Thank God The Campbell Rumour Gets Stronger…

There are reports now that Sol Campbell might join Fenerbahce because they offer a ‘new challenge’, and not just because they have offered a lot of money.

Well that’s good to know.

He also talks about how he’s focused on England and then will decide his future after the World Cup.

Thanks for talking about Arsenal and how they stuck by you when you decided to f*ck off in the middle of a London-derby.

The sooner we get rid of him the better.


28 thoughts on “Thank God The Campbell Rumour Gets Stronger…

  1. am glad too that we’re(arsenal) yet to offload sol,after the blanders in the middle of the derby & his poor performance in second leg.
    well am praying hard that wenger lands, footballers like torres,perdeson &ladley king.thanks

  2. tell you what, fuck that cunt. seriously fuck him

    i cant be bothered to deal with his fucking tantrums anymore…

    yes i know he done well in the past, and yes i am very greatful, but the way he has handled him self this year has been an embarassement to our club
    and the club is bigger than any player, walk out at half time, get your wages cut in half i say. stupid fat cunt

  3. i think that is rather a bitter article. Sol came back and scored for us in the cl final. i wish him well of he goes and would have a preference for him to stay

  4. Hahaha,

    Some pretty strong words from Ambrose there!!!

    Tho personally I agree. At no point did Sol ever come out and apologise to the fans about what happened against WHU. He’s way past his best now anyway and even if we let him go for nothing then it’d free up a massive wage bill for someone else.

    I’m just a bit worried about Wenger’s words saying that there may not be any more signings!!! He said that last year and we all thought “haha well the man’s just being shrewd and he’ll bring in a massive star any day now”, then with one day to go we were all still chuckling to ourselves knowing that that “special one” was coming…….. Then nothing!!!

    That’s why we had such a shite first half of last season.

    I love AW (it is a brotherly love, not squelchy love) and I trust him completely. I just hope he’s being shrewd………..again!!!

  5. Sorry Jason, but fuck that…!

    A hell of a lot of Gooners bit their tongue, when Sol walked off, because we knew what he had done for the club in the past, but to then not hear a single word of apology and to claim nothing was wrong the whole time from him & his agent, was embarrassing to himself and the club.
    Could you imagine if Rio had done the same at Macsville USA? Would they welcome him back, with open arms, if he threw a tantrum?
    Yeah, he scored in the Champions League Final and fair play to him… i went fucking ape-shit in the Stade de France when he did, but not once has he thanked the Arsenal players, fans or staff for sticking by him, through all his off field problems and all his done is bang on about his England career! So sorry Sol! thanks for the memories, but time to fuck off and stop making us look like a bunch of cunts… and then you can go to as many film premiers as you want.

  6. Martinho,

    Don’t know about the rest but Ledley King’s only recently signed a new 4 year deal with Spurts.

    Would love to see him do a Sol tho (that’s come to us from Spurts, not throw his boots in the bath and walk out in a big gay strop after half a shit game haha)

  7. what was the big deal Sol walking off – he’d been substituted and was plainly not fit… he doesn’t owe us any apology or anything else… i’ve never been a big Sol fan – always thought he was a bit slow… but the vitriolic comments i’ve read here are just astounding – show the man a bit of respect

  8. Scruss,

    I’m in no way a Sol-hater, but do you think he showed the fans the same amount of respect as we’ve shown him over the years? The bloke earns about 90 grand a week and he can’t even stick around with his team mates for half a game when he’s substituted. To me that shows a massive lack of respect.

    But saying that I do wish him luck when he goes

  9. your all a bunch of pricks, he was fantastic for us for years, has one bad season and then what, you bunch of cocksuckers you make me ashamed to be a gooner

  10. you may feel my words are harsh, and indeed they are….but they are also fair.

    after he treated the club and the fans to a quick half. i havnt felt the same

    now dont get me wrong, a fit and sharp sol is a super strong player.

    i will never ever forget what he done for the club during his time here, esp the champions league final goal, and before he walked out on the team i was one of his biggest fans. since that day tho, i just havnt been able to forgive him, because all he talks about is england england england. and about how he will sort his future out after the world cup..

    i feel he has forgotten who pays his wages….

    ” jason morris Says:
    June 8th, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    and ambrose your commenst are a disgrace young man”

    thankyou, im glad i could please you

  11. So what did i actually say, that’s got your back up, so bad Adam? This is not only my opinion, but scores of Gooners i talk to, feel the same. Are we all wrong…?
    I’ve had a season ticket 10 years, i go up n’ down the country & abroad with the Gooners week in, week out, so i reserve what ever fucking judgment i want on a player who walks out on our club, at half time whether he’s sent off, substituted or had a nervous breakdown. If he came out n’ explained his action or apologised, I would forget it and sing his name (like i always have done). If you happy to hear your players talk about nothing but there country and constantly dismiss their club, that they are employed by, then fuck off n’ support Chelsea…

  12. adam, this isn’t a case of a once great player having a bad season and us turning on him. That would be like slagging off Dennis for his lack of goals in the last season or two – which would be criminal.

    This is about a once great player who due to his fragile state of mind has deluded himself into thinking he is still world class, and has massaged his ego into the size of a hot air balloon, to the point where he shows no gratitude to the club, no humility, and no signs of apologising to the people who pay his wages (ie US) for leaving the club in a precarious situation v West Ham. We can accept he had problems, but where is the loyalty and respect from him to us??

    If Sol had even half the decency of players like Dennis or Bobby, he would be respected far more, but sadly he has blotted his copybook this season, which is why most Gooners will be saying ‘thanks and good riddance.’

  13. The sad truth is that people, as much as we might like them to, dont always act with Grace under Pressure. Yes, he acted badly on the night and yes, theres been no apology forthcoming so far.
    But I never wanted or needed his apology. The best apology he can possibly give anyone is good performances on the pitch. Think about it, how much would his apology mean if it comes with poor performances? Not a damn thing!!
    So he seems to be about to leave. Good luck to him, I doubt I’d miss him any more than anyone else would.
    But until then we should all try to be a little more tolerant of a guy who was going through a rough patch, much like all of us do.
    And mind the language or I’ll have to wash some mouths out with Persil!!

  14. Clock End Gooner, i may be North Bank, but i have to say, you have a point! and a fucking good one at that! everyones entitled to their opinions adam! are you seriously saying your fine with any of our players, fucking off when they feel like it? whether they were subbed or not!? what happened to team spirit? especially when your classed as one of the more experienced players…!!

    You obviously have no quarms in expressing your opinions adam, but cannot relate to anyone elses! you sure your supporting the right team?? – didnt realise one gooner was more important than the other…

  15. Listen I have been a gooner for more years then most of you believe me, so don’t go confusing me with a spud after I have had my say.

    But to be honest I really can’t see where most of you are coming from with this story.
    This man has never been anything but a mercenary since the day he stepped foot over the threshold @ Highbury. (but I still think it’s funny).
    & I have always said that & will continue saying until he either he retires or leaves.
    So can someone tell me in his eyes what he’s doing wrong?

    The other thing I will say is, I was reading an article yesterday where he was quoted as saying that playing for a Turkish side would be an interesting development in his career, well I total agree with past experiences of the way they treat Black players!!!
    Well Sol you though you had some mental problem before mate. Good Luck then cos I think your going to need it?

  16. Hello Everyone….off topic…I have just found this site (I know…I must have had my head up my ass?)

    Is this site open to all? Is it open every day? Anyone on here from the 606 site?

    Ambrose…did you go to Oxford or Cambridge to study languages?? LOL 😉

  17. Lee,

    You really do have a point. Anyone who leaves the Spurts to join us will have a mercenary streak in them.

    I’m just disappointed that he never once came out and explained anything. I know he doesn’t owe us an apology, but I also know that if I were in the same position then i would’ve said something, even if it was complete and utter shite, just to try and smoothe things over with my adoring fans.

    But ultimately he is a mercenary, far more than Henry for example.

  18. I don’t think anyone has forgot about what Sol has done for us over the years – he’s been brilliant for us.

    It’s the fact that he just ran off after having a bad half against West Ham. What if everyone did that?! There is no explanation, nothing.

    And his comments about Fener aren’t endearing either – all he talks about is Fener and deciding if he wants to go or not. How about wanting to stay at Arsenal?

    He can go f*ck himself. At least Henry has some loyalty.

  19. Stop feeling sorry for Campbell – he’s well paid and does what most of us would love to do for a profession.

    He slunked off into the night, walking out on his team-mate, club and fans, and then expected everyone to be fully understanding about it. Bollocks, a condition of him ever being allowed to wear the Arsenal colour again should have been a full appology – particularly to the fans, who ultimately pay his wages.

    He walked out once, will probably do it again – hopefully next though it won’t be on Arsenal.

  20. Does anyone actually know why he just walked out on Arsenal?

    Or does he only stand by Arsenal when we’re winning? It’s funny how when Arsenal are winning doubles then he’s alright but when Arsenal struggle for the first time in about 10 seasons he decides to bugger off when the going gets tough!

  21. Scooch,

    Good to see someone with a once of sense, however as for his apology you’ll wait a long time.

    You mentioned Henry in the same bracket, not for me mate he is the heart beat of the club, now finally taken over from Tony Adams.
    He would have got his money anywhere in the world if not more, do know I have a sneaking suspicion all that shit he put us through last year, was a cunning plan devised by him & AW to put pressure on the board for money for this year.
    Let’s wait & see???

  22. Some people need to fucking calm the fuck down.

    Sol has pretty much been incredible for us.

    I hate the fact that some gooners are so hung up about the west ham game – you don’t fucking know what was going on in his life so back off.

    He left Spurs to join us on a free.

    Never forget that.

    He’s a true Arsenal legend so give him the respect he fucking deserves you cock munchers.

    Why did he leave the lane?

    45 years and still counting!

    Whatever he does, he has my support.

  23. Sol has been a rock for years and I give him support but I’m more interested in players who want to be at the club I love. If Sol wants to leave, that’s fine..we have Toure and Senderos, and I couldn’t be happier. Now Arsene Wenger will need to find cover for those 2. Sign one defender and one more world class player and I guarantee we won’t miss Sol in the upcoming season.

  24. Some people need to wake-up & smell the coffee.
    I also believe he’s “been” a very good player for us.
    But an Arsenal legend I don’t think so! The reason he came to us on a free was because by letting his contract run down from that shit up the road, (you must remember how he went about it) he knew he would double or probably even treble his wages with a short walk to Highbury. & still keep his interests going in London.
    Why did he leave the lane?
    Because he was playing beneath himself every week @ the time & because he knew that playing for the Ars would improve him all round £££, not because he was in love with the idea of playing for Arsenal.

  25. The only opinion that matters is Wenger’s and he says that he wants to keep Sol. OK, that might be public posturing and he will not resist doing a good piece of business.

    Nor would Sol!

    Whatever mistakes Sol might have made this season and however indifferent may have been his form, the key issue is whether we would have done as well without him over the past few year. The answer is no.


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