Finally Confirmed: Campbell Gets The Boot

After rumours of going to Pompy, Fulham and Fenerbahce Arsenal have finally confirmed that Sol Campbell will be leaving the club.

As usual, Arsenal and player have departed amicably and there was mutual respect given from Club, Player and Manager.

It is not clear where Campbell will be playing his football next season, but as long as it’s not at Ashburton Grove then I’m not bothered.

But while last season Sol didn’t exactly endear himself to the Arsenal faithful, the fact we nicked him from Spurs for nothing and he was part of our unbeaten league campaign and won several major honours with us is something I am thankful for.


8 thoughts on “Finally Confirmed: Campbell Gets The Boot

  1. With Sol Campbell going, and Ashley Cole to possibly follow. Will Arsenal have any British players next season?! Talking about regulars. Need at least 3 to look respectful. Instead of buying shit like Song and Cygan, why not bring some British players through from the reserves etc? All this talk about Arsenal’s amazing youngsters. Funny how none of them are British. With the exception of Hoyte who will hardly feature next season, along with Walcott who will hardly play. And as for Curtis Davies, Wenger said this back in April. Be interesting to see if he contradicts himself. And Cygan could now be 3rd choice behind Senderos and Toure;

    Arsène Wenger is not interested in West Brom centre back Curtis Davies.
    The 21-year-old has been in eye-catching form this season after signing from Luton last summer for £3million. Rumours have circulated Arsenal maybe about to swoop.
    It turns out Wenger is not even interested in strengthening that position.
    “I like him,” said the Arsenal manager, “but I have not bid for him. Anyway I will not buy a centre back.”

  2. Regarding the quote from Wenger on Davies, that means nothing now as Arsenal are down a defender compared with the situation in April. He does also say in that quote that he likes him so its hardly a damning of the player.

    Confirmation that Sol is leaving (good luck to him, we will probably never see an unbeaten season from any team again) means that Wenger is now free to strengthen, particularly if you consider the wages (£80k allegedly) that are freed up. I suspect he also has an eye on teh Italian situation where there are a few excellent defenders that may yet become available. That said, I think Davies looks a great prospect and I would like to see Wenger add a Brit to the first team squad.

  3. True about the quote being back in April and Wenger might consider Davies. I thought that myself. But he must of known back then whether or not he’d be willing to let Sol go. Plus Arsenal supposed to be linked to that Mexican defender. Then again, he might not buy anyone. Djourou being backup to Senderos and Kolo. But like I said, if Cole goes, we aren’t gonna have any English players playing regularly lol. If FIFA bought a new rule out now, Arsenal would be well and truly fucked!!

  4. Does anyone actually know what’s happening with the players at Milan, Juventus, etc?

    Because even though the teams might get relegated, I’m thinking that the World Class players such as Ibrahimovic, Zambrotta, Thuram, Pirlo etc will have loads of clubs after them so their transfer fees will still be pretty high because of the increased interest in them.

  5. The availability of players will depend on punishments handed down to the four teams. Chances are, only Juve will be relegated and the other will be deducted points. If a whole load of players do come on the market it should actually dampen prices as teams will be able to choose between three or four top players per position and then sell to pay for them. E.g. If Zambrotta and Kaladze become available, who will pay 15m for Cole.

    There is also a rumour that Juventus will actually loan many of their top players until they get back to Serie A.

  6. To everyone crying for (more) Wenger to look at English players, I can only say “WHAT”!!? Is it not clear that there are three major problems with this idea:

    1. English players are always overpriced, as PL teams are unwilling to sell to each other for rivalry reasons. Ie. Rio £30 mio, Wright Phillis £22 mio etc.

    2. Wenger has been burnt previously when buying English players. Jeffers, Wright, Pennant. These are among his only British purchases and all have failed their billing.

    3. English players are generally overhyped and do not fit the qucik and techinal style that Wenger employs. Aside from a few star players, name the so called English talent out there. Name five English players good enough to play for Arsenal. Can you name six? Now ask yourselves, are these players available? No?

    So please, insist on English players, but only when it is for the benefit of the team, and not just as some affirmative action program. And currently the English talent pool is simply not that deep. Thus, Wenger looks abroad not because he insists on neglecting British players. He simply has no other options.

    With football optimism

    Gus J.

    PS. Yes, he COULD have stepped in for Robinson, Carrick and Defoe back in 2004. But as far as I am concerned they were not the best options at the time, and even now I am unsure if they will improve the Arsenal squad. Is Defoe better than Van Persie? Robinson than Lehmann (who in my book was our second best player last season). Perhaps Carrick could have displaced Gilberto, but remember we had a 28 year old Vieira back then…


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