This Is It! And I Can’t Wait!

Come On Arsenal!

This is what life is all about – the highs, the lows and everything in between. Wednesday night is going to be one of the best nights of any Gunners life. This is what dreams are made of.

We’ve known since we progressed against Villarreal on the 25th April we would be in the final.

But for me, it just hasn’t sunk in yet.

I’ve been nervous about the game for the last few weeks now, not because I don’t think we can beat Barcelona – of course I think we can. I’m nervous because we are on the brink of something special. And that something special is the biggest night in Arsenal’s history.

It has been a rollercoaster season for The Gooners, and for it to end in the Stade de France is stuff fairytales are made of. As you can tell I’m getting pretty emotional and it’s still a couple of days away!

The players might have been inconsistent in the league, but in Europe they have been simply outstanding. Even though the British media might be underestimating our achievements, I think what Arsenal have done this season is exceptional and you cannot overstate what has been achieved.

Remember before we met Real Madrid? Arsenal had no chance. Real had won their last 10 games and scored god knows how many. Once we beat them at the Bernabeu Real were ‘a faded force’.

Then against Juventus, we didn’t have a chance either. The Italian giants were 18 points clear in Serie A. And we beat them as well. Afterwards people would say that Juve were full of old players who were past their prime!

Apparently in Spain, Barcelona are expecting to beat Arsenal easily and lift the cup.

But Arsenal have been fantastic in Europe – Jens Lehmann has yet to concede a goal in the Champions League this season. And I don’t think he’s going to start doing so on Wednesday!

Yes, we have to face Eto’o and Ronaldinho, but we’ve shut out Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Robinho, Raul, Ibrahimovic, Trezeguet, Nedved and Adrian Mutu.

We’ve got nothing to fear.

The cocky Catalans think Arsenal will be a walkover. They can think what they want.

As the Real Madrid and Juventus ties showed us, Arsenal are a better team when they are the underdogs.

Through adversity, comes great strength.

We all know Barcelona have a great attack, but so do Real Madrid.

Their weakness is in defence.

Gio van Bronkhorst is a decent player but Eboue & Hleb should have some luck down that side of the pitch, and Belletti or Oleguer at right back won’t scare Cole/Flamini and Reyes on the other flank.

And Marquez and Puyol won’t be a match for Thierry Henry.

Arsenal will be confident going into the game against Barcelona, and if Arsenal manage to score the first goal Barcelona with have a hell of a job braking down our defensive unit.

That’s if Senderos returns, but that’s another story…


5 thoughts on “This Is It! And I Can’t Wait!

  1. people say real madrid were faded after we beat them and Juve are too old after we beat them, so what will people find to say about Barca if we beat them? I hate all these excuses from all those jealous tw*ts.
    Barca beat chelsea though so no one can say Barca are cr*p. and Villareal knocked Man u out of Europe but still people said that they were awful. They were in my opnion the best we have played so far.

    We Gooners know we played really well so far in the CL and we dont need to listen to all that cr*p.
    If we win it, people will point to Porto and say, the the best european team does not win the CL. But WE would be european champions. Porto WERE the champions. it does not matter how good you are, what matters is that you WIN.

    But I’d rather be playing Barca than say Bayern Munich, AC Milan or even Chelsea. An open attacking game of FOOTBALL is what we Gooners like best. Come on you Gunners!!

  2. When we beat Barcelona all the talk the next day will be how Barcelona have got a weak defence and how Arsenal were lucky to meet Barcelona. But I dont care. I know Real Madrid and Juve are really good teams despite of the ageing excuses, and we brushed them aside, especially Juve. I think the Final will be a lot closer than people think. Reyes will rip Beletti apart as will Hleb and Eboue do to Van Bronkhorst. Cesc will out play edmilon and Henry will score the 1st goal. Arsenal 3-1Barcelona.

  3. Yes, I am just praying that P. Sanderos comes back for Wednesday too.
    I don’t mind if Cole gets in over Flamini; but I would prefer Flamini first, beacause the way he plays lifts our the team’s spirit.
    The defense set up will be the main key to beat Barcelona on Wednesday.


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