Zidane: Play The Headbutt Game!

Click on the image to play the game!

I’ve just found the Zidane: The Headbutt Game so now you can re-live the lunacy that is headbutting an opponent in the World Cup Final!

This is brilliant – Zidane Kicks Ass: Ghetto style!

Credit to Juzzadona for the link! 🙂

And does anyone actually know why Zidane head-butted Materazzi yet?


7 thoughts on “Zidane: Play The Headbutt Game!

  1. ITV News reported tonight that Materazzi said: “I slept with your mother last night, and your mother is an Algerian whore”. – Zidane’s mother is currently ill in hospital.

  2. i think that’s not funny …anyway
    coz almost of soccer fan know materazzi he’s 1 of da worst player in da world
    well i heard and that’s for sure he’s talking about he’s zidane sis…
    that’s why zidane do wat he dooo
    if was me iw’ll do the same of cours but not on da chest athe’s nose!!
    anyway..yw all

  3. BBC news reported that Materazzi said “your headers are really soft… if you could head harder you would have just scored”

  4. I’ll admit I played the game over and over again!

    Apparently it’s been confirmed that Materazzi said “You are the son of a terrorist whore…”

  5. Well what i herd from the news was the following Z- watch what you r doing keep ur hands 2 ur self and he said smth like M- i didnt do anything ur bullshitin watch ur self Z- yeah we will c who will win during the penalty shoot outs M- yeah we will in an hour ur mom is going to give head to the world champs..

  6. Go Zidane. U r a champion. The Italians shouldnt have even got through to the quarters. Let alone the final. Materazzi Dived to win the penalty in the 90 somethingth minute that knocked out Australia.


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