Rosicky Double / Van Persie Pleasure / Freddie’s Fire / Gunners in Germany

He Plays For Arsenal You Know…

Well the world’s biggest football tournament is officially underway, and here’s a little recap of how the Gunners are doing in Germany…

Germany won the opening World Cup game 4-2 against Coasta Rica, with Jens Lehmann conceding two goals against the seemingly awesome Paulo Wanchope! This guy just can’t stop scoring in the World Cup! Anyway, I’d say the two goals Germany conceded where due to, well, sh*t defending rather than anything Lehmann did (or didn’t do).

Then the big game on Saturday. England beat Paraguay 1-0 from an own goal from Gamarra after David Beckham sent in one of his trademark freekicks. Not much really happened after that – although I was too pissed to care when the final whistle came! Ashley Cole slipped a few times that on another day would have cost England – and it looks like he struggled (like all the other England players) in the heat. But that life lads – the other teams will have to play in that heat too you know! Sven took off Owen in the second half for Downing (please explain that one) and apparently his favourite player Owen Hargreaves made ANOTHER appearance. Don’t get me started…

Later on T&T managed to get a draw against Sweden against all odds. Caught bits of the game but Freddie looked lively enough and offered a decent attacking threat. Freddie apparently had another bust up with Melberg. Probably over Calvin Klein underwear no doubt. That or something over flat packs and fancy furniture.

Then Kolo and Eboue played for the Ivory Coast as they lost 2-1 to Argentina in the Group C opener. Kolo as ever ran all over the pitch but couldn’t stop the Argies scoring twice, with Saviola and Crespo on the scoresheet. Drogba managed to pull one back with about 7 minutes remaining but it was too late… Eboue didn’t look that great though. Still, the lad is young and you can forgive him for having one bad game. Well as long as it isn’t for Arsenal. Obviously.

Yesterday Holland beat Serbia & Montenegro 1-0 thanks to a goal from Arjen Robben. Didn’t see much of the game but apparently Robin Van Persie had a good game and he did create the goal so it looks like he’ll impress in the World Cup.

And then to the best news of the World Cup (not including England winning, obviously) which involved new signing Tomas Rosicky who helped the Czech Republic win 3-0 against the United States – scoring two brilliant goals.

Rosicky had a fantastic game and it appears once again that Arsene Wenger has pulled off a transfer coup. The guy was reported to be only about £6.8 million which looks like a right bargain now! His first goal must have been over 25 yards out and was a bullet into the corner, and his second was a cool chip after linking up well with Nedved.

Good to see Van Persie and Rosicky on good form!


5 thoughts on “Rosicky Double / Van Persie Pleasure / Freddie’s Fire / Gunners in Germany

  1. Tomas was awesome – let’s hope he blossoms out in the Premier League against the likes of the Bolton Bully Boys.
    He looks like an excellent replacement for Le Bob.
    He’ll look good in the return of the famous red and white shirt.

  2. Wenger is a genius! 🙂

    Rosicky was bloody awesome! Van Persie did well for Holland too – just hope the guy gets a decent run in the team for Arsenal next season!

  3. Rosicky looked the bollocks lads! Pure class!

    Looks like Sir Wenger has found, yet another gem!

    Arsene’ Knows!

  4. Apart from the bungle that let Ribery past him, Senderos was excellent. Made a goal-saving tackle, great distribution. With the advantage of familiarity that benefits defenders more than attackers, he had Henry in his back pocket most of the match.

  5. Had to add it was quite sad to see Vieira so pants. And Zidane fading – still a brilliant football mind, but not the body anymore. Made me grow nostalgic about all the stars I grew up admiring but now on the wane or extinguished – Bergy, Del Piero, Maldini, Desailly, Kluivert, Chapuisat, Rivaldo, Vieri, etc. Sorry, I need to go cry in a corner now.


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