Ronaldo Hatred Well Over The Top…

Ronaldo: England’s Scapegoat…

As you will have noticed everyone hates Ronaldo. The internet have websites hating him, the press are castrating him, and there is a big e-mail campaign to ruin his chances of winning the young player of the tournament by voting the other players over him.

The hate campaign after the England v Portugal match is just ridiculous.

So what has he actually done?

He got Rooney sent off.
Sorry, but the short-tempered scouser did that himself. I don’t think Ronaldo got him to stamp on Carvalho RIGHT in front of the referee.

He ran to the referee.
Well firstly almost EVERY team at the World Cup surrounds the referee when a major incident happens – Manchester United are the masters of it. If Ballack stamped on one of the England players I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t ask the referee to send him off.

He winked to the bench.
Well Ronaldo is an arrogant player. He was probably caught up in the moment – you are playing for your country in front of millions of fans worldwide.

He dives.
Yes, Ronaldo dives. We all know that. We’ve all known that for a long time. But he isn’t the only one – the Italians dive, most of the Portugese dive, the French aren’t squeaky clean and Michael Owen is one of the worst divers I have ever seen. But if he gets penalties against Argentina then it’s ‘alright’.

He’s a pretty boy.
Well I can’t comment on that one.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Ronaldo and being an Arsenal fan I have a natural hatred towards him – not as much as Van Nistelrooy but that’s another story.

I find it amazing that somehow people persecute Ronaldo for somehow ruining Englands World Cup Dreams.

I watched the Portugal game with a group of friends and couple of them were United fans. Anyway, every time he got the ball they would, well to say they were slagging him off would be an understatement.

Correct me if I’m wrong but has he even said he wants to move to Madrid?

And last night the constant booing throughout the game was over the top.

In the past Vieira, Henry and Cesc have been linked to Barca and Real but we Arsenal fans haven’t singled them out until we know what’s exactly going on.

Well I know Ronaldo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if the England team actually showed half the passion Ronaldo does then England wouldn’t have disappointed AGAIN.

The bottom line is that without Rooney losing his temper yet again Ronaldo isn’t an issue. So instead of painting Wayne Rooney as the golden boy why not realise it’s his fault for getting sent off?

There is no difference between Rooney’s red card and Beckham’s 8 years ago. Both were petty acts of petulance and both ruined England’s chances of progressing but the reaction to both of them is worlds apart.


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  1. u chat rubbish,

    ronaldo forced rooney to stamp on carvalho, then forced rooney to push him them forced the referee to send him off,

    oh and he scored the winning penalty when we couldn’t score more than 1,

    i’m being sarcastic by the way

  2. it is so sad that England have had to resort to collectively rubbishing a player who had a good world cup just because it can’t take resposibility for it’s own failings – the media are bitter, supporters are bitter but let’s take out those feelings on the appropriate people… the F.A. for a start for giving us an android as a manager and the players for underachieving yet again – no one else is to blame… do we wish Ronaldo was British… of course we do

  3. THe points in this article are in themselves valid. And I will not spend any time arguing whether or not they are overblown. However, I will ask the question: what’s there to like about Ronaldo?

    I will not question any part of his talent, which is massive. But for all his skills as a footballer, he really does not represent one admirable human quality. He manages to take his arrogant, smug and selfish approach and really take being annoying onto new heights.
    For all it’s worth the critiscism is well deserved, just not for the reasons mentioned in this article.

    Ask yourself this question: will anyone miss him in the Premier League? Will anyone miss Robben?

    However, truly everyone must agree that Henry on the other hand would be a loss to everyone. His mere presense as an ambassador of sportsmanship and the game of football is invaluable. While Messrs. Robben and Ronaldo surely do not appeal to many football nostalgics and people believing in aesthetics of integrity and the love of the game…instead just ones love for oneself.

    With football optimism,

    Gus J.

  4. Is you a Gooner? Don’t sound like it to me…

    Ronaldo is a vile, cheating, double crossing scumbag and his adam’s apple is enormous.

    He deserves all the crap he gets – he is paid a huge amount of money and he’s a provocative twat.

    I presume you are the kind of liberal who will applaud Cole still, despite his talks with Chelsea and resentment towards his club that simply imposed the rules for illegal tapping up.

    What happened to the real arsenal boys?

  5. “However, truly everyone must agree that Henry on the other hand would be a loss to everyone. His mere presense as an ambassador of sportsmanship”

    cough cough.

    Did he just have a sudden vicious headache then after someone tickled his leg when Spain and France were drawing 1-1? Sportsmanship my arse. That was the worst bit of play acting in the whole tournament. Should have received a post-match ban just as Rivaldo should have 4 years earlier for similar antics

  6. Gus,

    Most footballers are arrogant and totally unlikeable, so by that token why bother with it. We’re talking about very paid, very young men; result? Arrogant *******.

    But for the record, Steven Gerard’s dive in England’s recent friendly eas glossed over by most pundits and supporters alike. It’s all very well fore the likes of Alan Shearer to say, pathetically, ‘it’s not in our game……’, but moments after Rooney was sent off I witnessed Mr G Neville run to the ref brandishing an imagiary card. Strangely, this clip has not really be shown on TV again, and I can’t think why.

    95% of players dive and cheat for any adavantage. Stop moaning and get on with it. After all, Arsenal legend Ian Wright said it was okay.

  7. Henry didn’t dive Billy boy. Yes he may have overreacted, but it was a foul and a free kick. Just because the press will tell you all foriegners are cheats you shouldn’t believe it blindly. Watch it, and you will see.

    Now Joe Cole; his name come up in the whole diving debate. Why’s that then?

  8. And then pay attention to his dive vs Portugal. Henry dives just as much as anyone else, what makes him worse, is his shameless hypocrisy.

  9. the point is, however much Henry over egged it, it was a foul and it was a free kick. Puyol was not booked and therefore the outcome of the situation ie a freekick to France, was totally correct. the over sensationalism of this incident is just more of the anti arsenal shit that is stirred up every time anything mildly controversial happens.

    I would find it acceptable that if every time a player really was fouled he went down. What I dont find acceptable is players who are not fouled and trying to trick the ref into giving something that never existed. Henry thought, well I have been fouled there I am gonna damn well make sure the ref gives the free kick – fair enough. he did the same last night. carvalho fouled him and he made sure he got the pen.

    the portuguese on the other hand were going down with no tackle in sight.
    The thing is your average England supporter is generally not a regular football supporter. as fans of a prem football team, we see stuff like what Ronaldo did to Rooney every week. and a lot of the time it happens to your team or by your team. real football people have gotten used to it and have not really reacted, though thats not to say its right. its only your ‘i like football once every 2 years’ brigade that have gone mental about it.

  10. Puyol was booked, and are you trying to claim for instant that if the referee had the angle that video shows, he would have called it? Certainly not, he’d have given Henry a card for simulation, and rightly so. Puyol did not foul him and Carvalho did not foul him. Henry dives.

  11. The article is bang on, we have such a blame culture in this country (still, if anything, Ronaldo takes some of the heat off asylum seekers for a while). England are just as guilty as anyone else of cheating (Joe Cole getting Freddie booked anyone?) but our racist media wants to make it look like Johnny Foreigner’s fault. The problem is the media bigged Rooney up as the saviour, and when it turned out he was at fault for England’s exit, they have used Ronaldo to save face. Stamping on another player is a dangerous, petulant act, end of.

  12. yes watch the youtube link SKS. Henry tries to con the ref into thinking Puyol has elbowed him, when in fact Henry fouled Puyol. Take off the blinkers! By pretending Puyol has elbowed him he only has one intention – getting that player sent off.

    Discrageful behaviour, and someone calls him an ambassador for sportsmanship. ha ha good one Bad sportsmanship maybe

  13. I agree ENgland players dive too, pretty much all the forwrad players apart from Rooney ironically. England didn’t deserve to progress any further, but then again neither does any other team. No-one has shone

  14. So in summary Henry is actually worse than sday Ronaldo as at least Ronaldo was reacting to a foul on one of his players rather than just acting to try and get someone sent off.

  15. That was a good article. Unfortunately, many England fans have proved to be bad losers. Nobody is giving Rooney any favour by defending him – he will do it again.

  16. I’ve never liked him anyway – and laughed alot when he was in News of the world dressed up in his “girlfriends” clothes…

    I think Ronaldo knew what he was doing and took a liberty…

    Notice his “playful” headbutt on Rooney before they kicked off???

    If that wasn’t trying to wind him up, what is!

    He wanted to provoke a reaction, and got what he wanted.

    I think the wink to the bench was a “told you so!” – I’d wind him up and get him off.

    At the end of the day, Rooney is a professional (allegedly!) and should have behaved accordingly. He didn’t, and the rest, they say, is History…

  17. Gus J,
    Manchester United will truly miss him. You are missing the point, Roney has is a Ghetto Type personality (Thug), he has constantly done this type of bull in the PremierShip. Manchester United will be crazy to let a talent like Ronaldo leave, I would let Rooney leave before him.

  18. England fans are a bunch of hypocrites, the worst probably.
    I hate C.Ronaldo because he’s always been known as a cheat, but he did not send the other manure shit, Rooney off the field. Rooney has to accept that stamping on a players balls isn’t tolerated in the international stage, e.g. World Cup. He most probably would have gotten away with it in the EPL but there’s definately no tolerence in that kind of behavior by ref’s in international football.
    They are just making ronaldo a scapegoat for their performance in this world cup. Imagine the furore in England if the dive Henry did against Puyol (spain game) was actually against England. An English player would have been booked and a goal would have resulted from the freekick. Of course no one made any noise about that.

  19. Yeah Manc,
    Rooney thought he was in a swiomming pool when he was playing arsenal, and he thought he had a red carpet in front of him when in fact it was Carvalho’s crotch..
    Suits his mental capacity pretty much

  20. The more the English hatred grows towards Ronaldo, the more famous Ronaldo gets.. There is a world outside of English football and plenty of takers for the talent of one CR7. In case you haven’t realized English football is not the centre of the world. So i think it’s quite embarassing to see a whole nation blaming a kid for their shortcomings. England you are appaling at your behaviour and your hatred campaigns.. I am sure the drunken hoolies in the english pubs are having a laugh at this, but really your hatemongering bandwagon has gone too far.. In the end there will be one winner in all of this, and that’s the league that gets ronaldo – AKA Cappello’s new home.. The EPL will continue in the centre of the Universe for all british football fans. maybe Kieron Richardson can attempt to fill his boots.. hahah.. good lucks reds!

    Anyways.. you conduct your selves ala CNN mode, where you and only your opinion counts… and the rest is unacceptable. Having lived in the US post 911, i recall the days where you could not say a bad thing about the US government, when really we new the truth inside.. maybe the brits need to acknowledge their lack of morality concerning CR7…

    Ronaldo will win in the end.. mark my words.

  21. I could not agree more with what’s in this article. You may hate Ronaldo for many reasons, including because he is a Man U player. But that should not hide the fact that England went out ealier than expected due to its own mistakes. Rooney has as much of a good player, as of undisciplined. It’s a clock-bomb, that can go off any time. More episodes like the quarter’s are likely to happen in the future, if England keeps blamming the good players from other teams, when it looses its games.

  22. “I agree ENgland players dive too, pretty much all the forwrad players apart from Rooney ironically.”

    Ask Sol Campbell if rooney dives!!

    Henry, had his leg hacked away from him by carvalho (who has admitted himself that he brought him down) so its a penalty!! Anyone claiming henry dived is talking s**t & I think carvalho knows better than the morons on here if he brought him down or not. Ronaldo on the other hand tried his best to get penalties on at least two occasions in that match when their was clearly no contact with him on either occasion so two dives should have equalled a red card, but no the fairy boy doesnt even get booked!!

  23. Henry faked he got a punch in his face, against Spain. Everyone saw that. There are very few players not doing these kind of scenes (are there any who don’t?). Again “Hatred well over the top”…

  24. im on the internet all the time reading articles, its actually nice to hear what so many people have to say. But you talk absolute bollocks i could not, and dont think i have ever disagreed with anyone as much as i do you right now. Ronaldo is an absolute disgrace, im glad hes hated. At the end of the day he earns his money in this country why not show us a bit of respect, yeah sure he wants to beat us thats understandable, but to act like he did was a Shambolic. I hope he never plays in this country again.

  25. F*cking hell Mick good point – I had forgotten about Rooney’s dive against Arsenal at OT, the chubby bastard!

    LiveSoccer is spot on too. Ronaldo doesn’t give a shit if England hate him – he’ll have big teams like Milan, Real and Barca after him if he’s available.

  26. I still believe people’s feelings have been inflated by the press. A top player, playing for his national team, has to be 100% concentrated on what he is doing. He is willing to die, to win that match. And he is 100% supporting his team mates. If the player from the other team, does what Rooney did, to one of your mates, the minimum you will do is ask the refereee to send him off! Can anyone, in conscience, disagree with this? This is what Ronaldo did.

    I would understand the hate, if Ronaldo had commited that faul himself, against Rooney or any other player.

    What we have been witnessing is simply unbelieavable. A player, already well known by its undiscipline, commits another insane act, and almost everyone falls into the press trap, blamming the player that asked for him to be sent off. How ironic could that be?

  27. for me ronaldo is just like rooney except rooney is obviously english. rooney dives (just like against arsenal and i’m still pissed off about it) and he has violent tendencies which isn’t surprising considering his dads a boxer!

    and ronaldo dives a lot but isn’t so much a violent player, but he is a sneaky arrogant person. but all footballers are arrogant – they don’t reach the top by being nice. players just choose the way they conduct themselves on and off the pitch.

    article is spot on about the passion – players should be willing to die for the team but what we got was a load of pathetic excuses yet again!

  28. If it’s not Urs Meier or Diego Simone the it’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Sven. It surely can’t be the players can it? Is that the reason England really can’t get past a quarter final? These Sky TV created ‘star footballers’ will never be blamed, (unless, of course, they paly their club football in Germany.)

    England have, and in my lifetime, have always had average players. In Rooney we have a chance, as we do with Gerrard, (both divers incidentally), the rest well forget it.

    Lampard is a star with Makalele to do his dirty work, as is Terry with Gallas. A Cole is twice the player when playing with Henry and Pires. See a pttern emerging? England ‘golden generation’ is in fact a plastic generation. No quality and no class.

    Ronaldo didn’t get Rooney sent off; Rooney did? Sven didn’t miss the pens, that was the players. The reason England haven’t got past a QF is that the players aren’t good enough. Forget what tossers like Hansen, Shearer, and all of Sky Sports tell you, if every foriegner left English football you’d see how poor English players really are. If Ronlado leaves, it’s a loss for the English game. (And that’s from someone who can’t stand the man, but rates the player.) Does Henry dive? Well, if he does, (and whilst all players do Henry is miles better than most), is he any worse than J Cole, Gerrard or Rooney? Why are the English immune from criticism?

    Face the facts, England barely played 45 minutes of good football at the World Cup. They didn’t deserve to even get to QF. But why spoil a good scapegoat story with the truth? You know you can’t handle it.

  29. Just back to Gus J’s point about Ronaldo at the top:
    “But for all his skills as a footballer, he really does not represent one admirable human quality. He manages to take his arrogant, smug and selfish approach and really take being annoying onto new heights.”
    I feel the need to point out that all this can be said of Wayne Rooney, sadly with the addition of the word violent.

  30. Too right!!

    why single out ronaldo??? the portugal team all dive so will not have a go at them??

    ronaldo didnt even wave the imaginary card – just pointing out it was a foul. he did kick the guys bollocks.

    i am very very surprised no one has had any sort of go at rooney. the BBC pundits are so unprofessional. almost condorning physical violence and encouraging the booing against him. no mention about rooney and him losing his temper again.

    what about going on about Henry for his terrible play-acting…..

    its just cause england got knocked out and have to blame someone, we cant just except we didnt play well enough

  31. While England insists on blamming others for its own weaknesses, I’m affraid the quarters will be as far as it gets, in any competition.

    I am not amazed to see this ridiculous campaign, lead by papers like The Sun. What surprises me, is seeing BBC falling into the same trap. I can only laugh, watching thugs like Shearer condemning other player’s attitudes, when everyone knows he tried to fake penalties dozens of times in his career, and the same trying to get other team’s players sent out.

    Ronaldo is an amazing player, and if you can be sure of one thing, when you go and see a game of his, is that you will undoublty see an artist, a predestined in the pitch, like you will never see another in many years to come. For Ronaldo, just passing the ball would be a waste of his talent. When he learns to be even more objective, and run to the goal, rather than just along the line, he will become one of the best players ever, if not the best of all times.

    For the football fans, and the ones who don’t let themselves be side-tracked by silly stories, I recommend watching the following video, in a display of Ronaldo’s magic and perfume. Ronaldo is an arrogant player in the pitch, but it could not be anydifferent than that. If I was him, I’d be “laughing and rolling on the floor”, everytime I’d pass the defender yet again, using one of the dozens tricks he’s got in his portfolio.

  32. There are a number of points, so:
    1. It’s not just England. I am Australian – I always cheer when England loses. But I watched the Mexico-Portugal game (with a Mexican friend), the Holland-Portugal game and the France-Portugal game, and in each one of them I wanted to punch Ronaldo in the face. So it is not just England fans, and it is not just ronaldo we hate. It is football fans, and it is the whole Portuguese team.
    2. England simply aren’t very good. You played to about your level. It’s not a matter that you don’t have any good strikers and can’t threaten the goal – neither could Italy or portugal, and see how far they went. But you don’t have the nous to stay in matches. You keep wanting to play football when you should accept you’re just not good enough. When you can’t play football, learn to defend.
    3. I hate saying this, but England can win the World Cup. This doesn’t contradict the above post. You could win it, and then wish you hadn’t. The way England could win the World Cup is by copying Brazil of 94 or Italy of this year. Actually, England is in a very similar situation to Italy. You have Rooney and Gerrard alone who can play attacking roles – there are no other competent attacking players. But in A Cole and Terry you have decent defenders. If you learnt to play like Italy (who, from the moment Materazzi was sent of v Australia, did not attack at all for the rest of the tournament) you can win. Just rid yourself of the illusion that it is necessary to be able to play football to win a World Cup.
    4. Henry – it is OK to hate Henry if you don’t distinguish between a player exaggerating a foul that is there and inventing a foul that isn’t. Example 1 – Henry v carvalho. He turns the defender, gets him going the wrong way, feels the boot on his leg, and goes down like a sack of sh1t. Example 2 – C. Ronaldo v Gallas & Thuram – the ball is crossed in from the right, and Ronaldo jumps between the defenders – NOT attempting to win the ball, but simply to make contact.

    What has made diving the second biggest problem at this World Cup has been teams like Portugal using it as their main attacking tactic. It is not, as it has been, a way to wring advantage out of a situation the attack has broken down. It is the attack itself. Get close to a defender, throw yourself over his leg.

    Oh, and the biggest dive I have ever seen, worse than C Ronaldo’s, worse than any of Pires’ – Michael Owen v Argentina, 2002.

    If I was Fergie, I’d want to straighten both Rooney and Ronaldo out quickly. But if I was Cristiano Ronaldo, I wouldn’t want to play under Alex Ferguson for any longer than I actually have to.


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