Same Old Story With England? Probably…

For F*cks Sake!

I’m not sure what to think after the England game yesterday. We were top of the group, had 6 points, 2 wins and hadn’t conceded a goal.

We should all be happy right?

But the fact of the matter is Group B is a joke group.

Trinidad & Tobago are full of players who are comparable with a League 1 side. And that is not an exaggeration! Paraguay are a nothing team, who’s best player is an injured Santa Cruz.

Sweden are nothing special, but believe me will give England a good game.

The sad thing for England fans was that yesterday our best player – by a mile – was centre back John Terry!

I had to laugh through out the game when ‘expert’ co-commentator Gareth Southgate came would say how hard it is to play games against weak sides because there is too much expectancy!

Would you rather we played Brazil? Or maybe the Czech Republic?

There was no excuses this time. The wasn’t ‘too hot’ and the strange shadows on the pitch weren’t there anymore.

But maybe this is just all part of Sven’s masterplan.

Play absolutely shocking in the group stages, and no-one will thing we’re any good.

And once the knock-out stages begin then that’s when we play our real football!

I doubt it though – looking back on our 2002 & 2004 showings.

England have some great footballers, like Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney – but for some reason always hit 60 yard passes.

The reason is Beckham and Crouch.

With those two in the team, England refuse to play football!

Do England need to play so one-dimensionally?

Rant over.


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