from most areas of the pitch, especially with Rooney in great form, but they also know how to mix it up and put the boot in when necessary.

So if Arsenal let United intimidate them it’ll be difficult to get 3 points.

A team with Diaby, Gilberto, Freddie & Hleb would make more sense, as Pires and Reyes aren’t really suited to physical games. Adebayor knows how to look after himself and if Henry doesn’t start then Van Persie is ready to prove what he can do.

I have a sneaky feeling that Henry might be on the bench today, and that would really mess with United mentally – don’t Arsenal think enough of us to start Henry?

From recently memory, we’ve actually done better at Old Trafford without Titi, with the 1-0 winner from Wiltord to clinch the league in 2002, and the 2-0 win over United in the FA Cup the season after, with goals from Edu and Wiltord again.

There probably won’t be too many goals in it but Arsenal always make chances and I can see Arsenal winning by the odd goal. I predict Arsenal will win 2-1, with goals from Adebayor and Toure.


18 thoughts on “The Biggest 2 Weeks Of The Season Start At Old Trafford…

  1. I agree about the rotation thing, but I think he won’t change it until the Pompy game – United are just too big for swapping players around and Wenger will stick with the same team that did so well at Juventus.

  2. i just remember the f*ckin dive my mr potato head last season and when ljungberg was throu ferdinand took him down and shud have been sent off! cheating b*stards!

    come on arsenal!!!

  3. How can you say they dive!!!! Ha ha ha! You are the most diving team I’ve ever seen in any english league…!!!!!

    I really hope sol starts, he’s f**king w**k

  4. You will beat Man Utd 2-1. Ha ha ha. What planet you from. You will get spanked no matter which team you put out. The only reason you have put a good run together is that you have played most of your last 6 games at home against mediocre teams, (Villa, Charlton, Ageing Madrid and Juventus teams) and Liverpool where you had the ref and Gerard on your side. You are going away to a good team now and your limitations away from home will be exposed yet again. 3-1 to Man utd. By the way I think you will also draw at Portsmouth.

  5. Cool it MU fans. Your abusive language will pull you down to Chelski’s level. Show some Arsenal class will you? Arsenal have been a wonderful advertisement for English soccer. May the better team on the night win.

  6. “You will get spanked no matter which team you put out.”
    “You are the most diving team I’ve ever seen in any english league”

    who could doubt such intelligent well thought out comments?!
    why do so many sp*ds and man u fans get on these Arsenal sites?

    yeah I think I have heard that Henry is not starting, but RVP and adebayor can offer us a lot of work up front. Diaby should play in my opinion but we will miss Fab if he is rested. I agree that reyes and pires should not play, particularly reyes.

  7. robin van persie will be important in the champions league and premiership run in, and i hope he starts today against united – that should give him some confidence and he can hopefully get some valuable games under his belt.

    henry is our only real stiker in europe, so the progress of van persie will be vital if we need to mix it up and score more goals – hleb, ljungberg, pires and reyes haven’t been helping henry as they could/should be and against villareal that will be important. diaby also needs more games under his belt – the run in will show whether we have the squad to compete.

  8. “There probably won’t be too many goals in it but Arsenal always make chances and I can see Arsenal winning by the odd goal. I predict Arsenal will win 2-1, with goals from Adebayor and Toure.”

    Got any more tips?

    Arsenal for the CL perhaps, beating Barcelona?

    Wake up.

  9. well, you lot sure do talk a good game dont you? you were s**t. never been a man u fan before and never will again, but thanks for a great afternoon any way scummers.

  10. oh what a laugh, outclassed and outplayed!!!!

    now Pires, cole, Van Percy, Lunberg, and the Pikey boy dont dive do they lol

    your a one man team and when he doesnt play your nothing!!!!!

    god you had better pray he doesnt go to Barcelona in the summer.

  11. Hey gazzap, guess what you got spanked 🙂 and Fab wasn’t rested but you still missed him Tee hee. So, the better team won on the day (as I predicted, but I gave you the flattery of actually scoring, 3-1 I said) now for the draw against Portsmouth. And your so called superkid Fabregas was so great that he had to be hauled off. Get used to the arse without Henry. A sign of things to come methinks. I can’t understand Wenger’s tactics, why rest Henry today? surely it would have been wiser to rest him against Portsmouth in midweek. Anyway your fixture pile up will work to our advantage in the race to finish 4th. I look forward to April 22nd eagerly.

  12. Funny, very funny. Goals from Adebayor and Toure?!?!?! Move over Mr Hanson, this guy is clearly an expert! It’s the first real premiership test you’ve had in a while and you fluffed it. I would laugh so hard if this sparked a total collapse of your season what with so many crucial games coming up for you bunch of scummers…. we shall see

  13. OOH, 5 points now. Wednesday’s game at Portsmouth is massive now, need something from that one, the pressure is on.

  14. Haha! All you Yids having a go at Fabregas – he’s been carrying an ankle injury for the past few weeks. And even the best can’t play well in EVERY game. Oh right, I forgot about super Danny Murphy…

    Maybe you should worry about your own team instead of coming to Arsenal websites?

    Wow, obviously all Spurs fans do is look for Arsenal website to comment on. In the meantime, we’ll be planning our journey to the Champions League Semi-Finals.

    We’ll see how Sp*rs do against United next week…

  15. 5 points looks bad, except we’ve still got a game in hand, spurs have to play an in-form united next week and we’ve got spurs at highbury.

    come on arsenal!!


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